Anelis and Melora

By Terri Ruwe

Anelis Palpatine wrapped herself in an illusion of invisibility as she strode 
through the corridors of the ESD Eclipse. Only a Force-user with strength 
comparable to hers would notice her, and even then, who would challenge 
her? The link that she’d established with her student, Melora Lexor, told her 
that Melora had invoked the Emperor’s wrath. And in a mere student, the 
Emperor would not be tolerant of the bluntness and near-impudence that 
were Melora’s trademarks in her dealings with Anelis. The Emperor I 
know is more likely to toy with her, punish her repeatedly, maybe kill 
her eventually, Anelis mused. I cannot let that happen. She is too valuable 
to me. 

Anelis saw her father’s newest interest, Psylocke Lammeshta, enter the 
infirmary where she sensed Melora lay. She waited patiently. The Red Guard 
trainee cannot have had anything truly important or lengthy to say. Her patience 
rewarded, the purple-haired woman left a few minutes later. Anelis sensed her 
apprentice’s agitation. Silently, softly, she reached into Melora’s mind, and 
soothed her to sleep. When the battered woman entered fourth-stage sleep, 
Anelis stepped into the room. Burned and bruised, Lexor looked agitated even in 
her sleep. Carefully, Anelis disconnected all the probes and sensors from the 
sleeping woman, and placed them in appropriate positions on an electronic mimic. 
The only way the medics would realize Melora was gone would be to come inside 
the room and look. It gives us some time, Anelis thought. Using telekeniesis, she 
levitated her sleeping apprentice and guided her out, through the corridors, and to 
the waiting shuttle. No one saw them, and, carefully, Anelis made sure that all the 
monitoring technicians were looking elsewhere when their instruments indicated that 
the shuttle had left the Eclipse. 

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