Come To Bed


John Medkeff

Cassandra checked Mikala's monitors one last time. The girl's vital signs were all closer to normal than they had been an hour earlier and she slept peacefully. The poison appeared to have been neutralized, and the dialysis machine was happily clearing the residue from her blood.

Sandy stretched, yawned and turned away from her patient. "Wake me if any goes wrong with her," Sandy ordered the night nurse. "And try not to wake her friend." She waved at Zeruah asleep in a chair.

She left the room, walked down the hall, up a flight of stairs and opened the door to Tor's study. As she closed the door, she dropped her green silk robe on the floor.

Tor sat at his desk, pretending to read one of his most recently acquired ancient books.

Sandy walked over and wrapped her arms around him. "Come to bed, love. We can do no more till she wakes." She kissed his cheek.

Tor dropped his book on the desk and warped an arm around her, pulling her into his lap. "Are you all right with this?" He asked.

She shifted so that she lay across him, kissed him, then she laid her head on his shoulder. "Yes, I'm all right with adding Mikala to our zoo. She's your blood and I love everything about you." She stroked his chin. "I will not allow you to turn her away. She needs you as much as I do."

"Are you sure?" He looked into her eyes.

"Yes, I'm sure." She touched her lips to his. "You know we cannot lie to each other. Now read it in the depth of my soul." She kissed him long and hard, opening her mind and pulling his into hers.

Sandy released Tor's lips and put her head back on his shoulder. "She's been abused, badly abused. Her back is covered with scars. Mostly from blades I think. They're old, from when she was a child I think."

He stroked her hair for a moment. "Then you don't resent her, or her mother?"

"I don't resent Mikala, but do have issues with this Trinity. No mother should so mistreat her own child."

He felt a surge of darkness from her. "I see, remind me not to invite you both to the same party."

"What about the kids. How do you think they will react to having a new sister, one who is older than they are?"

"As always each will be himself." Sandy answered.

She stood up, took his hand and pulled him to his feet. "Now come to bed, I need to be kept warm." Behind her the door to their bedroom opened.

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