Putting the Past to Rest - Part One through Four

By Season Irwin, Ginna Wilcoxen

This Takes place after the rescue of the Jedi from Raven Palpatine.

Octavia left the council chamber wondering about her future with the Jedi. The events over the past year made her think: she had been so close to the Darkside she had tasted it. No, if nothing else she had learned that evil would do anything to make one fall, and she was committed to dying before she did that.

"Octavia!" Medenna yelled, coming up to her. "Hi."

"Hello there, yourself," Octavia greeted. "So, did you get your lecture?"

Medenna nodded.

"Was it bad?"

"Not really. Master Skywalker wants to see you. He's with the ships."

"All right, I'll talk to you later."

Medenna flashed a smile. "I'll look for you." Medenna stopped. "I want to thank you for helping me...you know, while we were captured."

"I think you helped me more, Medenna. You were as they called...my conscience. You helped keep me focused."

"Anything for my future Master." Medenna ran off before Octavia could say anything in rebuttal.


Walking around the ships Octavia discovered Luke by an A-wing. "You wanted to see me?" she asked.

Luke straightened up from making a last pre-flight check on his ship. "Hello, Octavia. Yes, would you be willing to make a journey with me to Tatooine?"

Octavia cringed inwardly at the name of that planet. She didn't have any good memories of Tatooine. "As long as arenas are not on the tour," she answered bitterly. Crossing her arms, she studied the Jedi Master. "Why Tatooine?"

Giving her a boyish grin, Luke chuckled. "No more arena adventures, once was more than enough." Luke paused, studying her. "As to why Tatooine --- it was once my home. I know it very well, and I want you to have some of your training there." He watched her closely to see her true reaction. He knew of her apprehension and concerns that further training would be denied to her.

"I'm going to be allowed to continue training?" Octavia asked, genuinely surprised. She was expecting to be asked to leave after her last episode, considered a risk to the Jedi.

"Yes." Luke withheld for the time being one of his reasons for going back.

Octavia bit the bottom of her lip. "Yes, I'd like to go. So what do I do?" she asked, chuckling slightly.

Luke smiled, knowing she was thoroughly excited. It brought back old memories of his beginnings in Jedi training. Sometimes he really missed Ben. "Then all you need do is to go gather a few changes of clothing fit for the weather on Tatooine, and your lightsaber, then we're off."

Octavia nodded. "Clothing fit for sandstorms, if memory serves me." Octavia turned,then stopped as if she was going to say something then turned to face Luke. "Tatooine is covered with sand isn't it?"

Luke gave her a bemused look. "Plenty." Luke watched Octavia nod then turn to leave. He could tell that she was thinking. Making sure everything was in the proper order aboard ship, he then waited for her to return. He had already intended to go back to Tatooine, and had felt sure she would agree to accompany him there. What could be better for the training he had in store for her than a place bent on nothing more than financial gain, food and water, and shelter?

~ * ~

The A-wing rose above Yavin. Setting the ship control system on auto pilot, Luke leaned back to relax. Octavia, wrapped up in her own thoughts, studied him carefully out of the corner of her eyes.

"You've not said much since we left."

Roused out of his reverie, Luke smiled guiltily. "Oh, I'm sorry. I have just been thinking about a lot of things. Since you know very little about Tatooine, let's call the information up on the 'puter." Leaning forward he hit a couple of buttons and selected. The info up the screen was between them both and easy to see. Octavia studied the screen intently and absorbed the information that was there. Her years on the Electra helped her remember the most important facts. She asked questions about the basic information displayed then moved on to the severe weather patterns as well as water scarcity.

"Mos Eisley is the biggest port, and we will have to be careful while there," Luke pointed out, remembering his first exposure to it with Ben. He then moved on to tell her about the Jundland Wastes and the Sandpeople who lived there.

"Sounds like a dangerous place." Octavia answered.

Luke leaned back in his seat and looked at the screen map carefully, a calm expression on his face. "True, it's dangerous there. You have to be able to survive bad conditions on your own."

He then turned and looked at her. "And I already saw you do that not only in the arena but while you were captured." He smiled and glanced at the 'puter screen for a moment.

"Tatooine for me...it's still home."

"Do you miss it?" Octavia questioned.

"It must seem odd, but at times I really do miss it."

