Thoughts from a Guilded Cage

Becky Miller

Kaliandra huffed and leaned her head back. She had finally got the
bleeding from her nose stopped.  She gently fingered her nose and
winced.  It was broken. She sighed.

She wasn't sure what that had been to prove.  Fine, that Allyn being
had broken her nose. Nice shot. If it had been to intimidate her or
frighten her, it had failed. Her Master punched harder than that when
they were just sparing.

She sighed heavily. She didn't know what they were doing, but they
had just left her here in this cell. If she was supposed to be scared
or upset or worried...well, she was worried.  She was worried about
Octavia.  They said they had hurt her. Force only knew what they had
done to her.  She knew Octavia's weakness and she only prayed the
Force that the older woman hadn't given into her anger.

Loneliness welled up inside of her heart.  She missed Octavia.  She
missed her Master. She missed Medenna. Force, she even missed Master
Alidar.  She just wanted to go home.  She smiled a little. When had
she started thinking of Yavin as home?  Almas had been her home as
long as she could remember, but Yavin was her home now. She had once
read that home is where your heart is and her heart was definitely on

Kali closed her eyes and leaned her head back against the wall.  This
couldn't go on forever. Something had to happen...eventually.

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