The Business Proposal

By Courtney Kraft and Ginna Wilcoxen

This takes place before the Silverstorm is damaged. 

Roc finished his meal Luna's words stuck in his head. Rising from his chair 
he moved toward the counter/kitchen window. "I hear you travel." 

Haruka didn't even look up from her busy tasks when Roc spoke to her, she 
continued to move quickly preparing the multiple meals she had to get out. "I 
do," she responded after a while. 

"Have you heard about the cruise that the Empress is giving?" 

"Nope --- been a little busy here." Her tone was brisk 

"Then you need a vacation. The Empress is hosting a cruise the first 50 
people will be able to sit at her table. I've got an extra ticket." 

"Who's cooking?" 

"I don't have any idea, that information wasn't given out at least at the 
time I booked my seat." 

"Hmph....with the Empress on board, there should be some good cuisine." She 
pauses for a moment in thought, then looked at Roc. "I could probably learn 
some new recipes." 

Roc nodded with a smile. "I'm sure the food will be excellent. And gaining 
new recipes would be a bonus for your business here." 

Haruka takes a breath to say something, then sighs and goes back to her work. 
"I can't go. I have the Silverstorm to run. I'd loose a ton of money if I 
closed down, especially over a weekend." To her the subject was closed. 

"But think of what you'd make up if you came back with recipes from the 
Empress's own cooks." Roc laid a communication device on the counter. "Think 
about it, if you wish to go then contact me." Roc smiled. 

"I'll think about it. You got a card?" 

"OF course, what good businessman doesn't." Roc hands her one. 

Haruka hold out her hand to take it without a glance. "I'll call ya, really." 

Roc places it in her hand. "Okay." Walking back to his first officer Roc was 
all smiles. "Shall we go?" 

"You didn't do what I think you did?" Ad'hin asked. Roc only smiled with a 
slight nod. 

Roc sat on the Electra wondering how could someone change so much in a year? 
He had thought he knew Octavia he thought she would have said yes. Taking a 
long drink of his liquor he pushed the thought out of his mind. Looking at 
the screen he noticed he had a message waiting. 

"Roc, you owed me a great deal of money but as usual I'm glad you are at 
least on time in your payments." 

Roc moved through the message nothing was any interest to him. He wanted 
time to relax maybe pick up a new fare and make some money on the side. The 
Silverstorm, that's where he needed to go. "Ad'Hin head this bucket to the 

"Figured you wanted to go there, setting is already set." Ad'Hin answered. 

"That's why you are my First Officer Ad'Hin." 


This takes place after the damage to the Silverstorm. 

Roc and Ad'Hin walked toward the Silverstorm they stopped short when they saw 
the front wall had been knocked down. Many of the patrons were fleeing the 

"It looks like a tornado came through here." Ad'Hin said softly. "Maybe we 
should go somewhere else." 

"I want to see if they need any help. Come on." Roc moved forward making his 
First Officer run to catch up to him. 

Stepping inside cautiously Roc looked around. "What happened in here?" 

Slowly, Kyro peered over the counter, rolling his eyes upward when he saw who 
was asking the question. Kyro stood and looked at Roc. "You don't want to 
see this." He said softly. 

"What might I not want to see?" Roc asks. "Did something in here blow up?" 
Roc looked around looking for the source. "Imperials?" 

Slowly, Haruka stood and looked over the bar her restaurant was ruined! It 
was almost as bad as the time Aiko had blown up her old place in Barrington. 
Her eyes began to water and her chin quivered. "Whaaaahahaaaa! Not again!" 

Kyro puts his arms around her, then turns to face Roc. "Why don't you get 
outta here, pal? We've had enough trouble for one night." Haruka continued to 
cry not being able to be take solace in Kyro's comfort. 

"Is everyone okay?" Roc asked "I'm not here for trouble. I came back for 
food and relaxation." He looks at Haruka. "Is there anything I can do to 

Haruka and Kyro step out from behind the bar. "You can fix this place for 
starters!" She turned around and hugged Kyro, burying her face in his fur. 
"It's not fair! Why can't I own a place that DOESN'T get destroyed? Whaaa!" 
Haruka cried again only louder this time. 

Kyro looked serenely at Roc. "Look, man, I'm sorry, but we're going to have 
to shut down for a while." 

"Shut down!" Haruka blubbers. "I can't shut down! I'll go broke!" 

Ad'Hin didn't like the look he saw on his Captains face, he was up to 
something and he was sure he wasn't going to like it. 

"Haruka, what if you shut down for repairs and come back with new 
attractions?" Roc asked. He hated to see people forced into ruin. It was 
different if they did it on their own. 

"Where am I going to get the money? I spent all I earned on our last journey 
to build this place." Haruka cried. 

Kyro stroked her long, blue hair, "Don't worry, Haruka, we'll find something." 

"What ... what if I made a business loan. And until you pay me back I'll be 
a half partner." Roc smiled. "We could use this cruise to make contacts, who 
knows who we'd meet?" 

Haruka looks up at Roc. "You mean it?" she sobbed, her face streaked with 

Kyro looked at Haruka puzzled, "What cruise?" His tone was suspicious, and 
he didn't trust this man who was offering to take Haruka away. 

Roc flashed them both a charming smile. "Hey, I have my reasons for going on 
this cruise and one was to see who was there and what contacts I could make. 
I'm always looking for new freight." He placed his hands on his hips. "Yes, 
I mean it." Roc looked at Haruka's companion. "It's purely a business 
relationship offer." 

Haruka looked up at Kyro. "I bet we could get Rail to convince Aiko to fix 
the place for us. She does owe us for the last place she destroyed." 

"Are you sure you want her fixing things?" Kyro asked remembering the last 

"You're right.... We'll get Aiko to convince Rail to do it!" 

Although he didn't like he had to admit it might be good for her to get away 
from this mess." That works.... Besides ... you could use a vacation." 

Roc looked at the two of them. "So? What's your answer?" 

Haruka looks at Roc. "Okay, you've got yourself a business partner!" 

Roc smile grew wider." Good, do you want it in writing or do you still 
believe in handshakes?" 

Haruka's expression darkened. "I'm a business woman, we put it in writing." 
She stated flatly crossing her arms in front of her. 

"Good, I work both ways. I'll let you draw up the paperwork." Roc looked 
around, "IS there anything to drink, business negotiations make me thirsty?" 

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