"No, it's not odd at all. I guess everyone misses home."

"There are certain places on Tatooine where I feel very much at peace. We'll be visiting one of them, if everything goes right."

"Jawas are known traders and scavengers aren't they?" Octavia questioned, determined to learn all she could.

Luke nodded. "Uh-huh, the Jawas are where I came up with R-2 and 3PO."

Without looking at her Luke suddenly asked, "So, my young Jedi, where are you most at peace?" He left the screen about Tatooine open.

Octavia paused, not sure how to answer. "I use to think peace was hearing the engines of the Electra. I've come to learn that it's being content that you are alive and able to feel you have purpose." Octavia paused. "But is there such a thing as really having peace?"

"Of course there is."

Octavia nodded slightly. She didn't like not being able to answer confidently and accurately. "What can I hope to learn from your homeworld?"

"Many things; survival, cunning. Street savy. Specialized practice with your saber, how to collect your own water, deal with sandstorms." Luke paused. "Where your inner peace comes from." His face wore an enigmatic expression. "And how to deal with any type of food that is set before you."

"All that from one planet?" Octavia questioned. "If that is true, then why do you have the academy at Yavin?"

"It's only out here in the Galaxy that you can truly learn about life and the Force. But we need the academy for many different and complex reasons. An easy one is so that prospective Jedi can find us on their own."

"Like me?"

"Like you." Luke paused. "You are ready for field training already, especially in light of what you've experienced. That's why Tatooine."

Octavia stared at the monitor. "I don't feel ready. I feel nervous and apprehensive about all of this." Octavia paused. "And what I've experience both in the arena and the time I spent with Raven Palpatine only shows me how much I don't know."

"But that's only natural." Luke countered. "You accepted my invitation. You're ready to learn more, that's all. Of course you don't know everything. Knowing the 'why' about everything is not always important, though." Luke was silent for a few moments. "You do trust me to lead you as an apprentice, don't you? Please take a moment to really think about how you feel. I am ready to hear any answer you have."

Octavia was silent for a few moments. "Trust isn't something I'm use to giving to anyone. I've learned that people have their own objectives." Octavia fell silent. "Yet, you haven't given me any reason not to trust you." Octavia paused again tilting her slightly. "A Jedi relies on their instincts, and my instincts tell me to trust you, Luke Skywalker."

Luke waited a moment. He sensed something about her, almost as if she was listening to another voice. "Even when I went into the arena ahead of you, and they announced my 'death'?" Luke saw the side of her mouth twitch and knew he had hit the mark, but before they could...before she could go any further, they needed to have a mutual trust. He knew that hearing of his death had been hard on her, and he needed to know if that would hold her back regardless of what had happened since then.

"I...I don't know. I thought you had died, I thought I would die. Then to meet Psylocke in the arena, to feel her hatred toward me...it was all so confusing."

"But did you remember what I had told you about what was really gong to happen to me?" Luke questioned. "Psylocke's hatred is simply her usage of the Force. The Dark Side. Never confuse the way she felt with the way a Jedi Knight feels to you."

Octavia remembered back to the arena and what Luke had told her, and how she hadn't believed it. "I remember, but I didn't believe you." Octavia felt guilty admitting this fact. "I never realized that it could be done. I've felt the Dark Side and I don't want to feel it again, it was...easy. I was so tempted to give in to let my own anger and hatred take control. Especially after..." Octavia let her words stop, memories of Raven and her experiments the many times Octavia had witnessed Medenna's death of facing the Emperor again and her own desire to kill or try to kill Raven Palpatine.

Luke felt her confusion and knew that she was thinking of what she had just experienced. Luke decided to give her a few moments before he spoke. "Honesty between us is very important, Octavia, if we are to be Master and Apprentice. Yes, the Dark Side can be very simplistic. But the price you pay for using it is very high. The power of the Light side is not only stronger, but it will bring you peace and life."

Luke waited, letting his words sink in. "Lesson #1 Octavia, remember? Anger, fear, aggression, hatred...these belong only to the Dark Side. When you are calm, at peace, you are in the Light. The Force flows through all living things, binding us all together in its flow." Luke knew part of what he had to say at this point was something that she already had heard, but did she know it? Did she believe it?

Octavia nodded. It was as if she was hearing her father stress those words to her. "I'm beginning to understand, and starting to accept it." She chuckled slightly. "It was those words that held me steadfast during my captivity."

