By Mandi Hall

"Hey, R2?" Jaina pushed away a leafy branch to peer through the trees. "R2? Are you there? Hey R2, R2, R2," she called, clucking her tongue. She sighed softly. "I'm really sorry. I didn't mean to.hurt your feelings," Jaina winced slightly. "I could really use your help. R2? Please come back..." Her shoulders slumped and she turned back to her X-wing.

She slid beneath the ship and laid on her back to look up at it's underside. She frowned deeply as she surveyed the damage, and began to hope that her mechanic skills came from her father's side, rather than the Force. She would feel a little dejected if even her most secular skills were disconnected from her own efforts, and were only gifts from the Force. She was already beginning to feel clumsier, and she had lost the sense of 'Woman's Intuition' that even NON-Jedi females seem to possess. Shouldn't there be a line where the Force ends and Jaina begins? It was starting to seem like her entire existence was dependent on the Force.

She groped down over her utility belt, searching for her multi-wrench. She let out an exasperated sigh as she realized it wasn't there. Turning her head, she could see it lying on the grass, just out of reach.

She stretched out her arm, making her fingers as long as she could. Still the tool was a few centimeters away. If only she hadn't scared the R2 off! He could help her with little things like this. Only right now, this didn't seem like a little thing. Everything on the planet seemed to be building up against her.

'But in every situation,' Jaina told herself, 'a Jedi must stay calm. She can't stop thinking. She has to stay calm...' She closed her eyes and took a deep breath.

Her eyes flashed open as she felt cold steel against the tips of her fingers. The wrench had moved! She had made it move! Excited, she sat up quickly and slammed her head against the undercarriage of the X-wing.


To be continued...

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