Ana's Mission

By MaryAlyce Renza and Phaedra Whitlock

The docking bay area was quiet, except for the slight scraping of metal on 
metal, that accompanied the soft footsteps of someone dragging something 
across the floor. The metal box was planted next to the shuttle ship, the 
lid was opened and tools were removed and replaced. Over the next few hours, 
the lone sounds of the work on the shuttle was all that could be heard. Just 
before dawn and before the first crew came to work, the box had been returned 
and the work on the shuttle was completed. 
Anastazya came in late to work the next day. She arrived just after lunch, 
when she was scheduled to meet with Samantha to go over the details of their 
mission for the next day. She walked onto the docking bay, where Samantha 
was already there looking over the shuttle. 

"Hi," Anastazya said to Samantha as she came up behind the other pilot as she 
was inspecting the shuttle's control systems. "So did you get to look over 
those changes I made?" she asked. "I know you are skeptical of how well they 
will work, but I really think it will give us an edge if we do, in fact, run 
into pirates in that sector. The reports lately indicate that pirate 
activity is there. I just think we need to be prepared for the worst," she 
added as she joined the other pilot in her inspection. 

Samantha nodded, poking at a control board in the nest of systems. "I think 
that could be the Household's motto. I'm sure they'll work I'm just concerned 
the parts can't handle the strain. We checked for faults and I *do* trust 
you, it's just a feeling I've had since this supply run came up on the 

She floated out from under the console and sat up . "I know it sounds silly 
and it probably is. Usually it's leakage from Raven or my own mind creating 
barriers. I'm not a very good Force User, but can't turn it off either. I'll 
requisition some spares in case it isn't Raven and we will see how it goes 

"Sounds like a plan," Anastazya added, but looking concerned at Samantha. 
They finished the rest of the inspection in silence, and as they were walking 
away, Ana shared her concerns. 

"Sam, why don't you contact Raven to make sure she is ok? I mean if you are 
feeling some uneasiness or something, I think it might be important to check 
it out," she said as they walked. "I will also check over the system changes 
again tomorrow before we leave, and do more simulations, just in case," she 
added, trying to reassure her partner. 

Sam smiled broadly and steered Ana toward her room where they could clean up. 
"Raven and I don't look out for each other that closely. She's a Sith and she 
knows I'm here if it is something I can do. But most of what she does I 
wouldn't help with and she would not ask." 

"Take the night off and do something fun. If there was something to catch you 
or I would have the first three times you checked. Promise?" 

Anastazya laughed, looked Sam in the eyes and said with a big smile, 

End of part I 

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