*Bing bing* chimed the soft signal alerting them both to the fact that they were almost within Tatooine's orbit. It was time to come out of hyperspace and set in for landing.

Luke smiled. "I hope that you know it goes both ways. I will tell you only the truth."

"Then trust should be easy, Master," Octavia replied with a slight grin.

Luke grinned as he brought the A-wing out of hyperspace, the planet looming before them out the windscreen. "Octavia," he asked, "Have you ever piloted a ship of any kind?"

"Yes, the Electra's shuttle. It was a little smaller than this."

"Excellent," he laughed. "Would you like to learn how to land this thing?"

"If you think I won't kill us."

He looked at her sharply, a smile still on his face. "Well, I meant for you to watch how I do it. Then I will give you a change at firing it up, lifting off a few meters and landing. Deal?"

Octavia grinned back. "Deal."


Octavia watched as Luke landed the A-wing then listened carefully as he went over the controls with her. Pushing back her nervousness, Octavia copied his movements, and thought the landing wasn't as smooth as when Luke had done it. She had achieved comfort with the controls. She watched as he made sure the ship was secure. Looking around at the desert sands that stretched out before them, Octavia couldn't help but feel that she had been here before.

The vision came so quickly that Octavia knelt down on one knee.

...lightsabers clashed loudly in her ears. Sand whirled around her feet the heat of the suns beat down on the two figures. The only difference is that she knew the figures this time...her grandfather Qui-Gon Jinn and the Sith known as Darth Maul. He was quicker and more vicious in his attack, while her grandfather fought with a skill and calmness that she didn't understand...

"Octavia?" Luke's voice brought Octavia to the present. "Are you all right?" He was bending over her on his knees as well, right beside her.

Octavia nodded. "I dreamed of this place. Back on the Electra I dreamed of Tatooine. Qui-Gon Jinn encountered a Sith Lord here." Octavia rose and gazed at Luke. "It's almost fitting that the arena games were held here. I...just had the vision again, why?"

"You will find out the answer to that in time. Perhaps while we are here." He hesitated, letting her think a few moments as they both got back to their feet. "Octavia, I know you answered this question in front of me and the other Masters." Luke watched her carefully. "What are your feelings dealing with the arena, as well as your latest incident?"

"Anger." Octavia replied simply. "Anger at being used and having no control over what was happening." Octavia looked across the sands to where Mos Eisley's outline could be seen. "I came face to face with my anger over and over while I was in Raven Palpatine's custody. Each time I found it hard to tell reality from the dreams."

"Do you still feel anger at them?" Luke asked.

Octavia bit the bottom of her lip and nodded. "Yes, I do." She turned away from Luke. "It's not as strong, but its there, and it makes me question myself if I could be a danger to those I care about, and if they were right."

"Does that thought make you more angry, Octavia?" Luke asked, as he started to head toward Mos Eisley.

Octavia followed him slowly. "No, it only makes me determined not to be controlled by it. After all, Jedi are human and have emotions, but are not controlled by them."

"You're learning," Luke commented with a pleased smile, tossing a poncho over his head.

"I try to," Octavia stated putting her own poncho on as well. She knew that it served two purposes: one, it would be cooler and offer protection from the suns, and two, it would conceal their lightsabers yet leave them easily accessible.

Mos Eisley wasn't as busy as Port Lansing, but Octavia took in the Jawas as well as other aliens and natives milling about. Octavia tried not to gawk as they walked passed shops and vendors who displayed their wares. She was amazed at how everyone was able to remain in their own space. Land speeders seemed to move easily through the crowd.

"It's noisy," Octavia commented to Luke as they continued to walk. It was hard to hold her excitement in. Besides Port Lansing and Yavin, she had spent most of her time on the Electra.

Luke watched as Octavia took in her surroundings. It wasn't hard to tell she was excited at what she was seeing. For many years he had taken Tatooine completely for granted. It was a planet he wanted to escape from; he wanted excitement and adventure. A way to join the Academy. Boy, did that seem like a lifetime ago!

He led her over to a little open market displaying everything the merchant had for sale including strange foods. Glancing over what he had to offer, Octavia found herself making a mental note of what was there.

"It seems to have a carnival atmosphere," she commented.

