Psylocke's Journal:Entry Five

Courtney Kraft

Entry Five

I'm starting to feel a little better now---well, physically anyway. My wrists 
don't ache anymore and the bruise on my forehead is gone. I still can't 
figure out how I got that one. I must have hit it on something or walked into 
a wall while possessed. That could be it.

Mentally---I'm not sure how to describe it. I'm not hurting or anything like 
that, but I know that I haven't been myself lately. Tonight, for example, 
after a dinner with some of the officers, my master kept me behind. He asked 
me who I was, and I told him my name. Then he asked me who he was, and I 
replied, "You are the Emperor Palpatine." He got very upset. I thought he 
was just testing my memory! Yet, deep down, I knew he wanted me to say that 
he was "my master" to him.

He showed me. He slammed me against the far wall using only his thoughts. I 
only hope someday to achieve his skill. Even after that first punishment, I 
still mocked him with his own words. He punished me again, with lightning 
this time. Still, I know that's not like me. I yelled at him too. I don't 
know where I got the courage---perhaps gall is a better stand up to him 
like that. I've never done that before.

I've changed. I've felt emotionless...except for anger really, ever since I'd 
forsaken love. Since that moment in my mind when I kissed Lon goodbye. I 
know I'm not the same person I was before. Now I let the dark side flow 
through me and I can feel it! I can! I have already discovered new and 
thrilling powers that I have never seen Sith nor Jedi use before.

It's late. Time for sleep. I have much to do tomorrow.

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