The Past and Present

By Ginna Wilcoxin

The station was returning to some semblance of order. The shops were reopening and everyone had an air of anticipation. Octavia walked the corridors down the different levels and watched as people milled around and bought and bartered. There was an underlining tension that Octavia couldn't ignore and it bothered her that Victoria seemed so at home here. Perhaps Victoria was right, perhaps she had spent too much time on a ship and in seclusion.

Still Octavia couldn't get over how easy Victoria left their quarters and roamed to all hours of the night, she wasn't sure how to handle Victoria's independence, then again Octavia wasn't sure how to handle Victoria period. She had lived over eleven years believing she was without any living family was alone and now this girl walks in claims to be family … part of her family. Why was her life being turned upside down?

"I'll be back later." Victoria called from the door.

"Where are you going?"

"There's an engagement party of sorts that is being given for the Emperor. I'm going to see if I can get in."

"You shouldn't." Octavia cautioned.

"Why?" Just because you're scared of your shadow doesn't mean that I should be. I want to see what he looks like and this woman he's marrying."

"You could get into trouble, being cautious is a wise way to live."

"Perhaps, but if it is open to everyone why not." Before Octavia could protest further Victoria was out the door.

Octavia sighed and grabbed her cloak, perhaps she would walk and get the feel of the station and to see if she had any information come in. She had place a few inquiries once Victoria had shown up, though Octavia wasn't sure if she wanted the answers that she might receive.

The station's lift didn't have many people waiting, perhaps everyone was at the dance tonight. Octavia stepped in and nodded to the gentleman who looked at her, there was something about the way he looked that made Octavia adjust her saber pushing it further in her cloak. Octavia tried not to let out a sigh of relief when the doors opened and she could head toward the Cantina, perhaps Victoria had changed her mind and was there and not trying to snoop in on the Emperor.

Music could be heard as one approached the Cantina, Octavia welcomed the semi-darkness and smiled when she noticed Victoria on the dance floor with other of her kind. Representatives from not only the Empire but the newly formed Alliance were present and staying out of each other way; on the surface it would appear that the cease fire was working. Taking a seat near the front Octavia watched the dance floor.

"May I get you something to drink?" a woman asked. Octavia turned and nodded then turned her attention back to the dance floor and noticed that Victoria was coming toward her.

"So you decided to get out after all."

"I decided to see if you were alright and staying out of trouble."

"I'm doing fine. You should get up and dance, you might enjoy it."

"I will remain here."

"Fine." Victoria took a drink of Octavia's drink and headed off toward the dance floor. Octavia could only shake her head and smile the youth and innocence that Victoria gave off was unbelievable.

'You are innocent too.' A voice said from behind Octavia. Turning Octavia stared at the empty space and shook her head, she wished she could talk to Rachel and find out if this was normal. There was so much she still needed to learn about this Force, so much she couldn't remember.

Finishing her drink Octavia looked up to discover that Victoria had left the Cantina, rising from her seat Octavia surveyed the Cantina then decided to walk the levels of Port Lansing in search of the girl.

A crowd formed outside one of the rooms moving cautiously Octavia approached and barely had time to move out of the way of a person who was cloaked leaving the room. Moving closer to the room Octavia noticed there were a variety of people moving in and out of the room. She thought she saw Victoria but when she went to enter a person in a long brown robe left and nodded to a man dressed in black carrying a lightsaber. Octavia watched in amazement as the younger called the other Master. Right as Octavia spotted Victoria she went to enter the room, but there was something that held her back, seeing that Victoria was with the same group of girls from the Cantina she turned and nodded to the gentleman in black and left. There was some kind of power in that room that Octavia had no desire to meet at this time if ever.


"What do you mean you're not going?" Victoria asked surprised. "You know what the invitation states, why would you disobey the Emperor's orders?"

"I have a bad feeling about this." Octavia said softly. "I do not believe it would be wise to attend his wedding."

"And it would be suspicious if you are the only one from the station not there." Victoria picked up her cloak. "I'm going, there's going to be food and who knows who you will meet. Perhaps this Rachel you are concerned about will be there."

"Perhaps … but …" Octavia couldn't explain her feelings especially to this child, Victoria seemed to be afraid of nothing and no one.

