By Ginna and Amanda Wilcoxen

[This takes place after the rescue]

Octavia sat in the seat, enjoying the feel of its texture. Everything had
been a dream just like Medenna had told them. How was it that she figured
it out before anyone else? Sitting back, Octavia closed her eyes and
hearing Raven's voice, her desperation seemed genuine and the news that
she had been admitted into a doctors care bothered her had they done the
right thing in leaving Raven behind? Glancing over at Jedi, Octavia
noticed how natural Klaw seemed to be among them.

"You seem distracted," Medenna stated, taking a seat next to her.

"There's a lot to think about," Octavia answered slowly.

"Hard to believe we're on our way home." The younger Jedi smiled. "Never
thought I'd be happy to go back to classes."

"I'm sure your family will be happy to have you back as well."

Medenna's face clouded over slightly. "I'm sure I'll hear from them."

Octavia nodded. "I would hope so, what you did was very foolish and
rash." She watched as the young girl lowered her head. "I'm just glad you
are okay."

"Guess you don't want to see anymore of me once we get back to the

"Not at all. I'm looking forward to training with you. We have much to
learn from one another."

Octavia tried to smile at the young girl. "It seems I've learned more
from you than you do from me," she paused. "When we were there you called
me Master...why?"

Medenna shrugged her shoulders. "Because you will be. it's your destiny
all you have to do is let go of your doubts and the past."

Octavia watched her intently. "It's not that easy."

"I know, but you have to...or you won't be ready for what is to come."

"And what is that young lady?"

"To face the Emperor again, you know you will and you have to be sure of

"Medenna, what is really bothering you?"

"N-nothing much," she replied.

"We've been through too much for you to start lying now."

"I think I should have done something more than have panicked." The
bitterness was easy detectable.

"You did well under the circumstances." Octavia answered. "We all
panicked in our own way...I have into my fear which blocked my ability to
control the Force."

"I didn't act the way I should have...I've had more training than offense Octavia. I should have known better."

Octavia knew exactly what Medenna meant. Even she felt ashamed of her own
panic and fear. "Even so, you are still a child and thus vulnerable to
fear and panic."

"Perhaps, but the children at the Steele house seemed self assured of
themeselves and actions," Medenna replied softly. She nodded to Master
Du'Sau as she passed her and Octavia noticed and did the same.

"You cannot judge yourself by their actions Medenna. They were raised and
trained in an entirely different manner. Never confuse the way the Sith
or a Jedi feels to you." Octavia smiled, remembering Luke's own advice to

"I will try to remember that...Octavia do you think this is really over
and our being here is really real?"

"Our imprisonment?" Octavia asked, to which the girl nodded. "I believe
so...we will have trouble telling the difference between and reality and
non reality for a while...but it is nothing we can't overcome."

"Will you stay at the Academy?" Medenna finally asked.

"If I'm allowed, yes." Octavia watched as Master D'med walked passed
them. "Now you need to go to bed and get some rest."

"I'm not tired."

"You still need to rest, and I wish to speak with Master D'med. I will
return shortly."

"Alright." The younger girl watched as Octavia followed the Jedi Master,
they both had so much to thank Alida for, she had helped them both.
Turning her own attention toward Master Du'Sau, Medenna rose and strode
over to her.

"Master Du'Sau, may I join you?"

"Of course Medenna, how are you doing?"

"Fine...I think," she answered. "I am looking forward to seeing Yavin

"We are anxious to have you back. Are you resting well?"

"Sometimes, but...other times I'm not sure. I don't understand...I don't
understand why were taken."

Kalamytha kept her features schooled as she talked with the young red
head. "Perhaps, the question should be...why did you leave Yain to join
Octavia without permission?"

"I felt that she need my help," Medenna answered, shifting her feet on
the floor.

Kala smiled. "Did Apprentice Jinn ask you to accompany her?"

"Not exactly..." She replied.

Kalamytha studied Medenna closely. "What do you mean exactly?"

"She didn't ask me straight out, but I had to help my future Master," she
said quietly, but her eyes twinkled.

"I see," Kala commented. "Did you learn anything from this experience?"

"Yes, Master." She lowered her crystal blue eyes.

"We will discuss this more in depth once we reach go and get
some rest."

She nodded her head and walked to where she been sleeping. Yes, one day
she knew that Octavia would indeed be her master...some day, and she'd be
there to back her up.

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