The Captain is at it again:

By Ginna Wilcoxin

Octavia supervised the placement of the parts and supplies from the Galactic Emporium. All things considered they weren't too bad on prices. In the end it had all worked out; that's all that mattered. She only wished that Ad'Hin would stop pestering her about not finding the mystery shopper, his whining was getting on her nerves. She just couldn't see why he was so persistent in getting the free trip to Port Lansing. He had unused vacation time as well as credits he could make the trip any time he wished. Shaking her head Octavia checked the last piece of equipment and gave instructions to the droid beside her for its placement.

"Hey Syn, should we get to work on installing these parts?"

"Yes, and this time make sure no cargo is placed next to the hyperdrive. I don't care what the Captain says, all cargo is to be placed in the hold."

"You got it."

Octavia smiled and went to work on the hyperdrive installation. She was surprised that the Captain hadn't been down to check on what was purchased. He always met her after she had gotten parts. Even though he always approved of her purchases, he was still concerned if she had any trouble. Where was he?

When Octavia finished the major part of the installation she turned the balance of the work over to the droids and headed toward the bridge. "Where's the Captain?"

"Where else?" Nat'wiya sighed, shrugging her shoulders. "He's down on the station and you know what that means?"

Octavia nodded, she knew all too well what it meant. The Captain was down at the station gambling or getting drunk or worse yet both. If worse came two worse, he was probably in jail. "Great." Octavia whispered.

"You can leave him alone and see if he comes back on his own." Nat'wiya offered.

"Yeah right, and what moon have you been hiding behind?"

Nat'wiya laughed. "Unfortunately none. If you were smart you'd let him stay in jail."

"I would, if he usually didn't use the ship as a betting tool." Octavia said turning to leave.

"He bets on your skills too. You should let the droids do more, what you need to do is quit being so good at what you do. Mess up once in a while."

"I can't do that." Octavia whispered. "I was always told to do the best I could."

"Sounds like advice you should forget. It's going to get you into trouble."

"It has already Nat'wiya. Octavia has been with the Roc and the Electria for eleven years. And she's bailed him out more times than I care to count."

"You make it sound like a daily thing I do Ad'Hin."

"It's at least at every other station." Ad'Hin said dryly. "At times, I think the Captain believes he owns you."

"I'm going down to the station." Octavia said interrupting Ad'Hin.

"I'm going with you. You don't always see clearly when you're like this."

"Like what?"

"Soon, to be upset." Ad'Hin answered with a wink. "Watch the ship, we'll be back.

"Yer both crazy." Nat'wiya spat.

Station Side:

Ad'Hin and Octavia searched the station for Captain Rocasy. "He's not at any of the popular spots." Octavia said finally. She stood for a moment, then sighed and headed toward the lower part of the station.

"Where are you going?" Ad'Hin hissed.

"To get the Captain." Octavia answered. She hated it when Rocasy went to these quick profit games. It was usually very costly and at times very nasty. Perhaps Ad'Hin and Nat'wiya were right, maybe she did too much and the Captain did depend on her too much.

She entered the bar and looked around for Roc. She stood for a moment and scanned the room. Then she saw him toward the back of the bar.

"He's not here." Ad'Hin whispered in her ear.

"He's here, I've spotted him." Octavia answered. "He's at the back of the bar." She headed toward the table where Roc was sitting; she was focused on the Captain.

"You lose again Roc." A long neck creature said gathering up the credits. Octavia noticed the head of the creature was flat on top, and its neck was about 30 centimeters its two arms were skinny as twigs.

"Another hand, I'll be you this time Lo'r." Roc spat throwing his cards on the table.

"You are out of credits. How can you continue?" The creature named Lo'r asked.

"Easy, I have a ship. The Electria is worth more ---"

"The Electria is an outdated smuggling ship. Worth nothing." Lo'r taunted.

"Lo'r is right Roc, your ship is old."

"Its in better condition that what you call an excuse for a ship." Roc spat back.

"Times are rough with Empire and this so called New Alliance." Lo'r whined.

"Sir," Octavia broke in. "It's time we leave. Everything has arrived."

"Good work, we can leave after my next hand." Roc said dismissing her.

"You have no credits." Lo'r reminded him staring at Octavia. "But if you throw in your woman, in with your ship we have a deal."

"I'm not his woman." Octavia spat

"She's my engineer and ship repairer of the Electria." Roc answered, "The ship I can gamble on, my crew I will not."

"What say you?" Lo'r questioned of Octavia.

"I say the Captain has lost enough for one sitting." Octavia touched Roc's shoulder and whispering in his ear. "It is time to leave."

"You're right Octavia, but I know I can when the next hand."

"Another time." Octavia stressed, she felt the familiar tingle as she pushed her point of view. She placed her arm under his and helped him to stand.

"Since when do your kind work on ships?" Lo'r questioned staring at Octavia. "Especially a merchant ship that is known to do smuggling."

"I don't understand your meaning?" Octavia questioned staring down at the brown creature. If possible, it's neck extended as it looked at her, its hand reaching just inside her robe pulling her saber forward.

"You know my meaning, this weapon you carry I've seen it before."

Octavia stared at Lo'r and turned her attention back toward Roc. "We need to go Captain." Stressed again letting the tingle move through her, she only felt it when she was stressing a point of view or when she was in trouble.

"Yes, yes." Roc agreed nodding to the people at the table. "Another time Lo'r. I'll get back what I lost to you today."

"You can always try Roc."

Octavia didn't like the feeling she was getting, something wasn't right. "Ad'Hin, help the Captain." Turning back to Lo'r she moved her hand slightly, "The Captain owes you nothing more." Lo'r looked at her and blinked. She wasn't asking him, but telling him.

"Roc, owes nothing more."

Octavia nodded and turned to leave, she stopped as she recognized a person at the bar. There stood S'Lara, the woman who had helped her eleven years ago. The reason she was in Roc's employ and not a slave somewhere. Octavia thought of walking up to her, but decided against it when she saw a young man walk up to S'Lara and begin talking to her. Octavia left the bar and moved quickly to join Ad'Hin and Roc. She couldn't shake the feeling she was being watched. She adjusted the lightsaber under her cloak.


The heat was suffocating; the twin suns beat down on the sand making the heat rise. Octavia could feel the heat as she watched the two figures face off, their lightsabers clashing at a horrific speed. She watched as the scene quickly changed and they were on a ship or a building surrounded by metal. Again the figures clashed each trying to gain ground to gain the advantage. Octavia watched as the scene played out in front of her. When the dark robe man killed the other, she could swear the older man stared at her before he collapsed.

Octavia woke with a start and stared down at the lightsaber in her hand. How did it get there, she had hung it on the wall when she had went to bed. Laying it down she shook her head, what did these dreams mean? Rising from her bed and dressing she'd decided a work out or just walking around the ship was better than dreaming more of this. She needed to chase the dreams away. Grabbing the saber from where she had laid it, she turned to leave her room.

"Be mindful." A voice whispered. Octavia turned quickly to see if she could see where the voice came from.

"You're alone Octavia." She said out loud as she left her quarters. It had to be because she had seen S'Lara, it had stirred up some bad memories. Nodding to herself, that had to be it.

"Hey Syn, since you're up want to join in on a game?" Ad'Hin questioned. Octavia shrugged and walked over to him.

"Sure, why not." she said smiling.

"Yep, who knows perhaps we can beat you finally." Ad'Hin joked.