"Hey a note for you." Victoria said handing Octavia an envelope. "I will save you a seat, if you don't arrive I'll tell you all about it."

Octavia shook her head at the girls impatience and read the note. 'I have information on your grandmother, look for me at the wedding.'

Octavia sat down and stared at the information, it wasn't much, but it was a small bit. What information could this person have? Was there a chance that she was alive or would she have a chance to find out how she and her father died. It would seem that the fates had decided her next course of action; she would attend the wedding of Emperor Palpatine.

Guards stood at the entrance to where the ceremony would take place. After making sure that no one was a danger they were allowed to enter. Octavia scanned the crowd and spotted Victoria sitting with some people one of them being the man Octavia shared a ride in the lift with. Looking for a seat Octavia stood near the back then saw Rachel she was dressed differently then she remembered.

"It is good to see you again." Octavia said sitting down in front of Rachel. The conversation between them seemed to take on a strange air. Octavia could swear she was talking with a different person, yet this was Rachel. Octavia turned around when the event was called to order and waited to see what would happen.

The tension in the room was thick and there was something else Octavia just couldn't put her finger on it. She was finally able to put a face with the name of Luke Skywalker and made a mental note that she would have to talk to him. She needed to know what her next step should be.

Octavia noticed that Victoria was in the receiving line to offer well wishes to the bride and groom; tensing Octavia didn't allow her eyes to leave Victoria was the girl brain dead? Everything seemed to be backward the receiving line then the cutting of the cake then a small break. Octavia watched everyone around her. Rachel's movements were different, and Octavia felt uncomfortable around her returning to her seat Octavia continued her conversation with Rachel trying to find out what her next move should be and if she should approach Skywalker.

Looking up when a shadow passed over her and Rachel Octavia found herself looking at the Emperor. His yellow eyes were unsettling. "Do I know you?" he asked in his raspy voice.

"I don't believe so your majesty." Octavia answered softly.

His eyes seemed to bore into her very soul. "You aren't afraid of me are you girl?"

Swallowing and looking down at the floor briefly before she glanced back to the Emperor. "Should I be Sire?" Octavia questioned.

"We will meet again I'm sure." Was all the Emperor said before he walked off to join his staff.

"That wasn't very nice." Rachel cautioned.

"I was respectful." Octavia replied.

"He is the most powerful man in the galaxy it would have been nicer to admit you were afraid."

"But I've done nothing to be afraid of." Rachel's chuckle made Octavia uncomfortable. Turning she watched the final proceedings. The final stage of the Emperor's wedding. The whole room erupted into chaos when the bride called out for her father and appeared to faint. Octavia watched as she was carried out and another man approached the Emperor and accused him of being the cause of everything. Octavia waited until the Emperor passed before she rose and slipped out of the room. Whatever was going to happen she didn't wish to be near it.

Back in her quarters Octavia waited until Victoria arrived. "Victoria what did you say to the Emperor?"

"I wished him well, why didn't you?"

"It wasn't my place." Octavia answered evenly. "Who were you sitting with?"

"What does it matter to you?" Victoria asked hasty. "After all you don't trust me do you?"

"Not fully, I will be honest with you. For all I know you are lying about being my niece after all I have no brother or sister that I am aware of."

"Perhaps your father just didn't tell you." Victoria snapped. She knew how well parents could lie after all her father and mother were good at it, that was one of the reasons she left.

"Not MY FATHER!" Octavia hissed. "He would never lie to me, he cared … trusted me." Octavia turned to face the wall. "My mother lied to both of us, but he was always honest with me, even when he said he was leaving."

"He came back?" Victoria asked.

Octavia remained silent remembering the last thing her father had told her, [I'll be back I promise and then we will go live with my mother and you will continue your training under her.]

Shaking her head Octavia turned to look at the girl. "No, he didn't return." Taking in a breath she laid a hand on Victoria's shoulder. "Let's go get some food and the trust … well … we will just have to work on that part."

"Okay." Victoria said with a smile.


The cantina was full of people it seemed that something was going on. Octavia wondered if this was a good time to enter, she notice someone motion for her to come over to them. "Rumor has it you are looking for information about a person named Tahl."

