The Calm Before the Storm

By Lisa VanHouten

based on Role-Play between Lisa VanHouten, Rob Smith and Dora Furlong


The meeting was over, and as Darana watched the other members of the
house file out of the conference room, she decided that now was the
time to track down her wayward house mates. Normally she wouldn't
call them back after such a blow up since it was generally better to
give them all time to calm down, but Darana did not have the luxury
of time right now, so she  isolated the links leading to Shade and
Takara even as she fought to reign in her remaining anger.

She went after Shade first. "Meet me in my office, NOW."

Despite the best efforts of the Chief of Security to shield his mind
carefully from the link, traces of his anger still leaked through.
"Deal with Serris. That is priority one. Not the pettiness of the
house-members. This WILL wait.."  Then silence.  Darana realized that
she'd never felt this much anger from Shade before.

"This will NOT wait" she countered, her own anger once again rising
to it's crest. Once more Darana felt as if she were losing control
over the house, and she did't like it one bit. Unfortunately, there's
nothing but silence and anger from Shade's link to her. She was going
to have to figure out a way to put a stop to this, and soon.

Darana debated briefly whether to pursue the matter, then decided that
right  now she stood a much better chance of straightening out the other
house member who had caused the argument in the conference room.

"Takara. My office now." she said through the link, not waiting for
an'answer as she headed for her office. There was no time to waste.


The message came through loud and clear as Takara performed a
textbook duck and roll against the two remaining sentry 'droids that
were firing at her.  She refused to let the link with Darana distract
her as a matter of discipline despite the fact that it never failed
to cause a slight stab of pain her head. It was something she had
long gotten used to.

After destroying the 'droids with several quick bursts of blaster
fire, she barely wasted a moment to dust  herself off before heading
for Darana's office, mentally bracing herself for what was no doubt
going to be a follow up to the 'incident' in the conference room.
Takara had never meant for it to go that far, and she certainly
hadn't expected Darana to react the  way she did, but then, she
thought, things in the house had been far from normal lately any way
you looked at it.  Whatever happened in the near future, she decided
it was probably best to keep a low profile and wait until the whole
Serris situation had been resolved. Maybe then things would return
normal - including Shade.


Darana was seated behind her desk and indicated the chair opposite her
when Takara entered.
 	"Have a seat."
	Takara sat waiting for Darana to begin the conversation, but
Darana seemed lost in a mental contact for a minute. Or at least, trying
to get a mental contact. Takara had an idea who it was  she was looking
for but kept silent for a change. Finally, Darana turned her attention
back to the person seated opposite her.
	"Alright. First things first. What was that all about in the
conference room?"
	Takara shrugged. "I was just joking around with him. I
didn't mean anything by it. He's just been so serious lately.'
	Darana leveled a hard look at her. "There is a time to joke
Takara and I assure  you that was not it!"
	"Understood. It won't happen again."
	Darana cocked her head to the side and raised an eyebrow, trying
to gauge if Takara really did understand. Her gaze was very intense. She
picked up the following thoughts from the Merc.
	I understand enough to keep my mouth shut from now on when
we're in a meeting unless I'm asked a question..well at least for
maybe the next month or so..hey, I can't help it!
	Satisfied, Darana continued. "Takara, you need to..." Her
voice trailed off as her eyes went distant, then barely whispered
"She's found her."
	"Serris?" Takara asked.  
	Darana nodded, then stood quickly and moved for the door."Come
with me. This will have to wait."


	Takara followed quickly after Darana as they headed for briefing
room. Takara's mind was suddenly racing with what the near future had
in store for them. They had spent so much time planning Serris's
rescue, and now here it was at last.  Takara said nothing en route, but
silently hoped that she'd be included in the actual rescue. It had
been too long since she'd faced a potential combat situation, and her
trigger figure was way beyond itching.
	Darana seemed to pick up on her thoughts. "Well, it looks like
here's your chance. After we receive the coordinates from Rachel,
I'm sending you ahead along with Sidra. You'll be an advanced scout
team to secure the area".
	"She hasn't been field tested yet. You sure we can trust
	Darana smiled to herself. "Yes. However, should
she..malfunction..I'm sure you can take care of it in an appropriate
	"Definitely. Am I taking anyone else to the party?"
	"One more person. You have a choice of Phoenix, Silver,
Corwin, Kylie, Klaw, Ralf, Shadow and Rachel."
	Takara tried not to visibly react to the last name mentioned.
Rachel. A host of possibilities raced through her mind, among them was
the possibility that Sidra was not the only one who Takara might have to
'fix' if her suspicions become reality. "If Rachel knows where
Serris is, it'd be easier with her giving us a general direction where
to head.  Besides, I'd like to have a Force user just in case of
trouble as long as she doesn't mind working next to Force Null." 
	"Okay, Rachel is yours. Besides, I'd have a hard time
keeping her from going on the first wave." She glanced at Takara
briefly and saw a grin forming to match the light growing in her eyes.
	"Remember, this is a scouting mission. You are not to engage to the
enemy, not until I have arrived with the rest of the household."
	Now the smile was in full force almost ear to ear.
	Darana stopped for a moment and looked at her slightly askance
but said nothing.  Finally, she returned the smile and shook her head.
Takara, she thought, what AM I going to do with you?
	"Just for the record, who's in charge of this little day
	"You are.  Needless to say, I expect the best from you on
	"Always. And I can tell you for a fact if the shooting does
start, well, to quote Shade, I never miss my target."
	They reached the entrance to the briefing room. Before
stepping inside, though, Darana studied Takara for one last time. "I
have faith and trust in you Takara. You have always come through.
It's just that this means a great deal to me." the concern was
apparent in her voice.  
	Takara's grin vanished, replaced by a look of deadly
seriousness. It was the same look that would meet anyone who stood in
their way to rescue Serris before they were reduced to a blaster hole
filled, smoking corpse. She nods. This is it.  
	Darana returned the nod, pleased, then entered the briefing room.

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