Accidents Happen


Renee Gunn


Rebecca Miller

Mikala watched the door shut behind the Steels and she sighed, turning to head toward her room.

Zeruah watched. "Is there anything else you require?"

"Nothing that you can get me," she said softly. She paused. "See what youc an find out for me about Lord Steele and his present position with the


Zeruah nodded. "I'll start working on that now."

Mikala headed into her room and directly to her sleep couch. She's sleep a while and then she'd eat.

Zeruah got to work on the information.

Mikala shifted on her sleep couch, something digging into her arm. She grimace and rolled over. She shook her arm over the side of the sleep couch and something cluttered to the floor with a thump.

Zeruah walked to her room and knocked softly.

Mikala groaned, "What?"

"Are you okay?"

"Wonderful," she grunted, shifting to try to worm under the covers. She tried to ignore the burning feeling in her arm. "Go away," she mumbled into her pillow.

Zeruah walked over. "I heard something fall."

"Threw something on the floor," she mumbled.

Zeruah walked over to find out what she threw on the floor.

Mikala struggled to pull a blanket up around her.

Zeruah walked over and looked at the knife and sat down. "Sit up Mikala."

She huffed, not opening her eyes. "Why?"

"You may have hurt yourself."

Mikala swore softly. "What?" she shifted to look at her. She moved her arm and hissed as something stung.

Zeruah detected it and started to take her hand looking at it.

Mikala tried to pull her arm back, but lost her leverage and slumped back on

the sleep couch.

Zeruah pushed her sleeve up and reached for a towel to clean the cut.

Mikala sighed deeply. "How bad? Sith, I'm an idiot. I forgot that I slid that vibroshiv up my sleeve. I've never done something that stupid before."

"It's not bad. Though it will sting for a while. You were tired."

"I've never been so tired to forget about taking care of my weapons before."

"You are not merely physically tired, but emotionally and on every other level as well. Part of the reason you need to eat."

Mikala grimaced. "I forgot to do that again, didn't I?"

"Yes." Zeruah bandaged her arm.

"How long was I asleep?"

"A few hours."

Mikala leaned back. "When are we supposed to meet with the Steeles?"

Zeruah looked at her. "In the morning."

"How long do we have until we have to be there?" she asked, draping her left arm over her eyes.

"We have plenty of time."

She nodded and started to drift of to sleep again.

Zeruah watched, letting her ease to sleep.

"I will order up something simple and quick for you to eat and wake you when its here."

Mikala grunted and pushed her head back into the pillow, drifting off.

Zeruah left and went to get her food ordered.

Images danced through Mikala's sleep. Steele, her Mother, her Grandmother, Xanatos, Alderson, and a face she couldn't quite make out, but pain clouded the image that even in memory of it created an almost physical pain, jerking her awake with a scream.

Zeruah ran in and stopped. "Mikala?"

Mikala was sitting up on the sleep couch, her arms wrapped tightly around herself, trembling. "I'm alright," she said in a shaky voice.

Zeruah nodded. "Are you certain?"

She nodded. "It's nothing, just a dream."

"Would you like to discuss it?"

She sighed and slumped back onto her pillows. "Not really. Is the food here yet?"

Zeruah nodded. "Yes. It just arrived."

She nodded. "I should eat something."

"I'll go get it for you."

She nodded, sitting up slowly. Her swam a bit, but she ignored it. She got up and slipped out of her clothes and into a loose tunic and sleep pants. She looked at the bandage covering her right forearm. She sighed. Her head felt a bit fuzzy and the room felt a bit too warm.

Zeruah came back with a tray of fruit, toast, broth and tea.

Mikala moved out onto the terrace and sank into a deeply cushioned chair at a small glass table. The rosy blush of dawn was just starting to color the horizon.

Zeruah set the tray in front of her.

"Sit," Mikala said. "Have you eaten?"

Zeruah sat down and watched. "I will eat after you."

"No," Mikala said, shifting the tray toward her. "Join me."

Zeruah raised a brow but did as was requested of her.

Mikala gave her a very small smile. "I'm sure there is enough for both of us."

"There is plenty."

Mikala picked up a piece of toast. "What did you find out about Steele?"

Zeruah gives her the data file. Mikala took it and read over the material as she nibbled on the piece of toast. "Interesting."

"He's not overly entangled with the Emperor," she said. "At least, that's one thing less to worry about."

"That is one good thing."

Mikala nodded, reaching for a mug of tea. She fanned herself. Even out here in the open air it still felt sweltering.

Zeruah watched her as she ate some fruit.

"Now the question is, do we go with him back to Zoron."

"We have no real reason not too."

She sighed. "We could be walking right into a trap or it could be just what

it looks like it is."

She reached for another a piece of fruit. "Either way we will not know unless we venture forth, though I did not sense any deception in him."

Mikala nodded. "Neither did I." She took a bit out of the summer fruit and then tossed it back on her plate. She looked back at the sky. I think I will lie down or a while before we have to leave."

"I will wake you before we need to leave."

She nodded and got up to head back into the room. "Leave the door open. It's

blazing hot inside."

Zeruah did as was requested of her.

Mikala went back to her sleep couch and lay back down. Maybe she could get a couple more hours sleep and this time hopefully with out the dreams.

Zeruah moved to the main room to rest.

* * * * *

Zeruah moved in slowly and walked over. "Mikala."

Mikala groaned softly. "What?" she said thickly.

"You need to get ready to leave."

She grunted loudly and pulled her pillow over her head, shivering badly. "Sith, it's cold in here!"

Zeruah frowned and watched her. "We will bring you a warm jacket."

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