Ancient Jedi Reborn: The Return - Part 5 Cast into the Depths of a Demons Belly

By Ron Wilcoxxen

By Ron Wilcoxen 
(With Grateful Thanks for Approval from Allen Falkowski for Lord Vader) 

Once a long time ago there was another galaxy far, far away from this 
particular galaxy where Pan-Fu struggles against the forces of darkness. In 
that galaxy on what seemed to be a minor blue marble of a world, it was once 
written "Now the LORD had prepared a great fish to swallow up Jonah. And 
Jonah was in the belly of the fish for three days and three nights." JONAH 

Pan-Fu would quiet his mind and steady himself for the task at hand, 
as the landing bay swallowed his ship whole like a small herring. The 
tractor beam brought his ship to a gentle land in front of a garrison of 
storm troopers who accompanied the scanner technicians. There were four 
technicians, dresses in the usual grey uniform of their division and the 
black Imperial Military cap. They were making last minute adjustments as 
were the ship and Pan-Fu. The troopers surrounded the small vessel disguised 
as an asteroid fragment as they trained their blasters on her. As the 
technicians opened their crates and began their scan of her exterior, the 
ship expressed a sense of extreme uncomfortability to her occupant. 

Commander Devonshire was a cautious man; for good reason he had 
survived service in the Imperial Fleet for several years and had been 
advanced to serve aboard Lord Vaders Death Star "Alpha." It was Lord Vader 
that occupied his mind most of the time. As efficient an officer as he was 
he had seen his share of officers who and gasped their last breath at the 
gesture of Lord Vader. It always seemed to be over something that was beyond 
the control of any officer. Devonshire's pity for his fellow officers fell 
short of protecting his own career. That was the order of the day, every day 
for a matter of fact. This small asteroid fragment would be no different. 
For all he knew this could be, a bomb sent to destroy the Alpha by the 

Meanwhile, elsewhere aboard the Alpha, Lord Darth Vader sat in his 
private chambers meditating. Fate had not been kind to Vader; his son Luke 
had brought him back to the light. However, once he had started down the 
path of darkness he was unable to escape its long arms. Deep inside, in a 
hidden most place he was twisted more severely than before Luke's rescue 
attempt. His hatred of the light had grown since his attempt to escape had 
failed. It was that hatred which seemed to twitch within him when he sensed 
for only a brief moment a trace of the light aboard his Death Star. He began 
to search further with "The Force," whatever it was had vanished. His 
thoughts turned to his old master Obi-Wan Kenobi, as he remembered when he 
felt his presence on the first Death Star. He would not be deceived this 
time, there must to be another that had been trained in the ways of "The 
Force" aboard the Alpha. Such an uninvited individual he would not tolerate 
as he rose to leave his chamber. 

Back in the hanger bay, the technicians had finished their scan of the 
apparent asteroid fragment. Unbeknownst to the technicians the ship had 
rendered herself to a state resembling that of a mixed metallic ore. Pan-Fu 
had used "The Force" to cause his life signs remain undetected. Pan-Fu had 
no idea it was that same use of "The Force" that had lead to Lord Vader being 
alerted to his presence. He calmly awaited the crews to finish their 
inspection. He could sense they were reporting to their superior, he thought 
it would be amusing to sit back and overhear the conversation as well as 
possibly informing. 

The technicians reported to Commander Devonshire that the asteroid 
fragment was just that, composed of simple metallic ores common to many 
regions. Their report put the commander at ease for the moment, but not 

"Have the fragment placed in a containment chamber. Post guards at 
the entrance and make sure the area is in a heavy shielded part of the 
Alpha." He didn't trust so simple an explanation; it was too easy he thought. 

"Sir, You want us to guard a rock?" The Sergeant in charge of the 
storm troopers ventured in an astonished tone. 

"Sergeant, if this "rock" is not so simple a rock as it appears and 
possibly a bomb sent by the Alliance, do you want to be the one to explain 
the mishap to Lord Vader?" He smugly placed his hands behind his back as he 
regarded the trooper with the red pauldron on the shoulder of his armor. 

"My men will guard it with their lives Sir!" The tone that spew forth 
from the sergeant was one that indicated he too was al to familiar with Lord 
Vaders tactics when he was displeased. 

After Commander Devonshire had departed from the deck, the troopers 
attached anti-gravity units to Pan-Fu's ship. Immediately the ship rendered 
a feeling to Pan-Fu about how rude they were to place their "meat hooks" upon 

"Now, now. Control your temper old girl. We need time to figure out 
just what is going on." His tone tried to soothe her feelings. 
"Let's see how you like it if someone put suction cups on your 
buttocks and picked you up like a carrying case!" The ship's tone indicated 
an approaching sense of humiliation. 

"Remember old girl, this is for the good of all." Pan-Fu smiled at the 
humor in the situation that had risen from the ship's point of view. 

"That's what you say all the time." The ship was growing annoyed at 
what she felt was Pan-Fu's indifference to her situation. 

"That's because it's true all of the time." There were times that he 
wondered if the spirit of his dead wife Mayli was inside the ship. 
The squad of troopers had arrived at the containment field with the 
apparent asteroid fragment. They placed the ship containing Pan-Fu into a 
large dark storage chamber and sealed the blast door behind. Inside the dark 
chamber, a force field was activated for additional protection. Finally, 
Pan-Fu felt he and his ship were alone, given that fact and the absence of 
monitoring devices he told the ship to revert from her ship form. As her 
form slowly flowed from around Pan-Fu, he began to rise up and stand to his 
feet. The ship took on a new form, that of a walking stick for the blind 
Jedi. Neither could sense the dark presence that made its way toward them. 

End Cast into the Depths of a Demons Belly 

Continued in Part Six 

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