Kid Death

By Dora Furlong

The sun shone down brightly upon the tattoine afternoon. The arena sands absorbed the heat providing motivation for fallen gladiators to get up as quickly as possible.

The games had just started. The beginners and warm up fights had done their job, the crowd was jeering and laughing enjoying a good comic turn. Holocameras were set and recording all of the action.

The first battle was a pulse pounder. Three female mercs, triplets and force users all against one young, but veery committed, Sith student. The females were all very slim and similiar in build. None of them had ever held a sword. When they fought they moved as one with telepathic precision. They made thier way back to back to the center of the arena tentatively holding thier swords for all that is would help them.

The crowd booed the trio then cheered as their painted champion appeared. The Sith student moved unhurriedly toward the mercs. They moved in unison making certain to keep contact. The audience roared and called out for the mercs deaths. The Sith and the merc ignored them. One moment the arena was calm and the next it was a flurry of movement and force use too quick to follow. The Sith student found the key to their power and seperated the triplets, his sword burying itself in their flesh and leaping out again. The three mercs staggered back, clutching at thier death wounds, to lie still on the bloody sand. The unknown student bowed to the crowd and strode confidently out of the arena.

The next act was a crowd pleaser. Alien versus Alien. The gate slid open and a reluctant creature was prodded into the arena. The creature was enormous at least 32 feet from jaw to razored tail. It's face was mostly mouth full of sharp jagged teeth. The audince wondered what gladiator would face this when a wriggling mass of vegetation entered the arena. It spanned 40 feet from it's central mass, which was oriented towards the other creature. immediately creepers lashed forward tripping and binding the others feet. More creeprs s[rang forward and began choking it's opponenet. The great lizard fell with a gigantic thud and rolled to it;'s back. The plant, seeing it's chance pulled it's creepers home and engulfed the other completely. Tremors ran through it's mass and soon it was still. Then suddenly the central mass of the plant was torn apart exposing it's internal organs. The lizard was on top of it shaking it two and from. It's withering strands went limp and the great lizard began to enjoy a meal.

The crowd went nuts, as always, enjoying a winnner. Soon though it realized the handlers had not appeared to return the creature to it's pen. A gate opened and a lone figure appeared. As soon as the crowd recognized him they began chanting, "Kid Death." Over and over.

Ignoring the audience he silently moved into center of the arena, his sword at his side. The giant beast stopped munching and lifted it's head in acknowledgment of another presence. Suddenly it turned and lunged at it's new opponent. It's powerful jaws opened as the newcomer ran towards it. At the last minute the creature snapped it's mouth closed on air. Kid Death moved aside and cleanly brought his sword down seperating the great beasts head from it's body.

Instantly handlers rushed out to remove the body, microorganisms in the sand ate up the spilled blood. Micheal Cairnfell raised his arms, acknolwedging the crowds cheers. He presented as a slender figure in black and Silver, with flyaway blond hair, icy blue eyes, a killers smile and the movements of a predator; The crowd loved it.

At fourteen years old he made his entrance into the arena. Darana, his adopted mother, wanted him to put his assasins training to the test. Now at sixteen he was the undefeated champion of the games and the main attraction of todays games. Later thier would be more atractions and spectacular shows but for now...Michael Cairnfell, Kid Death, would suffice.

The gates opened again and the crowd leapt to their feet, chearing in anticipation of the next match. Michael turned to face his new opponent. The man was tall, blonde, and well muscled. LIke Michael he was armed only with a sword from the nearby table of weapons. Silently he advanced upon the arena champion, Michael stepped forward to meet him. His sword moving easily to counter his opponent. The pair came together in a clash of steel and blades, the encounter was over in a moment. The pair circling once again. Michael feinted low and left, then attacked high and on the right. What should have been first blood for Michael was met with soft grunt and a smile. The challenger then pressed his attack. Michael met it but had to step back to do so, giving ground. He retreated into circular motion to defend and throw his opponent off balance. The man may have the edge when it came to strength and weight but the young champion had the edge in skill.

The attacks came one after another as quickly as the first. Micheal doubted he would be able to keep the pace up, but then one mistake and he wouldn't have to. Unfortunately for the challenger Kid Death did not beleive in making mistakes. Michael suddenly stopped retreating, droped down into a low stop. A normal man would have bene stabbed through the heart but in this case the sword only met steel like flesh. The man looked human but how? Michael was bewildered. The man never flinched not once. The champion was too slow in his retreat and the other gladiator reached out, catching Michael by the throat in a vice-grip. Michael brought his sword up to cut through the mans head. He found himself thrown away and tumbling on the sand.

"a clue" He thought to himself,"Defensive about the head." Suddenly he was under attack his opponent on top of him. Blades were pressed together, each man trying to win through strength. Michael dropped his arm to the ground near him, bringing the older mans balance nearer to the ground and nearer to michael. He then kicked up and out with his legs, simultaneaously leveraging the attackers blade out of the way with his right elbow still on the ground. Once clear he found his way to his feet. Briefly he wondered if he had met his match. In these games there was no surrender and no mercy death or life was the only choice. Michael was not about to die.

He turned to meet his opponent who was now running at him. A thought came him, he stood his ground waiting for the timing to be right, the at the last minute he Volted 45 degrees to his left rear, disengaged his blade around the challengers blade and extended his own tip into the mans left eye. No matter what type of being the eyes were always soft tissue, filled with liquid.

The crowd went wild. Cheers of Kid Death once again rang throughout the audience as prerecorded trumpets heralded his win. The challenger stood thier transfixed on michaels sword, then fell to the bloody sands as the blade was pulled free. Michael turned to the crowds, then strode from the arena the challengers body broken and forgotten by all but one spectator who quietly left the stadium.