This in the introduction of my new Imperial Character Mira Lexor as well as giving more information on Victoria Syn. Thanks to Geri for having me on board her ship and we'll wait to see what develops.

Scientists are People Too:

By: Ginna Wilcoxen and approval of Geri Kittrell



Talk in the bar had been boring so far, nothing but a bunch of drunks trying to out do the other with their fanciful tales. Mira leaned back against the wall and closed her eyes briefly. Telos had changed so much over the years. The only thing that hadn’t changed were the hot springs they were still protected and kept apart from all the advancements she looked forward to visiting and resting in them.

"I didn't expect to find you here."

Mira looked up to see an old friend his hair was whiter than she remembered, but Elrod still had a mischievous glint in his eye. "Is it a crime to visit one's home Elrod?"

"Crime?" Elrod asked. "No, not a crime but you've been gone for a long time, why return now?" Elrod sat down and stared at Mira. "You left your work, your position at the labs, to do what, chase a ghost."

"A ghost maybe, but I had to try to find out why my sister has never contacted me, especially after our parents deaths."

"Perhaps." Elrod shook his head. "So what brings you here?"

"Heard rumors of supporters for the Alliance were here, wanted to see if they are true."

"Alliance supporters here?" Elrod sat down and shook his head. "Not that I know of. Your job at Xanthos Labs is still there if you want it." Mira's eyes darkened as she picked up her drink and finished it. "You have to put the past behind you, haven't you been running for long enough?"
""I'm not running old friend, just not working in a lab somewhere. After all what did it profit my parents?" Mira chuckled dryly. "Don't worry, my work continues that's all I have left."

"They were the best I agree, and you have that same quality." Elrod took his drink from the waitress and raised it in toward Mira. "Why don't you go back to the university and continue their research?"

"Perhaps later Elrod, but for now my answer is still the same no."

Taking a swig of his drink Elrod shook his head. "How do you plan on supporting yourself?"

"I'm doing quite well Elrod." Mira stared at the previous drunks who had made such a racket they were leaving. "If you will excuse me." Mira rose but stopped when Elrod took hold of her hand.

"Why did you come back here?"

"To visit Elrod, that's all, just to visit." Mira answered rising to her feet she noticed a girl studying the people as they left. It was easy for Mira to recognize the girl as a thief and she knew she was looking for an easy target, from Mira's guess she hadn't had any luck tonight. What amazed Mira was this girl looked like she had been able to take care of herself, she wasn't like the normal urchins Mira was use to seeing.

"Where are you going now?" Elrod asked coming up behind Mira.

"I'm thinking about dinner."

Mira softly walked up to the girl. "You remind me of someone … care for some dinner?"

"Mira?" Elrod questioned. He never could understand what Mira saw in helping the outcasts and this child couldn't be more than 13 and would do nothing prey on Mira's trusting nature; Elrod was quite convinced that Mira needed someone to look after her.

"Elrod, you are a dear friend, but I was talking to this girl. I will join you tomorrow and take a look at my parents rebuilt offices." Elrod went to protest, but he recognized Mira's tone and it would be a waste of time to try to convince her otherwise. Smiling slyly at Elrod's departure, Mira turned her attention back to the girl in front of her. "So, would you like some dinner?"

"Perhaps." The girl answered watching the man who left. He was tall and thin but there was something about him that intrigued as well as Victoria weary about him. Maybe it was because he looked like he had two personalities. "What's in it for you?"

"Good conversation and information, consider dinner as payment." Mira stated firmly.

"Depends on what type of information you want."

"Do you have a name child."

"I'm not a child." The girl snapped. "My name is Victoria."

Mira studied the girl in front of her. Victoria stood approximately 5'4" and her auburn hair hung passed her shoulders and the bangs on the right side tried to hide Victoria's right eye. Dressed all in black with black boots the girl was doing her best to pass for someone who was older and wiser. "Very well Victoria, I'm Mira do you like ice cream as desert?"

"Maybe." Victoria answered

"A smart girl, one of few words, but you are still a child." Mira stated leaving the cantina.


Mira studied the girl from her estimation Victoria was between the age of 12-16, her brown eyes took in her surroundings and suspicious of everything. "Why are you doing this?" Victoria questioned staring at Mira.

