The Last Battle

By Ginna Wilcoxen

Octavia watched in silence, as Luke was lead out of the cell. She looked over at their new roommate as he sat on a bench slurping down his gruel. Octavia watched the Rodain as he sat with his back to her he hadn't said that much to either her or Luke since his arrival. Sitting down on one of the bunks she wondered if Luke really knew what he was doing, she didn't see how he would pull it off and survive.

"I wouldn't worry about your friend, if he's really who I heard he was, he'll do fine." The Rodain said turning to face Octavia. "So how many fights have you done?"

"One." Octavia answered slowly.

"Pity, perhaps you will get more in before long." The Rodain answered "My name is Veto, what are called?"


"Glad to meet you Octavia so do you want your breakfast?" Octavia shook her head as Veto nodded and drained it. She wasn't sure how Rodains ate and to watch Veto was not very pleasant to watch. "So you a Jedi student huh? Never understood all that Force stuff. I prefer a good blaster."

"The Force can be very confusing training is a difficult road. You like to fight?" Octavia replied unconsciously fidgeting with her hands.

"Like? Yes I like it, it gives you a sense of power and instant results of what you can do."

Veto looked at her, "The Jedi should know what it's like you have a power that can give you the edge, you know the Force."

"Jedi don't use the force that way, it's too dangerous." Octavia listened to the crowd as they began to roar. "The force is used only for defense and to protect, or it should be."

"You'll use it if your life depends on it." Veto stood when he heard the crowd.

"In this corner, we have Blexx! Notable Sith Lord from Farquarre, and 46 time champion!" boomed the announcer. Octavia tried to hide her surprise 46-time champion?

"I've heard of this Blexx he likes to kill them slow and painful." Veto shook his head.

"Over here we have Luke Skywalker, the famous Jedi Master, from the Alliance to Restore the Republic!" The announcer's voice seemed to echo in the cell.

"Hopefully your Jedi Master is as good as his reputation."

Octavia found herself listening to the announcer; she had to know the outcome. "He is as good as his reputation…. I hope." Octavia said softly rising to stand by the vent wishing she could see what was going on out there. It seemed like hours before the announcer was heard again.

"Blexx, Sith Lord from Farquarre is our new champion, defeater of 47!!"

"Too bad." Veto said shrugging his shoulders.

Octavia slumped against the wall, he was dead he had been beaten. Slowly Octavia slid to a seated position on the floor. Luke had told her not to be alarmed when she heard of his death, that he wasn't dead. Lowering her head to her knees and wrapping her arms around her legs she fought by the tears of fear and anger. Blexx was a Sith Lord, he would know if Luke was dead or not, wouldn't he? It was hopeless, if she were called out there again she would meet the same fate she knew it, she wouldn't survive her next encounter.

"Don't grieve too long, the crowd will want another fight soon, who knows it might be you." Veto informed her as he layed down on a bunk. "If I were you I'd win anyway I can that is unless they pair you against Veto. Hear they do that sometimes just to see how fighters who are unequaled to each other fare.

Octavia stared at the Rodian she didn't care if he saw her tears or knew she was afraid. Octavia couldn’t hear what he was telling her it was as if his words seemed to disappear as soon as they left Veto's mouth. Octavia tried to rise to her feet but she couldn't move she just wanted to sit here.

"Come on Octavia pull yourself together, if you go out there like you are you don't have a chance to survive." She told herself.

Octavia nodded, knowing she needed to compose herself to push her feelings back in the recess's of her mind, but she couldn't she just couldn't pull herself out of her own grief. First Jerella and now Luke both dead. Even if Luke were telling the truth, it wouldn't change the fact that Jerella was dead. She shouldn't have died this way, no one should.

"You are truly upset aren't you?" Veto questioned.

Octavia looked up at him. "Yes, it's wrong to kill people for pleasure, you might be here of your own choice, but we aren't." Octavia used the wall to help rise to her feet. "Life and people are important, and this is wasteful."

"You Jedi are a strange bunch, how can you fight for freedom and oppose the Empire at the same time."

"It's a difficult balance." Octavia replied taking a seat on one of the bunks. "I don't have all the answers, but I do know that killing is suppose to be the last resort, yet here it's treated like a game. How would you like your brother, mother or son or daughter to fight here?"

Veto watched her his eyes blinking once sitting across from her he spoke. "I never thought of it. I have a sister, but no offspring. I would not want her to fight in this arena."

The door opened showing guards standing there. "You come with us." One bellowed pointing at Veto.

"Well, see you soon." Veto said turning to go.

"Fight well." Octavia replied. "May the Force be with you."


"Octavia, are you going to sleep all day?" Ad'Hins called from the doorway.

Octavia opened her eyes and looked around, she was back in her quarters on the Electria. She was safe and with friends. She looked at the wall next to her bed her saber hung there. "I'll be there in a second I have to get dressed."

"Well hurry up the Captain isn't going to wait all day, besides breakfast is getting cold." Ad'Hins joked as he left Octavia alone to get dressed.

Octavia looked around her quarters; she was back on the Electria. She was safe; everything had been a dream just like the men fighting in the desert. It had to be a side effect from talking to Rachel, she was where she belonged she was safe. No arena, no killing nothing but peace.

Sitting down on her bed she looked up where her saber always hung, it was empty she must have mislaid it. That wasn't important, what was important that no one had died. Luke, Jerella were alive somewhere in the universe. Octavia looked down at her wrists and saw the bracelets on her wrists, just like the ones in the arena.

Octavia closed her eyes then opened them she recognized the barracks, she had fallen asleep. Taking a deep breath Octavia listened to the crowd roared Veto had won his battle. Letting her back touch the wall she was glad he won, at least he was making progress to gain his freedom.

The door opened and the guards entered, Octavia looked up at them and rose from the bunk. "Looking forward to this battle this time?" the guard asked.

"Yes, time to get this over with." Octavia replied walking out of the door. She took one last look at the barracks she wouldn't see them again somehow she knew that and it didn't bother her if it was the will of the Force then she would meet it.

"The Force can dictate your destiny." Her father had told her. "But you have to embrace it to know its will, listen to it."

The sun was bright causing Octavia to blink the roar of the crowd met her as entered the arena.

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