What do you wear to an Emperor's wedding?

By Ginna Wilcoxin


Octavia stared at the announcement, the Emperor was coming to Port Lansing, well that explained the presence of the Stormtroopers as well as the other Imperial officers. Everyone was to attend in formal wear. The question facing her was what to wear, spending your life on a ship didn't leave you with a wide wardrobe. Still the announcement stated that everyone was to attend. There would be no exceptions, the only thing that Octavia couldn't understand was why she received an invitation. There had to be some kind of mistake

Adjusting her cloak Octavia entered one of the many clothing shops. "Ah a wonderful customer. What are you looking for today?"

"I'm not sure. Something formal."

"I have the perfect thing." The shop owner said with a smile. "Follow me and I'll show you my selection."

"Very well." Octavia sighed softly following the shop owner. What was she doing here? She couldn’t be taking that invitation seriously could she, did she really want to attend this so-called wedding? Yet even as she questioned herself she knew she would attend this function if for no other reason than to see what the emperor really looked like. "I'll take the blue and the this." Octavia said picking up a black lace top.

Octavia was walking back to her quarters when she felt like someone was watching her. Stopping she turned and surveyed the area. There wasn't anyone there, she wasn't use to being in large crowds. 'Okay Octavia you're turning into a paranoid person.' She told herself. Shaking off the feeling Octavia continued to her quarters yet she still couldn’t shake the feeling that she was not only being watched, but also followed. Octavia kept her stride normal and even her hand was near her lightsaber. Octavia opened the door to her quarters and entered leaving the door partly open and waited.

A figure of average height entered. Octavia was surprised to see a girl, "Who are you?" Octavia asked stepping out into the light. "Why were you following me?"

"Because I wanted to." The girl answered. "You were spending credits, a lot of credits."

"You were planning on robbing me?" Octavia asked.

"Maybe." The girl answered staring at Octavia. "Are you going to call the authorities?"

Octavia studied the girl then sat down. "No, I'm not. Are you hungry?"


"Then come on I'll buy you something to eat." Octavia smiled at the confusion on the girls face. "You seem surprised, don't you believe in kindness?"

"What do you want from me?" the girl asked cautiously. "You have to have a price."

Octavia thought back to the time S'Lara helped her, she was just as skeptical as this girl, yet she had a chance to help someone, a chance to pay back the good that was done to her over eleven years ago. "Nothing, I want nothing from you. Do you have any family?"

"None, my father died and my grandmother hasn't been around for over six years, I don't know where to look for her. I have an aunt so my father told me, but she doesn't know about me."

"I see." Octavia led the girl out of her quarters, "We'll go to the Cantina and grab something to eat there."

"Why are you being so nice?" the girl asked.

"Because someone showed me kindness when I was in need of it. My name is Octavia and yours?"


"Very well Victoria, let's go get something to eat then we can discuss about how to find this so called aunt of yours."

"I don't think we'll have to look very far." Victoria said with a grin, causing Octavia to look at her in confusion.


"Are you sure I can stay here?" Victoria asked.

"Yes, I have room, and we'll discuss more in the morning alright?"

"Alright." Victoria watched as Octavia sat down on the couch. "Why are you sitting there?"

"This is where I will sleep tonight, you can have the bed." Octavia replied. "Good night Victoria."

"Octavia?" Victoria asked.


"Do you have any family?"

"No." Octavia answered sadly. "I don't why?"

"I was just wondering, would you be happy to find out that you did family?"

Octavia stared at the girl. "Of course, won't you be happy when you find your aunt?"

"Yes, but you see I already know where my aunt is." Victoria spurted out.

"I'm ----." Octavia stuttered. "That is impossible, I don't have a brother or sister."

"My father said he knew of a younger sister."

"Impossible, my father would have told me of other children. He would have told me." Octavia stared at the girl.

"What if he didn’t' know?" Victoria asked.

Octavia leaned against the couch and stared at the ceiling. It would be like her mother to keep secrets from her father, an earlier union? "I don't know, we'll talk of this later, go get some sleep Victoria."


Octavia walked with her father, the streets were so busy it was different from Malastare. Here people seemed to have a purpose. In reality Octavia didn't care she was with her father and her mother wasn't here, she was still on Malastare. Her father seemed so different when he was away from her mother, he seemed more open and relaxed.

"Who are we going to see?" Octavia asked again. "Why are we here?"

"Patience, you do have to learn patience young one." Wai-Cha chided her softly. "You must be on your best behavior. I will explain all later, for now we must hurry."

"Okay." Octavia hurried to keep up with her father's long strides. After a while her father stopped in front of a door and waited for Octavia to catch up with him. "Are we there?"

Wai-Cha nodded to his daughter then opened the door, he motioned for Octavia to enter before him then followed her inside.

"It isn't safe for you to be here." A woman's voice said from the front living area. "Why have you come?"

"To make sure you are safe and to introduce you to Octavia."

"It still isn't safe for you to be here." The woman continued. "Come here child, come closer." The woman said motioning for Octavia to come closer. Octavia looked at her father and walked slowly toward the woman at his nod.

The woman was still a beauty even at her age. It was the way that she looked that made Octavia realize that the woman was blind. It was then that Octavia realized the scar that ran from the woman's left eye down to her chin. Still the woman's eyes were captivating they were golden and green striped. Octavia wondered who this woman was and why her father brought her here.

"You wonder who I am don't you Octavia?"

"Huh huh." Octavia answered. When Wai-Cha cleared his throat Octavia answered yes.

"It's alright Stratus, the child is honest … I am Tahl Octavia I'm your grandmother."

"My …."


Octavia rose and sat up, she had forgotten about meeting her grandmother. It was after that meeting that she was given the lightsaber and her father left. he promised to returned, but never did. Octavia looked toward the room where the young girl slept. Victoria said she was her niece but for that to be true, she would have to have a brother or sister. Rising she paced around the room, did that mean her mother was alive? Or was her father alive? Octavia couldn't believe how chaotic her life was starting to be.

"The force will guide you if you let it." Octavia remembered her father's words.

"The force." Octavia whispered sitting back down closing her eyes calming herself.

"You'll do fine young one." A voice came to her, Octavia smiled accepting the phantom voice.