Additional Journal Entries – Alida D’med (March 2003)

Dana Terry

(note – Day 1 is a few days after the birth of the Alderson-Du’Cruet twins)

(day 1)

I joined Lord Alderson for a workout, which turned into a staring match, interrupted only when Lady Ionsoch decided to get involved by attacking us both.  Otherwise, I believe it might have gone on for far longer than the hour we were there.  Lord Alderson shows great tenacity and patience, far beyond what one would expect of a human of his relative youth and inexperience.

(day 2)

Lord Alderson and I excused ourselves from the picnic today to continue our workout from last night.  After a long, well-fought sparring match, I was bested when I received a taste of what the Alderson powers are.  The resulting headache took no small amount of time to dispel.  The power... amazes me.

(day 4)

A gruesome package arrived today for Lord Du'Cruet, along with a ransom note.  I had hoped it was not Octavia's finger, but...  I was able to sense Sprite, Diamond and Darana Cairnfell's involvement.  Perhaps if things had gone differently when we had escaped from Sprite and Diamond, this would not have happened.

I fear for Octavia.  While I understand the reasoning why Lord Du'Cruet will not reply to the ransom note, it is very hard to accept. 

(day 5)

Discussed philosophy at a tense dinner with the Jesbars and Darth Aingidh and Kyril in attendance.  There's nothing that can be done from here for Octavia that isn't already being done, I know that, but... it seemed wrong. 

Mia's anger toward Aingidh is understandable.  Her anger and sorrow over what led to the deaths of Zuren and Timon are at the forefront of her emotions.  Add to that her discomfort with Lady Alderson and Lord Du'Cruet...  I'm certain Mia will be glad to leave Telos.  Still, her willingness to be here to help search for Octavia says much for her character. 

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