"It can get that way." Luke fingered an odd looking fruit and began to barter with the vendor. His voice remained very calm, even though it was clear the vendor was getting a little heated. Octavia watched how Luke took everything in stride. Finally it seemed they came to some kind of agreement, because Luke took out a few credits and paid the vendor and took four of the green fruits clustered with what looked like berries.

Before Octavia could ask what they were, two young children came up and stared at their fruit. Octavia noticed they looked thin and were smeared with dirt and dust. She looked from one to the other.

"Hello there," she said softly as she handed the fruit out to them. "I'm sure you'll like these." She watched as the two children eagerly took the fruit, eating as they ran away. They quickly disappeared into the crowd. Feeling Luke's eyes on her, she turned to face him.

"That was good of you," Luke praised her softly. He handed her his second fruit and bit into his. "You'll enjoy this too."

Octavia looked in the direction the children disappeared. "I can remember being that way on Myrkyr." Taking the fruit from Luke, she said, "Thank you." She was suddenly jostled forward, bumping into Luke slightly. She could feel being poked and prodded at the waistline. Reaching down to her belt she noticed that her pouch was gone. Turning around she noticed that Luke was watching carefully who had done it and where they were going.

"I see thieves run rampant here as well."

Luke nodded. "Come on, let's go pay them a quick visit. That is, if you want your pouch back."

"Of course I want it back, but how do you plan on doing that?"

"Keep up with me, now," Luke instructed as he hurried along behind the group. After a few seconds the group they were following split up and Luke continued to follow one in particular. Octavia not sure what made this group the right ones but she followed Luke's lead, trusting his instincts.

Luke followed the one boy until he turned a corner. When Luke and Octavia turned too, they were all three in the company of the entire group. Seven in total; some very large, others medium and one scrawny one. They had been led into a clever trap.

"Seems like a party," Octavia whispered, glancing at Luke.

Luke's lips were set firmly together, but he looked calm. Octavia found comfort in that as she watched the group. Most of them were just children.

"I believe something of hers is in one of your hands," Luke began. "We would like it back, please." He gave Octavia a look that told her to be ready. Octavia found herself tensing like she did in the arena.

"We ain't got nuthin belongin to ya. Get away from here!" growled one of the two large ones. Octavia noticed only one was female.

"I do disagree with you," Octavia said calmly, keeping her hands in plain sight. "All I wish is my property back." She stared at the one who had spoken first. Octavia kept her voice firm but calm.

Luke looked meaningfully at Octavia and then at the young female alien. "If you will return what you took, nothing more will be said or done against you."

"She didn't take anything!" the scrawny one cried, "It was me." The young female started to back up as the scrawny one stood before Luke.

"We don't wish to harm any of you. Please return the pouch and we will go quietly," Luke said. He seemed to be ignoring the large ones who were starting to edge around the female. An action that wasn't lost on Octavia, she watched as the group as a whole moved around the female, she remained quiet and waited to see what Luke did. She didn't wish to fight or harm people just trying to survive.

"You can't do any damage to us!" The large one sneered. "You're just a punk."

Octavia raised an eyebrow at that statement. If they only knew who stood before them, that is if they had even heard of Jedi. There was something about the larger ones that kept making Octavia study them. Something was not right.

With a gentle wave of his hand Luke spoke again. "You will kindly return the pouch and go your way." There was a tense silence from the group for about three seconds. Then the female reached through the bigger ones and dropped the pouch at Luke's feet. Then as if nothing had happened, all of them turned and quietly walked away.

"You used the Force?" Octavia questioned.

Luke watched them walk away and visibly relaxed. "Yes. The two large ones had blasters aimed at us under their robes."

"That was what was different about them," Octavia stated. "I should have seen it. I always felt guilty about persuading people to see my point of view in situations." Octavia picked up the pouch and replaced it on her belt. "You used the Force to prevent a bigger confrontation, one that could have ended in someone getting hurt."

Luke breathed out quietly the breath he had been compressing and turned to her. "Normally, I use the Force that way only if there is no other way to peacefully end the situation. And you were in danger of being blasted."

Octavia let out a sigh of her own. "Avoid confrontation if you can, yet preserve your life or the life of the ones you are to protect." Octavia shook her head. "I still have far to go, I think."