"Because you looked like you could use a good meal." Mira looked up at the waitress then stopped and looked back at Victoria. "Do you trust my judgement on dinner?"

"Yeah, why not. You're eating it too." Victoria said off-handily looking around the restaurant. Turning her attention back to the waitress. "Salads to start off, followed by steak with vegetables."

"Do you wish the fresh bread also?"

"Yes, we'll decide on desert later." Mira sat back and watched as Victoria took a drink from her glass. "It's a sweet drink, but fitting for one of your status."

"My status?" Victoria asked. The waitress brought out the salads and left Mira and Victoria alone once again.

Mira leaned forward, there was something about this girl that captivated her? "Yes," Mira lowered her voice, "Even though you think of yourself as tough and have survived on your own, you are a child."

"You think so?" Victoria asked taking a bite of her salad. "What type of dressing is this?"

"It's made by the restaurant." Mira answered. "Have you had any schooling?"

"Some, it's over rated." Victoria informed with a smile, Mira found herself smiling along with her. Victoria was a fresh breeze.

Victoria sat back and waited for the food to be placed in front of her, she had to admit the smell made her stomach growl. It had been a few days since she had a full meal it took of her control to wait until Mira tasted her food first.


Mira nodded to the waitress and waited for her to come over. "Desert?" the waitress asked.

"One Power Puff." Mira looked back to Victoria. "You'll enjoy the desert. Where is your family?"

Mira watched as Victoria's eyes clouded over. "I don't have any. My father is a farmer and my mother is dead."

"You have no other family?" Mira asked.

"There's my brother's sister, she's too busy."

Mira lowered her head and studied the child who sat across from her. "How can anyone be too busy for family?"

"She is, she's hoping to become a Jedi."

"Jedi?" Mira echoed. "With the new alliance?" Mira watched Victoria nod then smiled when Victoria's eyes widen with happiness at the ice cream pie that was set before her. "It's a mixture of nuts and caramel, enjoy."

"Aren't you having any?" Victoria asked. Mira smiled slightly taking an extra spoon taking a bite. "Why are you interested in me?"

"You have a way about the way you carry yourself. And I've been known to help people at times. Do you have a place to stay?"

"I find places." Victoria answered.

"Why don't you stay with me until I leave, I don't leave Telos for a while." Mira sat back and watched as Victoria finished the desert. "Care to leave and take in some of the sights?"

"I know about Telos, I was born here." Victoria commented. "There's not much to see."

"That is where you are wrong Victoria, there is so much of Telos to see. There's the university, the springs plus the old arena where the live lotto's where once held." Mira had heard about the stories about the lotto's and how people loved going there to bet and gain the chance of independent living. Xanthos had the best of the planet in his thoughts and plans, yet the Jedi had interfered no wonder the Emperor eradicated them.

"I can take care of myself, have for a few years now." Victoria informed Mira.

"I'm sure you have Victoria, but wouldn't you like to know you have a friend, someone you can rely on?" Mira put her hand on Victoria's shoulder.

"Why would you want to do that?" Victoria asked. "What is in it for you?"

"To be honest --- someone I can pass on my knowledge to. I don't have any family either Victoria. My parents are dead as well as my husband. I have one surviving sister who hasn't cared to contact me. So like you I'm alone." Mira paused and looked up at the sky. "You have an inquisitive mind and you are suspicious which are good, but you also need something more, a trade to fall back on."

"I have a trade." Victoria protested.

"You will find that a thief has a very short life span and unless you are really good at it, not a very stable future." Mira decided what her next course of action should be, she couldn't tell this child what she really did. It would be different if she was on any ship, but she had been cleared to be in the Sovereign Fleet, the Emperors own fleet. For now that secret would have to wait. "Now come let me show you my lab at Xanthos Labs and what I propose for your future."

"What do you do?"

"I work with plants Victoria and I work with poisons and how to make planets react the way I want them to." Mira enjoyed the smile that crossed Victoria's lips. "I can see we think alike."


