One pocket too many

by Amanda Wilcoxen

Based on R/P between Amanda, Dora, and Patrick.
    Victoria walked along the business section of Telos, she liked the idea 
that she was free to go places and not answer to anyone, the idea of having a 
place to stay was nice too.  The only thing she had to do was stay away from 
her father and him finding out that she was back on Telos.  Elrod had tried 
to be a friend in Mira's absence, but he was always questioning her about her 
family.  It didn't really matter; all she had to do was get enough money to 
leave Telos then she would be on her own again.
    Victoria looked up to see a young girl walking up ahead of her, she 
seemed to be around 19 or 20, but it was the expensive pair of pants and 
leather belt that caught her attention as well as the exotic shirt.  Her eyes 
narrowed on the pouch that hung on the right side credits or something worth 
more.  She knew she would have to be careful when she nabbed the pouch the 
fact that the figure hung on her left side was not lost on Victoria.  
    Victoria watched as the silver outfit with royal blue trim seemed to 
shimmer, The cloak was a nice deep royal blue.  Studying her Victoria noticed 
a ring on her hand, if there was a way to get hold of that, she wouldn't have 
to worry about how to live for a long time, she studied the way the girl 
moved and targeted what she would take.  Deciding on the pouch Victoria 
increased the stride in her walk, yes the girl was a good target; she wasn't 
taking notice of her surroundings or those who walked around her.
    Victoria moved to the right, her dagger at the ready. Quickly, silently she 
cut the flap that was holding it to the belt and moved to the right of the girl 
walking normally mixing in with the crowd. Coming up on an alley between two 
companies Victoria darted into the alley heading for the park that the alley 
opened up to.  Once there she would be safe.  Victoria glanced quickly behind 
her to make sure she wasn't followed then went to run but discovered she 
couldn't move, it felt like her feet were glued.
    Twisting her body Victoria turned to see the woman she just lifted the 
pouch from approaching her and she was smiling.  Victoria smiled back and hid 
the pouch.  To her surprise the pouch flew out of her position and 
into the hands of the girl standing in front of her.
    "Hey!"  Victoria yelled, "How did you do that?"
    "Well, what have we here?" the woman said. "A thief!"  She walked around 
Victoria very carefully; Gauging her, measuring her.
    "So you caught me, what you gonna do?"
    The woman's face seemed to become intense as she considered Victoria's 
question.  "That is a very good question indeed young one."
    "You're the one that is happening to be holding me here." Victoria 
snapped trying to sound cocky and trying to keep the shake out of her tone.
    Laughing the woman studies Victoria judging her reactions. "What is 
your name?"
    "Happens to be Victoria .. What's yours?"
    "What is your full name?"  The woman asked.
    "Who wants to know,  might tell you if I could move." Victoria said 
    "Ahh but you would only bolt if I let you go."
    "Maybe."  Victoria answered.
    A mild look of surprise crossed the woman's face. "You tell the truth. 
Very well."  
    Victoria felt the restraint that was holding her in place dissipate.
Crossing her arms Victoria glared at the woman in front of her. "I only tell 
the truth when I want and when it suits me. So what do you want with me?"
     "Well, it was you who picked my pocket." She paused considering what
she was about to do, "You owe me."
     Victoria shrugged uneasily, she didn't like the way this woman stared at 
her, it was almost as if she was looking through her.. "I owe you what?" 
Victoria asked. "You have the money back." Her voice trailed off.
     "You owe me for not turning you into the authorities and for your attempt 
to steal from me, you will make it up to me.  You don't know who I am?"
     "No I don't."  Victoria said thinking back to Port Lansing; she did see her
somewhere. "I might remember you." She added as an after thought.
     "From where?"  The woman asked.
     "Port Lansing wedding party."
     The woman smiled "Very good, and what does that tell you? You're 
remembering me as part of the wedding party?"
     "A relationship to a member of someone or something."
     "Yes, and which one of the newlyweds do you think I am related to?"
     "I'm not sure." Victoria stared at the ground and fought to keep her 
trembling under control.
     The woman shrugged her shoulders and chuckles a bit. "Guess." She dropped 
down so she could look into Victoria's eyes.
     Victoria looked off to the side then to the woman. "I dunno the Emperor?"
     "Very good, I am Tara Alderson." Tara paused. Slightly it was almost 
unnoticeable. "Palpatine."
     Victoria's eyes widen "Oh."
     "So this is what's going to happen, you are going to come with me and will 
work for me for a while."

Part Two