By Amanda Wilcoxen


Victoria plopped down on a well cushioned chair in her 
quarters as she glared at the wall. She still couldn't 
get over the fact that a Jedi saved her life at Port 
Lansing. It bothered her to no ends. She never liked 
the idea of *anyone*, especially people that worked 
within the Alliance, having to help her, much less save 
her life. From her experiences on the streets there 
would always be something expected in return. Heck, a 
Jedi could even use that against her and she loathed 
the idea much as she did Retroy's ideals of pink. 

She thought back to when she appeared before the Jedi 
council as a hologram. That was a dumb move if there 
was a time for any. She was sick and allowed the Jedi 
to see her at a weaken condition. She sighed heavily 
to herself. There had to be something she could do to 
take her mind off of it. But there didn't seem to be 
anything. So she sat and fumed. 

She *really* needed something to do besides think.

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