After Thought

Ginna Wilcoxen

This takes place after the bounty hunters are released from Telos:

Time line last week of October.

Kay sat in the room that she had rented. She knew that Drysi was in the room adjoining. She still shook with hatred at their treatment at the hands of Lord Du'Cruet and his minions. Even that teenage boy.

How dare he sit in judgment of her, or how she made her living. She and Drysi were bounty hunters, that was a far cry from slavers. How was she or they suppose to know that Emmau was into slaves, children at that. True it didn't matter what the cargo was, they had bills to pay, had expenses. To survive one had to do what they were good at. She wasn't bound to tell them that if her father was alive to hear that she was being accused of being a slaver he'd kill her, and bless Drysi for not bringing that fact up.

She looked down at the finger where her mother's ring one rested. She wanted that ring back. She missed the simple antique interlay with the purple stone. It had been with her since her mother's death and now that ... that man had it!

The other rings could be replaced, but that one.

She rose from her place on the couch, and walked over to the terminal.

Encryption, High Priority....

To: Lord Xanatos Du'Cruet,

I am requesting the return of a piece of property that you are holding.

It is a silver ring of antique interlay with a dark purple stone. Of all the property you illegally seized, and kept ... as well as the weapons plus the damage to MY ship. This is the only possession I request returned to me.

Since you are also under the misconception that myself and my ... associate are ... what was youre term slavers, which I still protest to being called.

I am willing to pay for the return of this item. Which under the circumstances, is more than generous. Especially since I am the victim in this case.

You can send your reply to drop box: KJD 05BD.

Kay sat back and re-read the transmission to make sure it was what she really wanted to say. Finally pressing send, she shook her head and rose to meet Drysi for dinner.

She could hear her now, she was begging for the return of her property, her rightful possession. Once she got it back into her possession, she would then find a way to settle the other issues she held with Xanatos Du'Cruet. She would take her time and find out what he cared for, what scared him, and then would use that to crush him and to watch him die

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