Away From Home

By Dana Terry

Sotheara Kopp stepped just inside the cantina doors, taking a deep breath. This was a long way from home. Corellia and the cantina she and her friends there frequented seemed to be part of another galaxy entirely as she looked over the clientele. She'd never seen so many different types of beings in one place. Some of them...she shoved her short blonde hair out of her grey eyes nervously, sure the alien with more eyes than anyone should have was staring at her.

She walked over to a table, drawing on the courage she had when she'd left her family. She was eighteen now, ready to go and take her place in the galaxy. And the place she wanted was at the Academy. More than anything, Sotheara wanted to fly. The only options she could see on Corellia were to marry and settle down and have a lot of little Corellians or go into space and hire on one of the smugglers' vessels. Neither option seemed like something she wanted to do. Her mother had gone the first route. She sighed. She'd miss her younger brothers and sisters, but she felt so^ restricted at home. It was time to grow up and move on.

And now, here she was. She looked around again as she waited to order breakfast, trying to look like she knew what she was doing. Her eyes fell on the two young men sitting together. A smile lit her face as she took in the handsome pair. Oh, yeah. There was a lot to say for leaving home.

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