Psylocke's Journal:Entry Eight

Courtney Kraft

Entry Eight

    There was something I forgot to add to my journal didn't seem
too relevant at first, but it is now.
    On the way back from Port Lansing, I was sitting in a lounge, just staring
out the window and reflecting on everything that had happened in those last
few days.  During this meditation, I felt warmth between my palms.  At
first, I just thought it was the usual energy I feel from my aura.  When I
opened my eyes, I noticed a tiny sphere of light.  Well actually, it was
more like a sphere of darkness with purple electrical bolts running over
it.  It was no bigger than a quarter, and it floated as if magnetically
repelled.  Then a moment later, it vanished.
    It never reappeared, until three days ago.
    I spent a few hours meditating, focusing on my concentration and trying to
get better in tune with the dark side.  After..well I'm not sure just how
long really..I felt warmth between my hands.  When I opened my eyes, there
it was again!  Not any larger than the first time.
    For the next day or so, I practiced summoning the sphere.  I find that I
can conjure it at my will more easily.  It doesn't work every time, but
almost.  So tonight, I asked my master to come see me.  I showed him how I
conjured the sphere.  I'm not quite sure if he was pleased or not.  He
seemed pleased, but he requested that I not study it further without him.
I'm still not quite sure what it does though.  We are the only ones who
know about this right now.
    My master wants to bring me to Zoron to learn more about Sith history from
Lord Taras.  I'm not too fond of him, but I know to respect him as if he
were my instructor.  My master would want it.  He knows what's best for me.
    Speaking of which, he prescribed a sedative for me to help me sleep.  My
master is growing weary of keeping a constant eye on me, and quite frankly,
so am I.  I don't like taking drugs that knock me out or slow me down.  It
leaves me vulnerable...but at least I'll be able to get a little privacy for
    I need some time to think.  There's something else that's going on, and I
want more information.  Well, here goes the first pill.  I'll write more

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