Mira watched as Victoria grasped the basic ideals of chemistry; she couldn't understand how anyone could turn their back on someone like Victoria or any child for that matter; and if Victoria took her up on her offer Mira knew she would have to arrange something with Elrod. "Tell me Victoria what is your brother's sister like, does she have a name?"

Victoria picked up a violet colored plant and looked at its leaves. "Octavia."

"Be careful of those leaves, if they are crushed a white liquid can be extracted that causes a person to experience hallucinations."

"But it's so pretty." Victoria exclaimed

"Most dangerous things are. Take yourself for example, people discard you because of your age and height, just think how you can use that to your advantage."

Victoria patted a pouch on her belt. "I know, their lost my gain."

"I agree with you, for I consider Octavia's loss my gain."

"She suffered from nightmares." Victoria said off handily. "I heard her having discussions with herself."

"A lot of people talk to themselves Victoria." Mira informed her. "At times I do that myself when I'm working on an experiment."

"But do you yell out that they're dead?" Victoria asked raising her finger to make her point. "I think not!"

"How long were you with this woman?" Mira questioned taking a seat on the nearest stool.

"A week, in that time I heard her cry out in her sleep and mention seeing some men fight to the death. She always thought I was asleep, but I listened." Victoria said softly. "I know she was hired by the alliance to help out in something, but refused the money. She stated they needed it more and went off to find the Jedi of the new Alliance. Can you imagine doing that? I mean just giving money back?"

Mira shook her head in disbelief then took a test tube from one of the racks. "It's amazing you weren't harmed."

"I can take care of myself." Victoria said proudly. "What are you going to do?"

"I'm going to see if this plant …" Mira picked up a deep red and orange plant. "It grows along the Hot Springs can hold the heat of the springs. Many people here believe the springs help relax the muscles and allow the body to heal faster. Now if this plant holds heat, it can be used to help someone who is injured. "

"Do the springs work?" Victoria asked.

Mira smiled. "They do help one relax and it is proven if you aren't worried about an injury it does heal faster, also it reduces the stress levels in ones body."

"You are willing to teach me?"

"IF you desire. My friend Elrod works in this lab also and he'd help your education if you wanted him to."

"Why do you have to leave?"

"It's my job, and as a scientist I have to travel."

"And you are willing to let me stay at your place and study here?"

"For as long as you like, there will be no strings. Though Elrod is a stickler for studies, and this isn't something you can just pick up and drop."

"When do you leave?" Victoria asked watching as the computer gave out readings on the red springs plant.

"Next month." Mira answered. "Gives us plenty of time to get to know each other and --"

"And share more of that desert?" Victoria asked.

"Yes, that desert was delicious. Above all Victoria remember the Empire takes care of their own."

"I like that idea." Victoria said watching as Mira recorded her findings on the springs plant. "Have you heard of the name Qui-Gon Jinn?" Victoria asked.

Mira sat there in silence and searched her memory. "No, I haven't, but I could ask around why?"

"Because that is the name of Octavia's grandfather, my great grandfather."

"Then by all means we need to find out." Mira said seriously. "You are a special girl Victoria, and I see you will go far."

"So can I." Victoria smiled. "I want to go as far as I can."


Mira looked at the Captain of the ship she was now assigned to. "Your orders and papers are in order Lt." Nysa Avell commented. "I have a lab standing by for your use."

"Thank you Captain." Mira produced a disk. "I am ready to be of service in any way I can."

"Very good. Get yourself acquainted with the ship and your duty station."

"Yes, Captain." Mira agreed wondering what her lab would look like. So far the Captain seemed very professional and no nonsense, she allowed her thoughts to wonder about the rest of the crew, and who she might be working with she didn't think the lab would hers alone.

Once settled in her quarters, Mira removed a holo of Victoria she had told Victoria to go through Elrod if she needed to find her. Sitting in front of the computer Mira began to run a search on the name Jinn seeing what would come up. It was a duel purpose she wondered what connection Victoria had to that name as well this Octavia. "Jedi" Mira said under her breath, "Protectors of justice and peace yet they turn their back on a child because they would complicate their life."

Mira had time to rest and grab a meal before she would inspect the lab and the things she brought with her from Telos. Her only goal was to see this so called Alliance crumble and fall under the Emperor's heel.