"I am looking for quite a bit of information, this is true." Octavia answered

"Then you are looking for …." The mercenary bent closer and whispered something to Octavia.

"Are you sure?"

"As sure as I can be." Octavia looked around. "What is happening here?"

"A gathering for people to buy help. Octavia you don't have a direction why not join us and hire yourself out."

"I … I don't know."

"You can't stay at Port Lansing all your life and what better way to get money and discover what you need."

"I don't know, but you are right I do have to find a way to support myself."

"Good and what a better way then to start now, here comes Solo, I hear he is searching for something."

"But…" Octavia remained silent when Solo approached,

"How much to work with the Alliance?"

"The going rate." Octavia answered.

Han looked up at her, "10,000 credits?" Octavia nodded. He handed over a data crystal and said over here and I will explain what we are looking for."


Octavia had lost track of the people she had left with, but how hard could it be to walk the station. So far she was coming up empty handed and doubted if these so called data cards really existed. All she knew were they were hidden. She looked behind her briefly, she felt like she was being followed there were only two women behind her, turning back around she went to take a step but her legs were cramping holding herself up against the wall to stop herself from falling.

"Are you alright?" One of the women asked.

"Yes, I'm fine just a muscle cramp." Octavia looked at the taller of the two there was something about her.

"Do I know you?" She asked.

"I don’t believe so." Octavia watched the woman as she sat down next to her.

"Let me read your fortune for you."

Octavia watched as the taller woman watched her and her friend. "That won't be necessary, I'll be fine you don’t have to stay."

"Wouldn't want you left here defenseless." The fortuneteller said softly. "This would be a great time to see what your future holds."

"If you wish." Octavia said a little too harshly for her liking. She watched as the woman threw runes out and shook her head. Memories of her father came to her. 'There are many people who will take advantage of you Octavia, be wary of them.'

"You and this woman here do have a connection, perhaps a family member?"

"I have no family that I know of." The woman standing answered studying Octavia.

"My family is dead." Octavia heard herself say.

"Perhaps this is where your bond is." The fortune teller continued. "There is something definitely between the two of you, and it needs to be brought out into the open. Perhaps you can take Psylocke out to lunch."

Octavia studied the woman and then glanced to the fortuneteller. "Perhaps."

"It is the way of things, just like the force." The teller said

"Now I know you are delusional, there is no such thing." Octavia replied quickly … she hated herself for sounding like her mother.

"But there is, after all how do you explain your legs, they are perfectly fine yet the force keeps them from moving, then there's us. You can't deny it."

The pain left Octavia's legs and she rose slowly testing them as if they were some strange part of her body. "Perhaps." She stood before the one named Psylocke and bowed slightly. "IF you will excuse me."

Octavia took the nearest exit and went to look for the group she had been with. Yet the words of the fortuneteller came back to her. 'There is a connection between you two.' Seeing her group Octavia moved toward them pushing everything else out of her mind.

"Where were you?"

"I was detained on a lower level. What is happening?"


Octavia sat in the cantina stunned, she had expected answers to some questions she only found more questions and mystery. The news that her grandmother was still alive and somewhere inside the Empire brought all kinds of speculation to her mind if her grandmother was alive was there a slight chance that her father could be also? It couldn't be true, yet the person who gave her this information swore it was true so now another decision faced her did she stay here and try to talk to this Luke Skywalker or would she leave and go into the Empire and try to find her grandmother?

The disgusted look that Luke Skywalker had on his face at the wedding he wasn't happy about the marriage at all, if looks could kill Octavia was sure that the Emperor would be dead. As if in answer to her thoughts Octavia noticed that Luke had entered with some people from what she understood now they were students of his she rose and went to walk toward him but when one of the students looked at her she only nodded and left the cantina. She would talk to him some other time Octavia thought


Octavia stood in a corner away from everyone else who was gathering around. Many were discussing issues they would bring before Emperor Palpatine, others as to why he called another audience. Octavia noticed the one called Psylocke walk around folding her arms inside her robe Octavia leaned closer against the wall and took interest in TKIN setting up their camera and feed lines.

"Isn't it exciting?" a woman said. "I mean being around all of this power?"

