This takes place on Port Lansing before everyone leaves…and after my last post of Past and Present: thanks to Season for her help with Luke Skywalker.

The Future takes Shape:

By ginna wilcoxen


Octavia saw Luke Skywalker and walked over to him. "Excuse me, can I ask you a question?"

Luke turned and studied her. "Yes."

"I don't mean to bother you … have you heard of or about a Qui-Gon Jinn?"

"Yes, he was a referred Jedi Knight, he trained Obi-Wan who trained me. Why?"

"Because … because I'm his granddaughter, I'm Octavia Syn Jinn."

"I've been looking for you."

"I need to finish what my father started, I need to finish my training."

Octavia woke from the dream, this was starting to get out of hand. First, a dream of two men fighting in a desert followed by the voice, then the visitation from her grandfather. Sitting on the side of bed. Now the latest a dream of meeting Luke Skywalker and she was still having second thoughts of even approaching this so-called Jedi. Regardless of what Rachel had told her, and how sincere she sounded they were still nothing but self-delusional magicians.

Walking out into the living area Octavia struggled with the decision, there was no guarantee that this so called Jedi order would want anything to do with her, or that Luke would even believe her story; after all she was having trouble believing it. Seeing a data pad on the table Octavia walked over and picked it up.

'Had to leave, will see you soon I found you once I can do so again. Thanks for all you've done and I will stay in touch I promise. I've survived on my own for a while now and I'm not ready to stay in one place and I don't think you are either. I don't want to be the reason you change your lifestyle, thank you for showing me what trust means.


Octavia flopped down in a chair and stared at the data pad. What did she do to chase the girl away? Perhaps it was her own indecision about her future. 'I can't do this.' Octavia told herself. 'There's no way I can recall something from a time I was just a child.' Octavia felt the oppression of doom and failure surrounds her like a dark cloud. Closing her eyes she could only wonder how did she let her life get so out of hand?

"You can recall the training if you desire to." A voice said gently. "Be honest with yourself, you know what has to be done."

"I don't know ANYTHING!" Octavia spat rising to her feet her eyes flying open. "I could be going insane for all I know." She turned to see a tall man with brown robes and a gentle face, he was surrounded by a blue hue; it was the same man from her dreams.

"You are of sound mind Octavia, you just need to re-learn how to control your abilities." The voice said again.

"What do you know?" Octavia spat. "You're dead, I saw you die in the dream."

"You need to learn of the force especially the living force."

Octavia sighed and retook her seat, "Which means to need to find this Jedi named Luke Skywalker." Octavia waited for the voice to reply, but nothing came. "No reply?" Octavia waited but the figure and the voice were gone. 'Of course not, nothing that simple.' Octavia said to herself.

Rising once again she decided to take a shower and go in search of Luke Skywalker, fear and excitement raced through her system. The unknown the possible outcome acceptance or the fact of total rejection. Either way she knew that this would end the dreams, end the questioning doubt.

Octavia left her quarters and went in search of Luke Skywalker, she knew that there was a temporary headquarters for the Alliance on the station all she had to do was find it and hopefully find Luke Skywalker there also. As Octavia drew close to the location where the Alliance was staying, she couldn't remember the last time she felt this nervous. Doubts entered her mind, what if he refused to see her or worse thought she was crazy for having dreams and hearing voices. Octavia had almost convinced herself in leaving when Luke walked up to her.

"One of the students said you wanted to see me." Luke studied the woman who stood before him, there was something familiar about her, he wasn't sure what it was.

Octavia nodded. "I need to ask you a question." Octavia pushed her anxiety back into the recess of her mind. "Have you ever heard of or about an Qui-Gon Jinn?"

Luke sat still recalling historical records they had found about the Jedi before the purge. "I believe a Jedi by that name is mentioned in the historical records." Luke didn't mention his death if this woman was searching for basic information then that would be all he would give. He could tell she was disturbed about something but decided to wait on her.

"I see, any mention of how he died?" Octavia felt this was the question that would tell her if she would go on. She didn’t know if she should tell him about the dream would he believe her or think she was a lunatic?

"Yes, there is, though the records are not fully complete. He died before the purge." Luke felt relief come the woman. "What is your interest in this Jedi Master?"

Whatever response Octavia expected this wasn't it. "My name is Octavia Syn Jinn, I am …. His grand-daughter from what I've been told."

"Been told?"

Octavia unclipped the lightsaber from behind her and placed it in front of Luke. "I ran into a Jedi student named Rachel." Octavia looked at the saber, "We started talking and when she touched that saber she saw the same dream that I've been having. It involved two men fighting in a desert." Octavia paused, why was she telling him all of this.

"Continue." Luke said gently.

"Yet I know how the sun feels the sand swirling and the hum of the lightsabers, it was if I was there. The scene always changes to a room, a generator there the fight continues only this time the man in dark robes … I can see his face and feel the death of the older man was the tattooed man's saber pierces his chest." Octavia released her hands, she had deceived herself into believing that she had forgotten the dream the feeling of pain as the older man died. And what was worse she had put trust into a total stranger.

"You never heard his name in your dream?" Luke asked.

"No, Rachel was the one who told me the name and told me that the saber was his." Octavia took a breath and calmed herself as her father had taught her to do when she was nervous.

"Why did you come here to see me?" Luke asked.

"Rachel suggested it," Octavia shrugged. "I've had a hard time coming to terms with all this, the dream, then the voice. Nothing like this ever happened on Myrkyr."

"That is because Myrkyr blocks the force from being felt." Luke studied her. "Have you had any training in the force?"

"I had what my father and I did. I never considered it training."

Luke leaned forward looking at the saber then back to Octavia. "Could you show me what you did?"

"How?" Octavia asked.

"Just close your eyes and relax and let the force flow through you, I'll be able to see what you remember."

"I don't know. I've never opened myself to anyone like this before."

"Only do this if you are comfortable with it."

Octavia took a deep breath and nodded closing her eyes she felt that strange calm again as she thought of her father and what they had done. Practicing with the saber and learning how to weld it, as well as her acceptance of life and its connection to the force, Luke also saw her moving small objects and her father as he cautioned Octavia on being angry. Luke then felt the confusion when Octavia's father disappeared and the hidden anger and fear as she was told it was a lie then nothing. It was clear she would take some time in remembering all that her father had taught her, but she was on her way to remembering and if she had no guidance that could be dangerous.

"You do have potential, and you will have to have an interview with the other Jedi masters to see what you know and your talents."

"Interview?" Octavia asked. "Okay, I can see why that would be done."

"I should warn you the training of a Jedi isn't something to entered into lightly. You will have a structured daily schedule, including meditation, practice, meals, and martial practice."

"I'm use to a structured schedule." Octavia answered honestly. "After all I ran an engine department on the Electria, that is when I wasn't pulling the Captain out of trouble because of his gambling."

"I would say your next step then would be to come to the academy on Yavin for the interview. Until then try to remember what your father taught you, and how you feel about his death and you mothers' abandonment of you." Octavia nodded. "There's a transport that will be leaving shortly if you decide this is what you want. I'll let the Captain know you will be among the other students."

"I want to thank you for your time Master Skywalker." Octavia rose and went to reach for the lightsaber, Luke picked it up and handed it to her, he felt something from the saber but wasn't sure what it was.

"It has been my pleasure, we will meet again on Yavin." Octavia took her saber and bowed slightly. She had time to look for Victoria one final time before she met the transport and left Port Lansing for Yavin.