Luke smiled kindly. "As long as you do learn, that's what counts." He studied her closely. He could tell she was thinking of something. It was those moments of thought that lead the council to allow her to be trained in the first place.

Octavia's face became stern as if she had remembered something. "How do you know when you are doing the right thing?" she asked. "I mean, using the Force when you should?"

"Now, that part takes a lot of practice. Most of that learning is done before you ever use it on anyone. There are principles that I will be teaching you more about, the when, where and how and why. But you must trust your gut level instincts through the Force, too." Luke took another bite out of his delicious looking fruit. "Now...let's see about finding a place for the night. You have to secure those early here or they're all gone."

Octavia had forgotten about the fruit until Luke took a bite of his, she did the same then stopped. "Gut instinct...like in the arena when I face the Psylocke as well as the other one. I knew when to move and how avoid." She smiled remembering the whispering voice that helped her fight in times when she froze. "A place to stay...I almost forgot about that."

"Yes, I agree you did. And that is part of why the council agreed it okay to begin your training last year for someone untrained you adapted quite well. Now as to the place to stay. I remember one place that might be more secure than some of the others. Let's check there first," Luke said, leading her down the dusty street.

Octavia looked around the room that they were able to get. It was big enough for maybe three people. Smiling slightly she thought of the Electra and her quarters there; they were half this size.

Luke stood by the window. He hadn't wanted one room, but perhaps it was for the better. "So do you want the view of sand or the view of the wall?" he asked, smiling.

"The wall, please, Master Skywalker," Octavia replied with a slight grin.


The sand and the heat made it difficult to see. Lightsabers clashed under the sun. There was something bright in the distance; the sun reflected from it. The dark robed figured pushed its opponent backward, never giving them time to recover. It was difficult for them to keep their defenses up and to push the dark figure back.

The dream changed to a metal area that might have been a ship. Again the two figures were fighting, but unlike the dream before the Sith warrior was robed this time as well as the person he was fighting. Octavia watched in horror as they fought. She knew the outcome: she had dreamed it too many times. She knew that the Jedi would die and she knew it was her grandfather. Octavia tried to wake up but just couldn't. Was she back in the Force deprivation tanks?

The lightsabers parried and blocked, then the dark clothed Sith feigned a movement and the saber pierced the Jedi through the middle. Octavia's scream froze in her throat as the Sith removed its hood. Psylocke stood there smiling down at the body at her feet. Octavia looked down and saw herself lying there.

Octavia finally woke with a start staring at the room she was in. Where was she?

"Octavia, are you all right?" Luke's concerned voice penetrated Octavia's fog.

"Death, my death." Octavia sat up on the side of her bed.

"Tell me about it," Luke stated firmly. He had felt her unrest had even checked on her to make sure no one was entering her dreams. What she was facing was her own demons and a past that needed to be put behind her.

"It was the same dream I had that set me on this path. Only this time it changed." Octavia caught her breath. "This time it was me in Qui-Gon's place and Psylocke in her grandfather's place."

"What do you think it meant?" Luke knew that visions were glimpses of what could be as well as warnings. Octavia needed to determine how she would use this one.

Octavia took in a breath and slowly released it. "A possible outcome of my future. If I allow myself to lower my guard and give into the Dark...or it was a way of my mind clearing and coming to terms with what I've been through."

"And if it is a vision?" Luke asked.

"It's only a possible outcome. The future isn't set in stone. Every move or choice we make changes it. It's always in motion."

Luke smiled. It was strange how at times she sounded like Ben as well as Yoda. Was it because of her connection to her grandfather?


Luke and Octavia walked down a street in Mos Eisley. Though Octavia still found herself looking at everything around her, she kept her senses alert. She followed Luke as he seemed to be searching for something. She could tell he was staying alert as well wanting to avoid anymore trouble with the natives.

They both were wearing their sabers and kept them close enough to snatch if they needed to, until then they were safely covered from anyone's sight. Though Octavia found herself taking solace as she felt hers against her leg.

"What you looking for?"

"The right kind of food staples for our stay here. How much?" Luke asked a young boy and his mother about a bin of dried legumes. He then pointed to some dried spices and meat. Luke didn't haggle with her much before he paid her and placed the food into a pouch at his side.

"You have the makings for a good soup." Octavia observed with a smile. "Who's cooking?"

