Man to Man – Jan 2003

Ginna Wilcoxen and Dana Terry

Tor stretched, eyeing the other guard across the clearing.  Sean Fer'rer, he thought the man's name was.  He found his thoughts going to Octavia.  He smiled as he ran though his workout.  If only... he sighed.  He wasn't sure how he felt about her working with Lord Du'Cruet.  Part of him still wondered if the man had really been fooled like the rest of them.  He'd seemed so in control.

"You seem distracted, is there anything wrong?"  Sean asked.

"You work for Lord Du'Cruet, don't you?"   

"Yes, we all do, why do you ask, Captain?" Sean questioned, watching the man.

"I'm just curious," he said, stopping a moment.  "What kind of man is he?"

"A fair and just leader, same as many others. Have you heard something otherwise?"  

  "I haven't heard anything, either way."

"Is there something in particular that is of concern to you, Captain?" Sean pressed, watching the young man wondering what it was that was bothering the Arridorian man. 

"I'm curious."

Sean nodded slowly. "There usually is a basis for such curiosity." Sean stated slowly. "If something is bothering you about Lord Du'Cruet then I suggest you make an appointment with his aide.  You won't find any of us saying anything bad about him."

Tor nodded.  But they hadn't been at the labs.  "How long have you known him?"

Sean paused briefly. "Approximately four months. I saw him before when Governor Brimmer was alive, but that was only in passing.  He was always busy."

"Busy how?" Tor wanted to know. 

"Why don't you come to my office, and we can talk more freely."  Sean had to admit the man had piqued his curiosity and he was going to find out why the Captain was so curious.

Tor seemed to consider that for a long moment.  From the look Tor gave him, Sean almost felt as if Tor were taking his measure.  Finally, the captain nodded. "All right."

Sean nodded and led the way to his office, once inside he turned to Tor. "Have a seat Captain, and tell me what is really bothering you.  I know you mention curiosity, but your tone as well as the questions lead me to believe something more."

"This goes no further than this office.  Do I have your word?" Tor asked.

Sean was silent for a moment studying the man, he knew he had gone through a lot: his whole family had been killed in the Arridor attack then one of his own men had attacked Lord Du'Cruet's aide, Miss Jinn.  "I will give you my word as long as if I feel it needs to go further I will tell you and we will discuss it then."

Tor nods, accepting that.  "I was at the labs on Arridor."

Sean motioned for him to sit. "I've heard very little on that incident, I know the labs were in an uproar because of the civil unrest."

Tor nodded.  "Yes, they were.  Some of the technicians did things that caused some to be falsely accused of murder."

Sean nodded, encouraging him to continue. "And it did not end well for those accused?"

"No," he said.  "It did end well for them.  They were cleared of all charges and the technicians who caused everything were killed in the uprising."

Sean shook his head, "What does this have to do with Lord Du'Cruet?"

"You know, he's a strong man," Tor said thoughtfully.  "Threw me right over the balcony."

Sean studied Tor silently. "You're suggesting that Lord Du'Cruet knew of these technicians' doing?  Or are you suggesting something more, Captain?"  Sean knew there had been problems but to come out and suggest....

"I'm not suggesting anything, I'm asking you.  Do you think he could have known?  Or do you think he was as much a pawn in it as the rest of us?"  Tor looked troubled.  "I know the two who were accused of murder don't seem to hold it against him, but… I need to hear it from someone else."

Sean nodded. "I understand that and I'm glad you came to me first." he paused. "I recommend you talk to Lord Du'Cruet, he was there and I believe he will be honest with you. As for my view of him ... I cannot say I see anyone using him."

"Thank you."  Tor got to his feet.  "You're right.  I should speak with him."

"As long as you do so, then this conversation stays in this room. If I hear word of it from my men or town then I will alert Lord Du'Cruet, and I know you do if you were in my position." Sean rose to his feet and held out his hand.

Tor took Sean's hand.  "I would do the same.  Thank you."

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