Ship Electria

By: Ginna Wilcoxin

Octavia studied the engines one more time. Whatever the Captain had been hauling it had went through the hyperdrive and had done considerable damage. She cursed as she stepped back letting the astro-droid record the needed materials.

"Well Jinn can you fix it?" Roc questioned from the doorway

"What were you carrying? What was it that caused the damage?" Octavia's brown eyes darken with her question, she knew the Captain was smuggling again, and she didn't like it. It wasn't her place to question him, only to fix what he destroyed or got damaged.

"Never you mind." Roc answered "Can you fix it?"

Octavia stared at her Captain, she had plenty to say about this but knew now wasn't the time. Captain Rocasy had many faults, but he never put his crew in reckless danger, not unless he was gambling that is. She sensed his urgency to have this latest problem fixed and have them on their way. Octavia blocked out the images she was seeing.

"Yes, but I need parts. The droid has the list. The nearest spaceport would be best." Octavia turned back to her work her dark hair flying behind her with a mind of its own. "You really need to be careful of what you smuggle Captain, and who for."


"Octavia, it's late, why not take a break." Ad'Hins said from the doorway, "Will we be able to make it to Port Lansing?"

"Hopefully, though I don't see what is so special about Lansing?" Octavia said leaning against the wall.

"You really need to get out more. It has everything. When was the last time you took time off and visited a port, I mean really visited a port?"

Octavia chuckled then turned back to her work. "You know quite well Ad'Hins, that I don't trust people easy. Let alone the type that hang around those ports."

"You've got to learn to let go, relax." Ad'Hins continued, "You know have fun and relax. What you need is a vacation." Ad'Hins added puling out a flyer. "There is more to look at then hyperdrives and your lightsaber practices."

"What's this?" Octavia questioned. Taking the flyer.


Ladies and Gentlemen:

The Galactic Emporium is pleased to announce a special sale and our first annual "Tripping Through the Galaxy" promotion in an effort to thank our loyal customers for their business. From now until the end of July, when you visit any of our stores, you can qualify to win a trip to a destination of

your choosing, in addition to a 6 night 7 day stay at the fabulous Port Lansing Station. While there you can enjoy shopping at any of its posh stores, visit Jar Jar-Binks' sinfully fabulous pleasure palace, visit the

newly established Spectrum Casino, or simply relax at any of the health spas, and much more!

To participate simply fill out an entry form and then enjoy shopping in our store. While you shop, you are invited to enjoy up to 60% off on an item of your choice. If you come in now during our first week, and can correctly identify our mystery shopper, you become a finalist to win a brand new


Don't wait, act now. No purchase necessary to enter, few prizes available.

See you there!


Miles Richmond

General Manager

Galactic Emporium


Octavia stared at Ad'Hins "You've got to be joking. What type of stuff do you think we can get at this place?"

"That's not the point. It won't hurt to look, and you might even win a vacation. Think of it 7days and 6 nights away from this ship."

Octavia stared at Ad'Hins, "Since when did I need sales to get a good deal?" she paused, "Sale indeed, it looks like a way to get cheated." Giving the flyer back to Ad'Hins, Octavia walked from the room. "Not interested."

"If not for yourself, what about the rest of us, with your luck, one of us could win that prize, you would find the mystery shopper."

"You know of this Galactic Emporium?"

"Of course, they have chains all over the galaxy." Ad'Hin chuckled, "Come on Octavia, trust me, it'll be great."

"Just don't go and get yourself arrested for being drunk. If I have to come and get you. I'll make you wish you died."

"Hey, that's the Captain's job, you know Jinn, if he keeps this up he'll loose the ship."

"Perhaps," Octavia smiled, "But not while I’m on board."


Late at Night:

Steel and metal surrounded the fighters, the sound of lightsabers echoed. The two men matched each other blow for blow. One wore dark clothing with a painted face, the other tall and simply dressed his long hair moved with his movements. He was losing ground and then the dark clothed one pierced his opponent.

Octavia woke with a start quickly glancing around her room she shook her head. Why did she dream that? She didn't even know the men involved. Letting out a sigh of relief she sat back against the wall, perhaps Ad'Hin was right she needed to get off the ship for a while.

'Don't need to have those type of dreams to start again.' She told herself. Octavia could still hear her mother yelling at her for telling her what she dreamed, especially when it came to her father.

Her father always encouraged her to explore those feelings and the possibilities of what the dreams held --- Octavia thought how drastically her life changed after he was gone. Perhaps it was nothing but tricks like her mother explained. But it had felt so real while her father was alive, that was the key word, alive.

Octavia stared at the silver cylinder that sat on her table, it was the only thing she had left of her father. She still remembered her father telling her how it was a friend of her grandfather that had returned the lightsaber to him. That saber was her only proof that her father had lived, her mother had destroyed everything before she left. She wished he had talked more about his father, Octavia would have loved to know about her grandfather and other members of his family yet he never talked about him. Her mother on the other hand, she didn't miss her nor did she have any curiosity about her family. She was the one who had deserted her, left her to fend for her own. The only reason she wasn't a slave was because of a woman she only knew as S'Lara. It was through her she met Captain Rocasy. Rising she decided to finish the inventory of parts she needed to repair the hyperdrive. Perhaps she would take Ad'Hin up on his offer and see what this so called Galactic Emporium offered.

A few days later:

Octavia adjusted her cloak and turned to see Ad'Hin standing there. "Are you ready?"

"Yes, I have the list of what I need, though I doubt if they have anything we require."

"I can't believe it, you're leaving your saber here?" Ad'Hin questioned looking at her.

"No, but it's hidden. I have no desire to attract attention, but then again I don't feel comfortable with blasters."

"You do better with the saber, I've seen you shoot remember."

"Captain Rocasy, said I'm improving."

Ad'Hin smiled and led the way to the Emporium. Octavia watched the people who entered and left, she had a nagging feeling in the back of her mind. She wasn't sure what it was, but she was concerned if she should enter.

"What's wrong?"

"I don't know Ad'Hin, I just don’t like the idea of going in here."

"Afraid I'll discover who the mystery shopper is?"

"Hardly." Octavia replied. "It's just ---."

"Come on and see what they have, we need the parts or we won't make it to the Captain's next destination."

"Alright." Octavia looked around the shop and turned when she heard them being greeted.

"Welcome. Can I help you?"

"Yes, I have a list of what I need."