Luke smiled mischievously. "You are, but not today." Looking around them Luke asked, "Would you like a freshly cooked meal before we set out on our journey?"

"You are full of surprises, Master Skywalker."

"Hope that meets with your expectations," he answered. "A Jedi should know everything from how to care for his or her body to caring for someone else's body. Care of clothes and supplies, every basic need and more."

"Seems like a tall order for anyone, how do you know when you are doing the right thing?"

He looked at her quizzically. "What do you mean by 'the right thing'?"

"That you are helping when you should? Isn't there a chance that some could take it as interference?"

"Of course. That is why you will learn by practical judgment and the help of the Force when to step in and when to simply watch."

"A balance, of everything."

"Right. Now, about that meal...?" he let the sentence dangle and looked at her with a raised eyebrow.

"It would be welcomed. I have to admit, I am hungry."

Luke studied several places as they walked past them, sizing them up as to whether or not they would be normal, safe places to eat. "What place seems right to you, Octavia?"

Octavia remained silent for a while then pointed. "That one." She nodded toward a run-down place. "There's something about it that calls to me."

Luke nodded. They walked into the little place and took seats near the back. The server came and gave them a choice of three soups, two salads, and three kinds of charbroiled meats. That was the entire menu. None of the foods sounded familiar to her.

"I've never heard of any of these have you?"

"Sure I have. I used to live here, remember?" Luke considered and chose a salad and some meat. "We won't be seeing fresh food for awhile," he told her, quietly enough for the server not to hear.

Octavia studied the menu and orders the same thing as Luke, she waits until the server leaves "Where are we going? From everything you showed me before we left, there's nothing here but moisture farms and desert."

Luke studied her carefully. "We are going to go visit a deserted home. At least, it was deserted last time I was there."

"What happened to the original owners?"

Luke let out a silent sigh. "We're going to visit Obi-Wan Kenobi's old homestead."

Octavia sat back in silence and watched as people entered and left the establishment. She remembered that Obi-Wan was taught by Qui-Gon, her grandfather. "I did not mean to bring up any memories that would hurt."

Luke's hand came up, as if to brush aside her remark. "No, not at all. It will be good to be there again. And I think it might be important for you."

Nothing was said as the server brought their food out. Octavia looked at it then took a bite. "This is good. How far is your teachers' home?"

"Glad you like it," he smiled, taking another bite. After he swallowed he finished his answer. "We'll need a landspeeder to get there before dusk. I would say about an hour from here."

He paused slightly there was a slight disturbance. "First thing we will have to do is check the moisture vaporater so we'll have fresh water."

Octavia nodded but remained silent, memories of the dream she had was still fresh in her mind. She wondered if she was making the right decision; was this something she should continue to pursue. "That should be repairable." Her mind turned to the possible problems of a vaporator.

"I brought along the tools we will need in the A-wing."

Octavia smiled. "Always be prepared, for any situation."

Luke grinned around a mouthful of food.

Two natives came into the little establishment and walked all the way to the back, choosing a table near Luke and Octavia's. Octavia tensed and studied them out of the corner of her eye, then turned her attention back to her food and to Luke. She noticed that Luke appeared not even to notice them. Except for a slow glance he continued to eat in silence.

Softly, a word formed into her mind. //Relax.//

Octavia glanced at Luke in acknowledgment and concentrated on her meal.

The two people appeared to be husband and wife out for dinner. Nothing was remarkable about them, as they wore the typical colorless, long garments that everyone else she had seen wore. Octavia summed up: maybe it was the way she was looking at Luke, or the fact for all the empty tables, they chose one back here. The woman turned her attention back to her companion, now ignoring Luke and Octavia.

Octavia finished her meal and glanced at Luke. "That was enjoyable."

Luke finished his last bite and leaned back for a moment. "Good. I'm glad. Ready to go?" he asked her.

Octavia paused then nodded. "Yes, as ready as I can be." Octavia noticed the woman whisper something to her husband, then she turned to look at Luke and Octavia. Luke nodded in greeting to them and stood to leave. Octavia followed Luke's example and stood.

As they went out to pay, the man came up alongside Luke and hesitated. "Are you Luke? Owen and Beru's boy?" he asked. Luke turned to look at him in surprise. "I just wanted to say hello. We thought after what had happened that you would have gone for good."

