How Did things get so sticky so Soon?

By Ginna Wilcoxin


Octavia watched the Electria leave the orbit around the station. Roc had refused to see her before they left. She wasn't sure how to take his action, was it because he was upset with her or because he felt that this was the best move for her. As she stood there Octavia watched as Imperial ships appeared out of hyperspace. Shaking her head she turned and walked to the cantina, at least the Electria got away before they had arrived. She wondered what was going on, and why there was such a showing of ships?

The cantina was full of angered emotions that were so strong Octavia paused slightly before fully entering. She should really find Rachel and ask more about this so called Luke Skywalker. There was so much she needed to know. She needed to know what the Jedis were like, and how did this Skywalker get to be in charged of this so-called academy.

"Damn stormmtoopers," a voice near Octavia spat. "This'll not set well with a lot of people."

"Are you sticking around Thom?" his companion asked. "Or are you leaving?"

"Not sure, but I'm not going to get caught between the Alliance and the Empire. If that happens, you'll see how fast I can leave."

Thom chuckled. "I don't think it'll come to that, just stay out of the Imperials way and they'll leave you alone.. Besides I hear it's for something big. Rumor has it the Emperor himself might come here."

"If he does then I am out of here. He gives me the creeps."

Octavia blocked out their conversation and walked over an empty table and sat down subconsciously she adjusted the lightsaber she wore to hide it further under her cloak, she knew now wasn't the time to let it be seen. She wondered where Rachel was, and if she was still on this station was she safe?

She didn't even know this Jedi student that well, one conversation with her and Octavia made the decision to turn her life upside down.

She sat there in silence and watched as the people came and left, she had an uneasy feeling as if something was getting ready to happen that she would have no control of. Shaking the thoughts of doom off Octavia rose and decided to go back to her room and give the station time to adjust to the presence of the Empire.

"Before any of you leave this Cantina you will be asked a few questions and your identity checked." A guard stated from the doorway.

Octavia sat down and listened to the grumble around her. 'Great' she thought to herself.

"Be patient young one, be calm."

Octavia turned to see who spoke to her, but there was no one there. Sitting back in the chair, she shook her head slowly, now she was hearing things.