Ancient Jedi Reborn: The Return - Part 4 Coruscant Rising, Death Star Eclipse

By Ron Wilcoxxen

The bio-ship began to enter the Coruscant system, as an object 
appeared in deep space the size of a standard moon. The ship reflected 
Pan-Fu's feelings that something dark and ominous lay ahead. Drawing inward 
upon "The Force," he saw the same metallic monstrosity that had wiped out 
every living thing on Alderaan in his previous vision when moving through the 
system, which formerly held it. He took a long deep breath and through the 
ages, he could still smell the aroma of Alderaanian Fir tea. A single tear 
fell as he recalled the sweet odor and then recalled the horror that he felt 
in the Alderaan system. 

As the bio-ship approached the battle station which lay between Pan-Fu 
and Coruscant he realized that the Jedi council and the Senate must be 
alerted to the presence of such a fiendish device. Through his empathic link 
with his ship, Pan-Fu instructed his bio-ship to send a message on the 
galactic HoloNet. 

"This is a priority signal to the Jedi council and the Senate. There 
is a massive war device of unimaginable destructive capabilty entering the 
Coruscant system. You must bring all systems to an immediate defensive 
posture." He waited for a response until the ship emoted to him the worst 
possible reply, silence. 

Unknown to Pan-Fu the massive computer sorters and coders that 
maintained the matrix of coordinated hyperspace simutunnels had been recoded 
and secured by Emperor Palpatine when he had originally came to power. After 
a long pause, Pan-Fu realized that a communication interruption could mean 
only one thing. Disaster may have already fallen to Coruscant. It was hard 
to think that the same fate that had befallen Alderaan may have already 
happened to Coruscant. His bare feet itched to walk amongst the soft green 
fields of Coruscant. 

The situation was indeed grave if Coruscant was silent. What possible 
catastrophe could stand between him and the Jedi council? His loathing for 
out of control technology had been bitter since the rape of his home world. 

He remembered all too vividly the wholesale mass slaughter, which included 
all his family. While his wife was at home, as were all of the warrior caste 
with his son and daughter, he was with the gathering of tribal shaman and 
chieftains who tried to parley peace with the strangers that came in the 
night. He stood by, helpless that night and afterward he swore that he would 
never stand by again when innocent lives were in danger. It was that reason 
primarily that he had agreed to leave home for the first time some three 
thousand years ago. That same decision had brought him to this galaxy and 
the Jedi. 

He realized if not for the safety of Coruscant then for the safety of 
the galaxy he must learn more about this evil which loomed ahead of him. 
Somehow, he knew many answers lay ahead of him onboard the instrument of 
death. The ship emoted a sense of grave reluctance for his next thought. 

"Don't argue with me old girl, I know what I'm doing. Set a course for 
that thing." He steeled himself for the task ahead as he issued the command. 

"Are you sure about this old man?" The ship tried her best to dissuade 
him from what she considered to be a foolhardy adventure. 

"I am sure." His tone was brief and to the point, he was leaving no 
ground for argument. 

As the ship approached the battle station, it grew larger and larger in 
size until suddenly an incoming ship fired on them. It was a small fighter 
craft powered by twin ion engines, a TIE fighter. Neither Pan-Fu nor the 
ship recognized the configuration, however they both recognized the pot shot 
that was taken at them. From the exterior, the ship had made herself to 
appear as a small asteroid fragment. Pan-Fu and the ship hoped that they 
were being mistaken for just such a fragment. Alas their hopes were swiftly 
dashed as the TIE fighter made another pass, this time he had a firing lock 
on them. The ship made a quick evasive maneuver; this would bring further 
attention to them. 

"Flight Lieutenant Mitchell to command, I have a small asteroid 
fragment that is making maneuvers that only a ship could make, request 
assistance." Inside the TIE fighter cockpit and behind the pilot's helmet a 
voice crackled out a transmission to her base. 

"This is Commander Devonshire veer off we are engaging a tractor beam." 
The reply was almost as swift as the forth-coming net of darkness. 
"Aye sir, permission to return to patrol." Calmly and routinely the 
pilot reached to make adjustments to return to his previous business. 

"Permission granted." The commander's voice granted his request with a 
tone of utmost urgency. 

A soon as the bio-ship relayed the messages she had intercepted between 
the battle station and the TIE fighter Pan-Fu felt a sudden lurch as the 
bio-ship rocked to and fro. The Imperials had locked on with a tractor beam 
and was drawing them inside. Soon the magnetic field would be deactivated 
and the landing bay would be cleared, as a team of Imperial technicians with 
scanning equipment would await the incoming asteroid fragment or rather 
unknown bio-ship. 

End Coruscant Rising, Death Star Eclipse

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