Some Other Beginnings End

By Dora and Patrick Furlong with additions and approval from Mark Cogan

      A bright sunny day on the city planet Coruscant. The sky rose
  high and open, light glinting off the buildings in sharp rays. The
  morning heat rolled lazily in slow folds from the buildings in attempts
  to settle on the ground, only to be lifted again by the feint winds
  and deposited amidst the ponderous shadows cast from nearby objects.

        Smartly Darana Cairnfell made her way into the household,
  pausing only briefly for the guards to verify her identity. She cast
  her mind out over the house, locating all of her students and
  operatives. Most of the newer and the younger ones were coming in
  from the morning run, led this time by Rook. Eirc was in
  the workout rooms. Talia seemed to be recovering from a late night of
  decrypting messages. Darana could see the formulas swirling through
  the other woman's mind. Morgen was already on her way down to the
  breakfast table, the whole concept of teamwork being new to the thief
  made Darana smile. So many came to her unaware of how to effect solid

       Next her attention was drawn to Silver. Finally the young girl
  was learning to stand on her own. She would be stable enough now to
  endure the darker aspects of Sith training. Darana made a mental note
  to speak with Anelis about enrolling the ex-slave in the Sith

      Missing among the typical members was Sidra Roamstar, the
  Mercenary now loyal to the house, kidnapped by Bobba Fett and Kylie
  Renoran, now a Jedi Knight. Kylie had returned to the Jedi, at least
  briefly. Avon  was at her own house, tending to her own business set
  down by the Emperor. Shade was off planet on assignment fomr Darana and
  Takara was out checking on her own droid labs in the city.  

       Upon reaching her own rooms, Darana shrugged off the Heavy
  Robes of her Red Guard Uniform and pulled on the less elaborate
  jump suit most in the household wore.  Just because she was no
  longer on duty in the palace, did not mean she wasn't on duty here.
  In fact in her house, everyone was always on duty. That was life.

      Six AM. Time for breakfast. Easily she made her way upstairs to
  the brightly lit dining area. She paused at the window, soaking up
  the warmth, listening to the light chatter of the various members.
  It was one of the rare days when most all the members were present.
  Even Avon had decided to eat with them this day.

       Finally Darana joined them at the table, her own breakfast in
  hand.  A sound from the hallway drew her attention.  They all heard
  it, and the chatter at the table died away quickly.  Members
  furtively glancing at each other as an unmistakable rhythmic sound,
  grew closer. The sound of marching feet.

      The confusion and anxiety around the table was palpable. Darana
  was about to bring the house under control when events did it for

      A twin column of what were unmistakably Red Guardsmen stopped
  at a full halt out side the main entrance to the dining room.  At
  an unspoken command they broke ranks. Half a dozen came into the
  room, in full robes and armor while another half dozen or more
  could be seen in the hall.  A quick look at the other doors to the
  room showed that there were now Guardsmen standing out side those
  as well.

      Ever so slightly Darana shifted in her chair, setting down the
  fork and knife she had been using. All interest in breakfast now
  lost.  She was careful to project nothing to the rest of the house
  as the Guard Captain, a man named Lamont, entered the room.  The
  heat from the new day  still radiating from his uniform, and the
  armor of his men.

      Without hesitation Lamont withdrew a datapad and began reading,
  he was stone faced, but he could not completely hide his
  discomfort.  His men, behind the face shields of their helmets were
  unreadable.  Lamont's tenor voice sliced though the silence of the

       "By Lawful Order of His Imperial Majesty, Emperor Palpatine:
  The entity known as The House of Darana also referred to as The
  Household is hereby disbanded."

       He paused for a breath, ignoring the unease of the room.

       "The Lady Darana Surragar Cairnfell Arsein-Davis is ordered to
  present herself to the throne Immediately."

       "Those holding membership in The House of Darana will receive
  a scheduled time to present themselves for reassignment."

       The Captain finished reading the proclamation and looked up
  from his datapad.

       Darana betrayed no emotion outwardly, but those around the
  table who knew her best could sense her disquiet.  Without a word
  she stood, and Lamont motioned for her to proceed him into the
  hallway.  The Guardsmen formed around here, and the group marched
  away with the same rhythmic noise.

       "Uh oh." Eric breathed into the silence.

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