To Face Pure Anger - pt 3 (Feb 2003)

Dora Furlong, Ginna Wilcoxen, Dana Terry

Lord Du'Cruet looked around his office as Damien Alderson led the Statesman from his office. The drapes that hung on the window gave the office a soft lighting regardless of the time of day, he wondered now if maybe he should add a couple more chairs than the two that sat off to his left. He seemed to be spending a lot of time in here lately.

Tara shook her head disbelief, "Is it possible there is a spy internally?"

Xanatos looked back at her, mirroring her expression. "That will be ruled out, on our end, though I cannot deny the Governor might have one. Every transmission she has sent I received except this one, the one that mention the number of Jedi."

She nodded, "Then track everyone who has touched the transmissions...find out who did this or." She paused, knowing that it could be a glitch, but she doubted it, "If it was merely a technological failure." Her voice began revealing the darkness suppressed during Octavia's interview.

"Lady Zelek has been standing in as my aide, if Octavia did not mark it confidential then she would have seen it. I will have one of the technicians start with her then trace our ends for failure or tampering. I know that there are techs on Arridor who will begin the trace from there."

"Good." Tara rose carefully, using the chair arm for assistance, she was so tired of being pregnant. "Keep me informed."

"I will think on Octavia's position, and have a proposal on that as well." Xanatos looked at his cousin.  *She dreamed of the attack on Arridor as well as my intent to kill her,* he sent to Tara.

Startled Tara looked up at him quickly. "Alida," She stated in a calm, neutral voice, "Leave us."

Tara kept her eyes on Xanatos as Alida rose smoothly, bowed deeply and left the office without saying a word. Then she spoke aloud, "She expected you to kill her? Since the attack happened?"

"Yes, she did ... because of the severity of the damage, though Arridor was not invaded the  threat was there, they are taking care of survivors, and the lower class is in an uproar. The Ghost of her father told her to run and to go back to Yavin. I saw all her memories while on Arridor."

"Then it says something of her dedication that she followed her orders," she replied with respect in her voice.

Xanatos nodded. "The only reason she resisted .. was in protection of her child .. She thought ...” Xanatos paused. "I would attack her through it."

"Yes...concern for her family...she must build trust yet and it will take time for that."

"Trust isn't easy for her."  He smiled.  "Or me."

She nodded, "Nor for many.....however she has sworn her loyalty and she must put aside her mistrust, as must you." She looked at Xanatos.

Xanatos Du’Cruet nodded. "She will, as I will.  Things aren't well between you and Alida?"

Tara shook her head, "She...came to me after I returned to my rooms, she stated she was concerned and I told her to save it for Octavia."

"With good cause, depending on what we discovered. Octavia could have found her life claimed by you ... or, as Octavia expected, death," Xanatos stated slowly. He still preferred her as a willing ally instead of one being forced.

"Yes it was a possibility, though I am disappointed in Alida's lack of faith instead she asked immediately after if I was going to take out my anger on Octavia...interpreting my comment as a threat."

"Between the two of them, she will have the hardest time letting go of her Jedi training. Like you said it will take time."

Tara nodded, "Yes and I believe I have reverted her, too." She shook her head in frustration.

"As I have lost ground with my Jedi.  It will take time, cousin, it is not irreparable."

Tara nodded, "I know...I am...not in the clearest of minds on this." Tara frowned as she received contact from Damien. *What is it Damien?*

*Why is Ms. D'med still not allowed to speak?*

Tara frowned, looking at Xanatos. *I never gave such an order...she is free to speak.*

"Cousin?" he asked, watching Tara closely.

Tara sighed and rose, "Apparently Damien is with Alida, she is not speaking." She shook her head.

“Should I come with you?"

"It might help." She turned to walk to the door.

Xanatos fell into step beside her. "Christine said we have to be patient with them, meaning our Jedi."  He tried to lighten his tone somewhat.

Tara nodded, "Yes we do...but it is not always easy."

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