Realizations mid july 2002

Ginna Wilcoxen

after her death has been reported

Mira glanced around her new quarters, she was use to being alone but with both Talia and the Colonel gone she was a bit ... lonely?

Taking a seat by the window she looked out at the sky, the sun was warm against her skin. There was a time she believed she would never see the sky or sun let alone feel the sun's rays.

Why were these people so intent on helping her? First that Lt. Rachel, then O'lea and now Talia and the Colonel. She wondered what Talia's story was, she had remembered from Darana's household, and how she had helped ... no it was more than helped, she had freed her from Xanatos' control.

Why was she in such a hurry to put herself back under Xanatos' control? After all what loyalty did she really owe him? HE had left her at Port Lansing, actually sent her away to make his escape easier. HE was the reason she had been put in such a position that she had to turn herself in. She then had to question why she did that? That was one thing that puzzled her, why in the world did she do that after all wasn't that what the pirates were paid to do to take risks? And to turn herself in why not just escape by another avenue, yet the fact remained she didn't do it.

Raising her hand to her chin she was surprised to find it was shaking. Mira sat back in and studied the sky, when was the last time she had done that? It came back to her, when she had told Tate that she was pregnant and they ... Mira closed her eyes, they had promised to use their scientific knowledge to help people and not destroy them.

'Do you want to be a tool?' wasn't that what Talia had asked her? Mira had never considered herself a tool. Yet it was clear that was the case. Create poison to take lives, to injure people. The lives lost on Arridor would never be nameless faces, Steel had seen to that, every face of every man, woman and child was burned into Mira's mind.

"We will make sure all children are safe and healthy, regardless of which side they are from Mira, you promise me that will be our goal." Tate had sworn Mira to that promise and she believed in it, but that was before. Before the Alliance came and Tate had died, their child had died.

Mira turned her head slightly as a tray of food was brought in and sat on a table, the guard left silently. Mira rose and walked over to see what it was. She was expecting something not pleasing to the eye, but instead found a nice salad with some fruit. She wasn't very hungry but still took a grape. She walked back to the chair and retook her seat, and smiled the sun was starting to set.

--- [The lab rocked from the explosion while chemicals went flying everywhere. Mira tried to pick herself up off the floor her ankle gave way when she tried to stand. Looking down at her ankle the swelling told Mira all she needed to know it was broken, what concerned her was all the blood that she saw around her.

"Tate?" Mira called out as the first cramp hit her. Panic filled her as she realized that the blood was hers. "Tate?" she called out again.

"Dr. Magellan? Dr. Lexor?" a guard called out from the smoke filled room.

"Over here!" Mira yelled. As much as she found the guards a bother, she was relieved to see them now. "Find Tate ... Dr. Magellan ..."

"Dr. Lexor, are you all right?"

"No, my ankles' broken and I'm bleeding, what of Tate?" The guard's silence told Mira what she feared ... he was dead. Mira screamed. ]

--- Mira sat up in the bed the scream choking in her throat. She looked around the strange room, she was expecting to see the cell then remembered they had moved her. She was in the safehouse. The pain of seeing her husband's dead body still fresh in her mind.

She rose sitting on the side of the bed her hands were shaking as she wiped her face, tears ... she had been crying.

"What's happening to me?" she asked herself. Her feet felt strange as she walked over to the refresher to wash her face. Why was she remembering the attack on Telos, and the death of her husband and child. "Get hold of yourself." The face she saw in the mirror was a strangers.

Walking over to the small table Mira sat down and placed her head on her arms and cried. Not only for her loss but the loss the families on Arridor suffered.

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