Luke did not recognize him or the woman, and let Octavia know with a particular look. "I'm only here on a short visit. You were friends of theirs?"

"Yes," answered the man. "Well, enjoy your visit." Then he simply walked back to his table.

Luke paid and quietly left the establishment Octavia quietly following beside him.

"Your aunt and uncle, were well liked?"

Luke gave one last glance back over his shoulder and frowned slightly. "They were, but they kept pretty much to themselves. I don't remember those two people at all."

"Well, they seem to know you." Octavia glanced back. What was bothering her?

"What do you say we go get ourselves a used landspeeder and get going."

"Sounds like a very good idea."

Luke led her out to a site where they had a few used speeders and haggled for a short time with the dealer. Luke hoped she was listening to the whole thing and would learn how to do this sort of thing for herself someday. But part of him wondered if she had done this as a child or had just had to resort to theft in order to get what she needed. Children of most worlds held little power. Then they drove away to the port and got the tool box, locking down the A-wing securely. Octavia remained silent and watched everything Luke did she had this nagging feeling and wasn't sure why.

"Would you like to drive this thing?" he asked her.


Luke showed her how to program in the settings on where they were going and showed her how simply it worked. Octavia nodded at the instruction then murmured her understanding. It wasn't much different from some of the shuttle controls of the Electra.

As she drove them away, Luke was watching closely in the mirror. "We are being watched," Luke cautioned her.

"Sand people, possibly?"

"No. That man who spoke to me in the cafe. He is watching us with electrobinoculars. Let's change our heading."

"Agreed." Octavia replied. "Do you think the A-Wing is safe?"

Luke didn't answer and he didn't explain his actions, he simply changed the heading and sat back to watch behind them. The route was clear to Octavia on the screen, but it was a little interesting, as the speeder knew how to find where they were going and she could not tell the difference -- it was all sand and dunes to her.

Octavia studied the place they arrived at. Getting out of the land speeder she walked around in silence. She looked down into the subterranian home then the area off to the side. Turning to face Luke she gazed past him. She noticed that Luke didn't say anything. It was as if he was scouting around, too, or even remembering something.

Octavia walked over to the dunes at the side of the house. "Something very unpleasant happened here," she said at last, glancing at Luke. She had a feeling he knew what had happened here, but she wasn't going to ask -- at least not now.

Luke looked at her, glad that she was Force sensitive. This was not at all where he wanted to be. "Yes," he said quietly. "We had better get below quickly. I don't know if they followed us or not."

Octavia followed Luke inside after she grabbed the canteen of water from the speeder. "What would they want from you?" she asked. "From all appearance they seem to be normal farmers."

He nodded slowly and said, "But I don't have any recollection of them. If they knew my family, then I would have had to have met them. I wonder if they really know me from the wanted posters of long ago - by the Empire."

"That could explain their motives, especially since I'm sure that the Empire would still pay them well for you."

Luke sighed. He hoped that things would not turn out badly while they were here. "My plans were to continue your training, and it seems it may end up being a visit that we shouldn't have made." Luke walked around the deserted area of his one-time home. Memories flooded back to him: his aunt and uncle; working on the moisture farm out in the desert heat; his first meeting with R-2 and 3PO; then Ben who was really Obi-Wan Kenobi that led him to the Rebellion and his life as a Jedi Knight. "Let's wait a while and see if they come here. If they don't, then we can leave for Ben's old place."

"You can't hold yourself accountable for other peoples actions," Octavia answered. "There are lessons to be learned everywhere. Perhaps this is the true starting point." Octavia answered simply.

Luke looked at her and let silence go by for a few moments. Then he slowly smiled. "Good. I see you are ready, regardless of the possible circumstances. Just remember to relax into the flow of the Force if we have to become active with these people. We are in a situation where we have choices, unlike when we were back at the Arena."

Octavia nodded, finally coming to understand what she had learned from not only the arena but her time with Raven. She could use it to make herself stronger, or crumble under the weight of it...of the guilt she carried.

//Training to be a Jedi will not be easy. It will be a challenge. And if you succeed it will be a hard life.//

Octavia heard the words and looked at Luke. He was silent and watching from the door way. Accepting what she heard as encouragement she walked over to him and looked out.

"Do you see anything yet?"


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