"It is interesting." Octavia's attention was drawn toward the throne and Palpatine as he took his place there. The room seemed to be electrified by his very presence.

People were brought forward each were interesting in their own right, but it was the arrival of a man being carried in and thrown at the Emperor's feet. Octavia's heart skipped a beat as the charges were read he was accused of poisoning Empress Azarra. Octavia watched in horror as Lord Vader stepped forward and stared at the man then raised his hand and slowly choked him to death. Octavia fought to keep a cry of shock escape her throat, this wasn't the place to let on how she felt, she had no desire to attract attention.

The court itself now seemed uncertain of how to handle the Emperor's mood. When a person dressed in brown and tan robes were brought in Octavia watched in silence and the Emperor said something and the figure replied. Before Octavia could take in what was happening lightening flew from the Emperor's hands and struck the figure causing it to drop to the floor. Octavia watched in shock as people rushed in and held the Emperor's guards at blaster point and rescued the fallen figure. She hid her relief as the Emperor sent his guards out to follow them and to capture them. The Emperor was extremely upset it was only when he seemed to notice Psylocke did he calm down. Octavia watched as she followed the Emperor and talked to him. She came back and was talking with someone else when the Emperor came up to talk to Psylocke again.

Octavia froze when the Emperor looked at her then looked to Psylocke. "There is something about the two of you."

"So she was right." Octavia thought she heard Psylocke say, every fiber in Octavia body wanted to run, to break the yellow gaze from the Emperor.

"I sense a disturbance in the force." He took a step closer. "If I were you I'd leave, I'd run away very far away." Octavia took a step backward fear catching in her throat, yet a calmness was there too. "I'd run far away." The Emperor said stepping forward yet again. Octavia moved as if in a dream she turned and walked briefly from the room passing a man she vaguely remembered talking to Victoria; all Octavia knew was she needed to get away from that throne room.

'Don't fear the Senator, he doesn't know you' a voice said softly. Octavia took comfort in the voice and headed toward her room. She would take the Emperor's advice and leave perhaps she could get in touch with the Electria.


Octavia tossed and turned again the dream came to her, again she felt the heat of the sand, heard the hum of the sabers. Octavia fought to wake herself from the dream, she didn't want to see it again didn't want to experience the pain and seeing this man die again. The scene was replaced by the Emperor's eyes boring into her; those yellow eyes staring at her "If I were you …." His voice seemed to echo in her mind.

"Octavia." A voice called to her pulling her away from the dream, the voice was saving her from the dream that seemed never ending.

Opening her eyes she looked around her room, it was dark except for the figure standing at the foot of the bed it had a bluish hue around it. "Victoria?" Octavia asked letting her eyes adjust.

"You need to continue what your father started, you need to continue your training. You are in danger if you remain on this station and remain untrained."

"Who … who are … you?" Octavia asked staring at the figure. Her voice cracked and she felt fear rise in her. It took a moment to recognize the man from her dream. "You! … I've dreamed about you and your death, how can you be here?"

"You have no reason to be afraid of me, but you need to get training."

"I'm leaving tomorrow, I'll put this accursed station and everything behind me ."

"Running won't help you."

"It'll be a start." Octavia said getting out of bed. She turned and stared at the figure.

"Find the Jedi Octavia, they are your only hope now. The Senator knows you exist and your connection to me."

"What Senator?" Octavia asked. "Who are you?"

"I'm Qui-Gon Jinn your grandfather." The figure disappeared leaving Octavia staring at empty space.

"Fine," Octavia said to the open space. "I won't run."

"Octavia who are you talking to?" Victoria asked from the doorway.

"Air Victoria, just air." Octavia stared at the girl and smiled. "Go back to bed." She would find Luke Skywalker and talk to him, if he didn't want to talk to her, then she would leave.


Octavia saw Luke Skywalker and walked over to him. "Excuse me, can I ask you a question?"

Luke turned and studied her. "Yes."

"I don't mean to bother you … have you heard of or about a Qui-Gon Jinn?"

"Yes, he was a referred Jedi Knight, he trained Obi-Wan who trained me. Why?"

"Because … because I'm his granddaughter, I'm Octavia Syn Jinn."

"I've been looking for you."

"I need to finish what my father started, I need to finish my training."

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