Sometimes Strange Things Happen

By Dana Terry, Katy Cargill


Sometimes strange things happen to those who wait. Across space.. 
lots of space, two minds intersect for a strange meeting that no 
one would expect. 

Retroy stops pacing her room and lays on her bed for a moment, 
tired from waiting, she slowly grows unaware of her surroundings. 
Slipping into a meditative state of mind.  Up ahead, Retroy sees 
a small figure, hidden within a dark brown robe.  The cowl has been 
pulled up over the being's head and Retroy does not know who it 
could be. 

The ground that she sees is covered in a dense fog that moves with 
her. She wasn't wearing the usual attire she does.. instead, it was 
black with a robe of black to match, her hair had been braided. 
Retroy filled with curiosity moved towards the cloaked figure, not 
saying a word as she stepped carefully. 

Human hands became visible as the figure lifts his/her/its hands to 
the cowl and pushed it back.  Revealed is the face of a human female, 
framed by short, dark hair.  Dark eyes are aimed at Retroy.  "Who are 
you?" the woman asks. 

Retroy's blue eyes look the woman over, finding it a little disturbing 
that she was there. "Retroy Darkfire and the question is returned." 
Retroy stood in her tracks, with the sudden stop, the robe settled 
with her and the fog rose up about her for a brief moment before 

The woman gives her a small smile.  "Alida D'med."  She bows slightly. 

Retroy straightened up a bit, furrowing her brows a little, she had 
heard of this one.. a jedi. Why on earth was she seeing someone she 
had never seen before? Jedi were strange creatures... bowing? "What 
am I doing here?" 

"A good question."  Alida turns, fog swirling around her.  "I have 
yet to ascertain an answer to that question for myself, much less 
your reasons." 

"So you didn't bring me here, jedi?" Interesting how things fall 
into place. Like small pieces to a large puzzle, the puzzle of life. 

"No, young one, I did not."  The Jedi doesn't seem to be perturbed 
by Retroy's attitude.  "From your reaction, I would assume you are 
also not responsible." 

"Why would  I be responsible? I have better things to do then play 
with Jedi's minds. And even then I wouldn't unless ordered to by-" 
She stopped short.. oh.. tricky little Jedi. No way was she going 
to give Darana's name out. 

The woman chuckles.  "I do not believe you would be able to 'play' 
with my mind, child." 

"You are angry." 

"Well aren't you a genius?" Sarcasm dripped through her words like 
venom. Arms folded and as the black robe moved about her so did 
the fog.   

A chair seems to form in the midst of the fog.  The Jedi sits down 
gracefully, her robe flowing around her form.  "Why are you so angry?" 

"Out of all the things in the universe.. I had to get stuck with 
a Jedi." 

"Then perhaps you should make the best of things.  Or leave.  If 
you are able to." 

"How can I leave when I don't even know how I got here in the first 
place?" Retroy sighed lightly, she disliked Jedi almost as much as 
she disliked droids. 

"Then we are faced with an interesting problem, aren't we?"  The 
Jedi sits back and closes her eyes. 

"Don't you do anything other then sit around and meditate?" She 
truly didn't understand Jedi and yet she was the one that requested 
to go to the Academy to make sure she was in the right spot. 

The eyes open again and pin her with a look that seems to go into 
her soul.  "Meditation brought me here, child.  Perhaps meditation 
is our answer." 

"I will not meditate."   

"Why not?" 

"Cause that leads to a peaceful state of mind. I prefer not to." 

The look doesn't ease, perhaps it grows more intense.  "And peace 
is something you are uncomfortable with?" 

"I'm a Sith. Of course it doesn't settle. Only peace amongst other 
Sith. I've heard of you. You are one of those Jedi on  Port 
Lansing." She sat in the fog, it only covering her folds of robe 
still she could be seen. Thinking thinking. 

"I spent time on Port Lansing, true."  She smiles slightly.  
"Then you prefer chaos?" 

"I prefer what I have been given. Neither chaos nor peace." 

The Jedi stands and looks down at her.  "And what is it you have?" 


A glimmer of recognition.  "You are of the Household." 

"She took me in when Raven left me at Darana's. She's trained me 
and given me a life. I live there.. but not part of it. And the 
Emperor is taking away my only family." Retroy glared at the 
ground, slight hate for the Emperor growing inside her, a small 

"And what will you do now?" 

"Reassigned to someone else to continue my training. Who ever 
the Emperor sees fit for training me." She didn't know what 
business it was for the Jedi to know.. but.. something inside 
her eased the dislike for this Jedi. 

"So he takes a family with one hand and gives you another with 
the other?" 

"He is the Emperor. He has power to do so. The entire household 
is being separated and sent in different directions. I really 
have no choice but to accept." 

"And this is the life you chose?"  Alida moves away slightly.  
The long hem of her robe stirs up the fog, swirling over Retroy.  
"To be told what to do?" 

Blue eyes rose to look at Alida, without her meaning to, a softer 
expression formed over her face. "No, but no matter where I go.. 
I will be told what to do. I have no where else to go.." She 
looked to the floor, first thoughts of her parents.. lost to her 
forever except for the info she has.. now Darana's household. 

"There are other options." 

"Like what?" Retroy looked up at the woman that stood over her. 

"You don't have to follow the way of the Dark Side.  You can 
find peace." 

She shakes her head lightly, "No.. They won't let me go no matter 
what. Besides.. what do the Jedi have to offer me? At least while 
I am here.. where I am.. I am promised a teacher. A life that is 
my own. And I don't have to wear robes." Even though that's what 
she wore.. sith robes. 

"You do not have to be a Sith.  Nor a Jedi.  You can follow your 
own path."  Alida sighs.  "There are those among the Jedi who 
would be glad to help you find that path." 

"No thank you. If I was to go light side.. there is no promise 
that I would have a Master there to teach me.. nor a place of 
comfort.. nor a way to find out about my parents without hurt." 
She sighed lightly, pulling her knees up to her chest, her chin 
rested gently on top as her arms wrapped around her legs. With 
her sudden movement, the fog swirled about her, hiding her for a 
brief moment before showing her again. 

 "And you have all this now?"    

"Yes.  When I am reassigned.. I will be placed with a new master.  
And like Darana.. I believe they will be able to comfort me when 
its called for. And with my parents. I will be able to find out 
about my mother and father without breaking some code." 

"What do you know of them?" 

 "Who? My parents?" 

Alida nods. 

"Their names..Alesia and Jacob Darkfire. My father was a trader.. 
a Mercenary to a point. They didn't like to take sides with either 
the Imperials or the Alliance. When I was five.. the ship they 
were on was destroyed. Killing them both." Small tears welled up 
in her eyes as that unforgettable scene played out in her mind 
from her tiny five year old eyes. 

"And you're looking for what answers?" 

"More about my parents.. where they lived.. where the ship crashed.. 
where my Father's last employer is." 

Alida looks at her.  "And what will you gain from those answers?" 

The woman tilts her head slightly.  "Of course." 

She sighed softly. "I'm sorry.. the subject of my parents is rather 
touchy." What was Retroy doing? Giving away information about her 
weaknesses? This Jedi certainly put her at ease enough so that she 
talks about her parents freely. 

"I understand." 

Retroy looked up at Alida. For some reason she trusted her.. and 
had a strange thought that everything would be alright if she looked 
to the jedi for help. 

Retroy's eyes opened quickly, her gaze flying about her to see that 
she was back in her quarters.. alone. What was going on? How could 
she have talked to a Jedi... and without much violence? 

"Oh man..." 

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