Belladonna's Vacation

By Suzanne Anders



In Belladonna’s office in one of ArquillaLabs’ many facilities, Francis 6 and Belladonna are discussing taking some time off together.


“I want to visit Corellia.  I was thinking sometime soon, like this August.  I have been watching the reports of the meteor showers and did some background reading.  I really want to visit this planet.  Here, read the article.”  says Belladonna as she hands the data pad to Francis. 


Meteor Shower      News story on Corellia



Fantastic Light Show for Planet Corellia*

By Cory McCaffrey, reporter for Scientific Galaxy


The Torbalds meteor show happens every year during the month of August.  That’s when our planet has a close encounter with Comet Torbald’s orbit---a region of space littered with streams of comet dust.  Usually we pass through the rarefied gaps between streams, and sky watcher see no more than 100 to 500 meteors per hour.   But this year will prove to be the best event for the last thousand years. 


This year will be a spectacular show worth coming to Corellia to see.  Coreilla will plow through a debris stream more or less head-on, as a full-fledged meteor storm erupts.  Experts have released their predictions:  Depending on where you live, the Highlands and the surrounding islands in the north and southern mountain ranges, will be the hardest hit.  If predictions are correct, peak rates this year would reach 3,000 to 10,000 meteors per hour.


Good news is that the Moon will be dark and the light show of shooting stars will be unobstructed until the third week when the Moon becomes near full and the glare will block out all but the largest particles of dust.  It is the myth that this “dust” from the meteors is what causes the northern hemisphere mountain cliffs to have the hues from gold and silver, to amethyst, emerald, and sapphire.  Well, this year we may just see if the myth is true. 


It’s a once in a lifetime event---one of the best shows in a thousand years. 


*All ships advisory---If you are planning to stay on board ship on Corellia, it is necessary to use force field shields on all vessels.   If you are planning on staying on the planet in town, all towns will have field generators for shield protection.  This is just a precaution due to the large amount meteors of unknown size.   




Francis 6 finished reading the article.  He set the paper down on the table.  “Are you sure this is where you want to go?  I thought you were working in the lab on some new flowers for your planet that Governor Casselbury awarded you for your service to the Empire.  Just what did you name that planet?”


“I haven’t yet.  And yes, I am working on new flowers.  But I will be finished by the time the meteor showers start.  Frankly, I can use the time off.  And you know I was looking forward to seeing a planet similar to my own home world.  Corellia may have more water, but the islands I have been reading about sound close to conditions of my home, besides there may be some plants I can use.  And if you read that article again, it mentions that the dust may cause the cliffs to change colors.  I think that would be nice for the cliffs on my planet.  And” as Belladonna walks over to Francis and wraps her arms around him, “I think we both need some time alone.  This is the first time we’ve been together since before Port Lansing.  So, I cleared your time off with General Logan. I also asked him to keep this quiet.  I don’t want any interruptions for the entire month of meteor showers, we can both use the time off.”

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