Psylocke's Journal:Entry Nine

Courtney Kraft

Entry Nine

Something is wrong.

Last night, during my training, my master told me that Nik-vie Windu is
dead. I noticed that my master had the slightest hint of discontent. He's
usually quite good at hiding his emotions, but this time, even I could
sense that he was furious.

I'm really not sure what to think of this. Part of me was shocked at
first. The news of anyone dying can be, I suppose. The thing is...I don't
think he's really dead. About and hour ago, I did some meditating and I
reached deep into my own mind. Once inside, I found myself in what looked
like a dark, empty room. Then I noticed something glimmering in the
distance. As I approached it, it took the form on a single spider's thread
leading infinitely upward into the darkness. When I touched it, I was
instantly bombarded with images of Nik-vie.

I realized then that this was our link. This was the thread he left in my
mind at Port Lansing. I believe if he were truly dead, the link wouldn't
be there. As fast as the images came at me, I let go. I don't want to
contact him. There is no need to. I'd only get into trouble. If he is
alive, he'll be found. Those who really want him can go find him on their
own time. I have other things to do.

My own training for example. I find that I am finally able to use the
Force to accelerate and lengthen my motions. I can jump higher and
farther. When I think about it logically, I think, hey, if I can use my
psychokinetic powers to move objects, then why not use them to move myself?
I'm also able to transmit simple messages telepathically. And like in the
Tattooine arena battles, I've been using the Force to see all around me,
even with my eyes closed. It's amazing how much improvement I've made in
the last few weeks, even if it is subtle.

I have to go see someone now while my sedatives kick in. Dang, I hate
these things. They make my blood pressure drop and I always feel cold.
They give me that fuzzy feeling too. I really don't like feeling this way,
but it's only for another two days till we get to Zoron.

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