Ancient Jedi Reborn: The Return - Part 6 The Coming Storm

By Ron Wilcoxen

(With Grateful Thanks for Approval from Allen Falkowski for Lord Vader) 

Pan-Fu could not understand how such a menacing device could have come so 
close to Coruscant without the intervention of the Jedi Council. Pan-Fu sat 
down as he allowed "The Force" to flow through him to begin a meditative 
trance to search for answers. After awhile, he began to see an entirely 
rocky planet, where the environment was dominated by canyons and giant 
stalagmite formations. These formations were hollowed out, and served as 
towers. This looked very much like a planet he had visited only once when he 
served with the Jedi, Geonosis. The main inhabitants of this planet were 
Geonosians; non-humans who looked somewhat like living, organic battledroids, 
some with wings. Most Geonosians lived here, stayed, and worked underneath 
the surface of this planet. 

Next, he saw an arena that looked like a giant pit, although it was not quite 
circular all the way around, built into the landscape, flowing with the rock, 
forming around giant columns. Within that arena he witnessed a battle where 
the Jedi were losing poorly and from which the damage caused the Jedi was 
catastrophic. The atmosphere among what appeared to be the Jedi Council of 
that day was quite depressing. Among the twelve members of the Jedi Council, 
only four survivors remained standing after the battle. 

Pan-Fu's visions shift to a young Jedi in brown robes, the current events 
seemed to center around him. Although he did not recognize the young Jedi or 
any of the other Jedi he sees through "The Force," he can tell they are 
powerful Jedi. The young exceptionally so, it is at that moment darkness 
surrounded the young Jedi in brown robes and he transformed into an image in 
flowing black robes and armor. Pan-Fu worried that the prophecy of old has 
come true, the Dark Side has grown and begun to dominate the galaxy's destiny. 

It was then, that the blast doors opened up to reveal Lord Darth Vader, Dark 
Lord of the Sith. Vader was a towering figure of terror and darkness in 
contrast to the humble and stooped Jedi in the center of the chamber. 
Pan-Fu's ears instantly heard the raspy mechanical breathing patterns behind 
the black metallic mask. The dark side of "The Force" surrounded the Sith 
Lord like his long flowing black robes, which hung around his black armor. 
Commander Devonshire, dwarfed in comparison by Vader, followed cautiously 
behind the menacing evil. 

As the image in the mind's eye of Pan-Fu coalesced into a being before him, 
he realized the terror was all too real and present. One did not have to be 
attuned to "The Force" in order to feel the evil presence entering the 
chamber. Vader's soul burned like Dante's Inferno, millions of individual 
regrets, unfulfilled desires and lost hopes. Each thought was but one body 
in an endless sea of writhing bodies screaming out from the burning flames; a 
cacophony that assailed Vader's psyche as if they were a chorus of Vulcan's 
hammer's pounding upon an anvil. The combined result, constantly shaping the 
growing evil and hatred into the right hand of darkness. 

"Commander, where is the asteroid fragment you spoke of. I see only an old 
man?" The Dark Lord's attention became focused on the young officer. 

"My lord, I can assure you this is where my men brought the fragment. As I 
explained, I was apprehensive that it may be a trick by the Rebel Alliance to 
sabotage this battle-station." Devonshire's voice trembled as his mouth 
became as dry as cotton. 

"You have something to report, Sergeant?" A storm trooper respectfully 
approached the commander and the dark lord. 

"The communications officer has intercepted a holo-transmission on a 
restricted channel of the Holo-Net." The white armored trooper saluted his 
superiors as he spoke quickly and efficiently. 

"What was the transmission, Sergeant?" A note of curiosity crept into 
Vader's voice. 

"It didn't make any sense, my lord. It was a distress signal addressed to 
the Republic Senate and the Jedi Council." The storm trooper stood at 
attention awaiting further instructions. 

"This old man is obviously a member of the Rebel Alliance." Commander 
Devonshire spoke up, hoping to appear alert to the situation. 

"Good work, Commander, Sergeant. Leave us." Vader's tone was one of mild 
appeasement, for the moment. "Who are you, old man?" 

"Most honorable, sir, I am but a humble traveler." Pan-Fun bowed his head 
reverently as he focused all his Jedi powers to withhold his feeling from the 
dark presence before him. He could sense the Dark Lord probing with "The 
Force" for his true open thoughts. His mind became a stronghold, 
unfortunately, not an impregnable one. 

"You are no humble traveler. You are part of the Rebel Alliance." Vader's 
tone fell a sarcastic note on the word "humble." 

"I tell you truly,sir, I know of no rebellion." The old Jedi stood his 
ground as he lowered his head even further. 

"I can sense 'The Force' is strong with you. You must be another 'Lost 
Jedi', I will help you find your way, old man." Seemingly with no 
provocation, anger began to fill the Dark Lord's every word as Vader's hand 
reached for his lightsaber. 

"I will admit, I feel slightly lost." The old man did not wish to provoke a 
confrontation at this time. He knew too little about how things had changed 
since he was here last. "I have been absent from this region of space for 
some time now. Please excuse my ignorance." 

"I will gladly send you on your way." Vader's lightsaber ignited into a 
blazing glow of red that filled the holding cell. He raised the weapon above 
Pan-Fu's head as he considered the old mans exposed neck. 

To be continued in 
Ancient Jedi Reborn: The Return - Part Seven 

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