Star Crossed Prologe

By Ginna Wilcoxin

It was late.

Lt. Psylocke Lammashta trudged over the threshhold of the Metieh

Estate. Her bags seemed heavier even though she had not aquired anything on

her trip besides fatigue, a scoundrel after her heart, and not-too-fond

memories of the planet Io-wah. She had been sidetracked to Coruscant for a

week to wrap up some business for the Admiral, but to her dismay, Princess

Leia and her escort Takaara had also been unlucky enough to ride with her on

that fateful adventure.

But now for rest.

Without releasing a grumble, she dragged her belongings upstairs to

her room and slid them into a corner. Without turing on a light, she closed

the door, peeled off her jacket, and collapsed on her bed. Her shoulder

ached from her stab wound, reminding her of that obnoxious gungan she tried

to keep under control.

In moments her pain was gone, followed by the soothing waves of long

needed sleep as they washed over her body.

Bzzzt! hum.

The familiar crash of colliding lightsabers echoed in the hall of

the palace. Flashes of steel and light darted around her. She wasn't

really there, yet she could feel everything around her, see it, smell it.

She watched silently as two figures dueled. She somehow knew the one with

the long hair was a Jedi and the black-clad man was a Sith. The second

wielded a double bladed, red lightsaber and moved with a familiar grace.

The Jedi was swiftly losing ground, but then the Sith pulled his blade back

to pierce the Jedi through the chest.

"Lieutennant Lammshta, this is LZ66."

Psylocke woke with a start and a feeling of deja-vu hit her. She

had never dreamed such a thing before. She had no reason to, yet she felt

that she had dreamed it before...or someone else had. Who were those men?

Were they once real or merely a figment of her dreams.

"Lieutennant, do you copy?"

She rolled over and growled something foul as she snatched her com

link from the nightstand, cranky at being woken from her much deserved sleep.

"Lammashta here, go LZ66."

"We have an intruder on the property, ma'am."

She growled angrily. "I'm in my room. I'll scan the back field by

the house from my balcony. Lammashta out."

She dropped briefly back on her bed, wishing she wasn't alone in it.

Realizing this odd thought, she pushed herself away from the bed, dug out

her blaster pistol from her bag, and found a portable searchlight under her

desk. She slid her balcony door open and stepped out into the warm summer

evening of Mandalore.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

"Black belt, third degree!"

"Platinum belt, unlimited credit!"

-- Muppets From Space --

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