Waylaid 1

based on RP by Phaedra Whitlock, Dana Terry and R.J. Miller

Surfacing from meditation, Alida D'med took a deep breath, releasing it 
slowly before she blinked open her eyes.  Across from her, Kaliandra Daroa 
did the same. 

"Padawan," Alida said, climbing to her feet.  "Tell me, what was your general 
impression of the Jedi we met at Port Lansing?" 

The girl gave her a pained look.  "Honestly, Master?"  She sighed.  "They 
seem ill-trained." 

"They've been trained in a way that is quite different from the methods used 
at the Temple."  Alida eyed the girl a moment.  "And of the Jedi themselves?" 
she asked. 

The girl shrugged.  "They seem sincere enough.  I got to speak a moment with 
Octavia Syn Jinn.  She seems unsure of her place with the Jedi.  I sensed 
that with some of the others.  Master Skywalker troubles me, though." 

That surprised Alida.  "Why does Master Skywalker trouble you, Padawan?" 

"He seems too complacent with the Dark Siders, Master. And," she paused.  "It 
struck me as odd.  He asked me to teach at this Academy of his.  He knows 
nothing of us or what we believe, yet he opens up his students to our 

"Perhaps it is enough for him that you were trained in the old ways," Alida 
mused.  The  girl did radiate a peace in the Force, her presence was strong.   
Could Skywalker have  sensed that?  He was a strong Force-wielder, even if 
Master Kenobi had left his training somewhat incomplete. 

"As you say, Master," the girl answered. 

"I would have liked for you to be able to study the holocrons that were kept 
in the Temple libraries, Kaliandra."  Alida smiled, thinking back to times 
spent in the libraries; researching, talking, exploring.  "The ancient Jedi 
used methods somewhat similar to Master Skywalker.  He is trying to rebuild 
the Jedi Order. I may not agree with his methods, but I must respect his 

"It was nice to find that we are not alone," the girl said wistfully. 

"Yes, that it was," Alida agreed.  For so many years, they'd been by 
themselves on Almas.  And in between her Padawans, Alida herself had been 
alone for a long time.  To know that the Darkness had not consumed every 
spark of the Light was uplifting.  There was yet hope. 

She looked over at the girl.  The look on her face was wistful, full of hope. 
 As long as it had been that Alida had been alone, it had been even longer 
for the girl.  The whole of her life had been spent with Alida as her only 

Had Kaliandra been born decades earlier, she would have been raised in the 
Temple, surrounded by other initiates, Padawans, Knights and Masters, and not 
on the barren world that Almas had become after the Purge.  All the girl had 
ever known had been training and hardship. 

Too many years of being alone on Almas had probably not been the best thing 
for Kali, but it had been the only thing Alida could do.  She had needed to 
both train and protect the Force-sensitive child.  Once the Academy there had 
been destroyed, the Empire had neglected the little world with its 
methane-tinged atmosphere.  Alida had made certain that the housing units she 
set up on the far side of the planet had the proper filters and they were 
well-supplied with breather masks, but it was a far cry from the Temple 

Togin had thrived there, but Kaliandra wasn't Togin.  Alida's current Padawan 
was strong with the Living Force and growing up on a dead world had been hard 
for the girl.  Alida smiled.  It could very well be some time before they 
heard from Master Rionni, perhaps a diversion from their route would be in 


"Gaisheeda?"  Kaliandra leaned over her Master's shoulder.  "What's on 

"Life," Master Alida said, turning to smile at her.  "Grass.  Trees.   

"Really?" she asked, her eyes widening.  "And we're going there?" 

"Yes, we are."  Master Alida moved over to allow Kali to see the screen 
clearly.  "While we wait for further instructions, I would like to do some 
additional training with you.  You are strong in the Living Force, Padawan, 
but you have had little chance to spend time amongst living things." 

Kali read the information quickly, a smile crossing her face before she 
quickly schooled her expression into something more serious.  "I think I 
would enjoy spending time there, Master." 

"I think you will, too."  Master Alida smiled.  "I'm certain we can come up 
with a few things to keep you occupied while on the planet." 

"Is it safe?" Kali asked. 

Alida nodded.  "As safe as any planet is nowadays.  I updated our data banks 
while at Port Lansing.  According to this, there are regular shuttles to and 
from Yavin from Gaisheeda, which is under the authority of the Alliance." 

Kali eyed the changing pictures.  "Is that what I think it is?" she asked, 
pointing at the screen.   

"Yes, it is a park of some sort.  I believe we may be able to obtain 
permission to land there and spend a day or so in the area."  Master Alida 
switched off the viewer.  "You've never been camping, this looks like a good 
place to introduce you to the joys of sleeping outdoors." 

Sleeping outdoors?  Such a thing had not been possible on Almas.  Kaliandra 
couldn't help but grin.  "It sounds exciting!"  Her smile faded a little at 
the look on her Master's face.  "Yes, I know, Master.  We're not supposed to 
seek excitement." 

"It sounds enjoyable," Master Alida corrected mildly.  "Enough excitement 
seeks out the Jedi, Kali, that we do not need to seek it on our own." 

"When do we land?" 

"Soon, I believe.  We are awaiting coordinates from the spaceport authority." 
 Kali's Master looked up at her.  "You are impatient." 

Kali looked down.  "I apologize, Master." 

"Meditate for a short while.  I will let you know when we are ready to make 

"Yes, Master."  Kali turned to go, a smile spreading across her face once 


The afternoon sun bore down on the two Jedi as they prepared their camp.   
Alida shook her head at her Padawan.  The girl had been going non-stop since 
they arrived, admiring every blade of grass and every leaf on every tree.   

The Master turned back toward the job at hand.  She would let the girl revel 
in the Living Force for a while longer.  They were in no hurry and it was 
good for Kaliandra.  Watching her current Padawan stop to crouch low to the 
ground, Alida smiled.  Her former Padawan, Togin, would have taken one look 
around and marched straight back into the ship.   

Alida finished preparing the camp and knelt in the grass, clearing her mind, 
calming herself as she reached for the peace that existed inside of her.  She 
had no idea what to expect of this Jedi Council they were going to meet with. 
 These Jedi were not at all like the ones she had been raised with; as she 
had been raised.   

When she came out of her meditation, evening shadows were beginning to 
stretch across the field.  Kaliandra knelt in front of her, deep in 
meditation herself.  Alida brushed against the girl's mind, pleased to find 
that Kali had been meditating for some time.  Getting to her feet, Alida 
brushed the dirt from her knees.  She would let the girl continue with her 
meditation while she prepared evening meal for the two of them. 



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