The Best Laid Plans

Ginna Wilcoxen

(May 2002)

this takes place at Port Lansing...

Xanatos opened his eyes at the sound of the alarms as they rang through
the labs.  Rising from his chair he quickly moved off toward the center
of the labs, he needed to know what was going on.  Just who the hell was
invading HIS labs.

Stretching out with the Force, Xanatos was surprised to feel the force
signatures of the captive Jedi.  How in the hell did they get free?
Moving quicker he entered Mira's office only to find it empty. Furious he
whirled to face the door.  Where was she?  Had she been able to break his

*Mira!* Xanatos sent through the Force.  He smiled at her surprise and
shock at hearing him.  Sitting on the edge of the desk. *Come to your
office, at once!*

Mira flinched at the harshness of Xanatos' rage in her mind.  Forgetting
the worker, she moved through the corridors unhampered by the intruders. 
The few that did cross her path as she neared her office died quickly.

Xanatos enjoyed Mira's feeling of panic.  It reassured him that she was
still his, his to control and to use.

Mira entered her office and bowed slightly to Xanatos. "We have to get
off Arridor, the Jedi are free and the workers are rebelling."

Xanatos frowned, he had hoped not to have to leave so quickly. "Destroy
any notes you have written down, everything is to remain in your head. 
I'll handle the security tapes."

"Do you have any idea what this will cost Xanatos labs?"  Mira
questioned. "The damage it will do?"

"We will recover, I always recover."  Was Xanatos' only reply.


The spaceport was a dangerous place for Xanatos to go alone, but Mira
realized that arguing with him was useless.  He wanted to make sure the
Jedi didn't escape, didn't get to their ship until the Imperials had

Looking out of the ships' viewport one more time she let out a sigh of
relief when she saw Xanatos running toward the ship.  She turned when the
ramp opened.

"Take the ship up now.  We need to get off Arridor." Xanatos sounded a
bit winded but his voice still held the authority she had grown use to. 
Once Mira moved to the cockpit Xanatos sat down and looked at his hand. 
His frown deepened when he saw it shake, the serum was starting to wear


Port Lansing was impressive, Xanatos walked around the station getting
the feel of the place.  Mira had warned him about the Imperials and who
to stir clear from.  Sensing the heighten Force usage Xanatos masked his
presence making sure that no one took any notice of him.

After watching the Jedi arrive Xanatos made sure to mask his presence
even more.  He smiled when he noticed that Octavia and the one known as
Alida D'med  arrived, he was more surprised that the old Jedi that Mira
had shot was still alive. 'amazing' he thought to himself.

He moved quietly through the corridors of Port Lansing making his way to
where he and Mira were staying.

"I must say Mira, you did not lie." Xanatos stated entering the room.
"Though, I don't think we should stay here for long, there are too many
force users."

"The Emperor usually makes an appearance here."  Mira shook her head. "I
need to talk to him, explain my resignation."

"In good time my dear, in good time."  Xanatos stated softly.  "For now,
I need you here and the serum even closer."  Xanatos paused, "In order to
do that, we will have to separate and then meet up."

"Separate?" Mira questioned. "Did you see the bounty on my head?  Why am
I wanted Xanatos?"

"I'm not sure, it has to be a mistake, and we'll clear it up later."
Xanatos took her face into his hands. "I will never leave you alone."
he looked into her eyes. "How how can we get off without the Jedi
or the Empire noticing?"

"Just use the docking bay, unless there is a skirmish there the regular
check ins are easy to pass."

"You will be able to secure transport?"

"If I can avoid the bounty hunters and the officials, yes."  Mira wrapped
her arms about herself. "That is the main thing if I can avoid them."

"You will do fine, you have my blood in your veins,, and you are from my
line. So you will get off of this station, and we will meet up in a
couple of weeks."

Mira nodded. "I will meet you,, where should we meet?"

"I'll find you."  Xanatos touched the side of Mira's head. "I'll always
be in here, I can find you anytime I want to."  He stepped back. "Do you
trust me?"

Mira nodded. "I just feel that I'm missing something."

"What were some of the projects you were working on for the Emperor
Mira?"  Xanatos questioned watching her carefully.

"I  I can't  They are not meant" Mira shook her head and turned
away. "I will find you when the time is right.  I need to know why
I'm being hunted."

"There was an accident at the labs Mira," Xanatos explained softly. "Many
were injured, some died."

"What type of accident, there wasn't ^"  Mira paused as a look of
horror crossed her face. "The safe ^ Xanatos ^ the safe?"  he
nodded slowly enjoying her confusion and pain.


Mira hid in the lower parts of the station avoiding anyone she might have
known or might run into.  The reports from Arridor distressed her, the
poison ^ the Emperor's poison had been released.  She was still
uncertain how it happened, but it had.  It was starting to make sense in
some strange way^

"You looking for a way off the station?" a man asked causing her to
jump.  His flowing beard and attitude told her this was who she was
waiting for, the Captain of the Calico Star.

"Yes, the main thing is no questions asked and a way to avoid both the
Alliance and the Empire."

"That will raise the price."

"What I have to offer is worth it.  I can pay you, and if not I have the
cure to what is happening on Arridor.  Are you willing to help?"  she
watched as he rubbed his beard. "I will talk to my crew.  Meet me at the

"That's quite public."

"You'll be safe enough."


Mira moved quietly toward the cantina she had escaped from the Alliance
detention area, that was close enough for her.  she needed to get off
this station and soon.  As she moved through the station, she was
uncomfortable with the increasing Imperial presence, she had doubts if
she would get off this station alive. 

Mira froze when she saw Lord Steele, he would recognize her in a heart
beat.  Leaning up against the wall Mira closed her eyes wishing she were
anywhere but here. Watching until the entranceway had cleared, Mira saw
an opening and entered the Cantina. Her eyes took a moment to adjust as
she pulled her cloak around her.  She saw the Captain, but froze as she
saw he was not alone, his crew? It was possible, but she couldn't take
any chances.  Turning quickly she almost ran into another person as she
made her exit.

"Excuse me." Mira muttered, moving quickly through the corridor she
jumped at every shadow and watched every person she passed.

"Stop!" a voice called.  Mira kept walking and ignoring the call.

"Wait." It was another female's voice.

Mira turned seeing the two women from the cantina. "I think you have me
mistaken for someone else."

"Our Captain doesn't think so."

Mira stopped and waited for them to catch up.  If she was wrong, she
would probably pay with her life.


Mira couldn't stop herself from pacing. She had gotten off the station in
a way.  She was on the Calico Star safely tucked away.  Walking down the
corridor of the ship she overheard the Captain talking.  Leaning against
the wall she closed her eyes.  She had been discovered, and now these
people were going to pay for it.  Taking a deep breath she decided what
she needed to do.

Leaving the ship Mira kept her hood hiding her face until she found a
port representative. "Excuse me, I'm looking for an Imperial Officer."

"Take your pick there are plenty around."

After he walked away, Mira walked further then froze when she saw the
figure ahead of her.  Taking in a breath she approached. Shade.  "I think
you are looking for me." She stating simply. "I'm Mira Lexor."


Xanatos moved through the tunnels, making sure that the grates had
some of Mira's poison on them.  He wanted to make sure that anyone
who happened to follow him would never live to tell anyone where he
was going.  He couldn't believe the reports that were being broadcast
over the station.  Mira had given herself up ^ given herself up.  The
thought was absurd, how ^ why would she have done that?   'I'll have
to ask her when I see her next.' He said to himself as he approached
his ship.  Only one more appointment before he could head off to
Coruscant to see how much that had changed.

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