Confident and Princess

By Jilly Harris and Viper

        Midalah was scrolling through the information in one of the crystals she
had. It was some information that she hadn't given to Colin. She leaned
back and propped her feet up as she ran across something that was very
interesting. Apparently K'hando had gotten a hold of Reesha's journal.
Midalah raised her eyebrow and opened it. She scrolled through entries
and found where her aunt recorded how she planned the assassination.
Midalah felt as if her heart almost stopped as she read one particular
entry. The entry that revealed the name of the assassin.

	Midalah fell back against her seat, her eyes distant. She felt
tears forming in her white eyes then shook her head and leaned forward
sending an encrypted transmission. "S'Lara?" she questioned. After a
moment S'Lara's image appeared on her holo screen. "Are you busy? I need
to see you," Midalah asked.

	"I'm here at my bar," S'Lara said. "Will be for the next few
days. Anything wrong?"

	"I'd rather not talk about it over this transmission," Midalah
said. "I'll be there in a few minutes."

	"Alright, till then," S'Lara said, and she ended the

	Midalah stood and tucked the different crystals and data pads
away before she grabbed her jacket, blaster and saber, attaching the last
two to her hip. She walked off her ship and secured it, before heading to
the bar.


	S'Lara glanced at the cameras that were in her private office
occasionally looking for Midalah's arrival. She saw the girl walk in and
walk to the bar. She noticed the bartender nod and point to the door.
Midalah walked up to the door and after a few moments it opened to allow
her to enter. Midalah walked over to the chair and sat down. Looking at
her face anyone could see that she was apparently upset.

	S'Lara turned from the monitors and looked at her. "Ok what's
going on? What have you learned since we last met?" she asked.

	"I've learned that the last three years of my life have been a
waste," Midalah said.

	"How so?" S'Lara asked.

	"This continuous search for the person that killed my family has
been a waste," Midalah said. She sighed heavily. "Perhaps I should start
at the beginning?"

	"I would think so. Since I don't understand, what did you learn
to upset you so," S'Lara said.

	"K'hando was very good at the information he got me. He got me so
much more than I could have hoped for. Including a copy of my aunt's
journal that contains information of the massacre. Apparently she got
careless," Midalah said. "It gave the name of the man she hired to
perform the assassinations. The man she hired is dead."

	"And this upsets you? You wanted him dead what's the problem?"
S'Lara asked.

	"I was the one who killed him three years ago," Midalah said.

	"Then you have your revenge. But you didn't waste three years.
You have learned much in this time have you not?" S'Lara asked.

	Midalah rose and began to pace back and forth. "if I had known
who he was, I would have taken greater pleasure in his death. I would
have been back where I belong sooner. And my sister-in-law would have had
her justice sooner." She turned and looked at her. "Yes I have learned
much," she said.

	S'Lara studied her. "Pacing doesn't help, sit. It's too late now
to worry about him. But what are you plans for returning? And is your
aunt still in power?"

	Midalah sat back down. "From the information Khando got, Reesha
is losing favor, and Melantha with her since she is the reigning queen.
I've already passed the information on to Colin and we have begun
preparations," she said.

	"You're attacking the palace?" S'Lara asked.

	Midalah shook her head. "It may not be necessary," she said. "I

	"Well your not going to just show up and take it back. I know
you'll need some kind of force. Did you hire... whom I recommended?"
S'Lara asked.

	"You recommended Colin MacDermott, he is who I hired," Midalah

	"Good, good choice," S'Lara said. She pulled out a bottle and set
two glasses down. "Drink?"

	"Please," Midalah said.

	S'Lara poured the drinks and handed one to Midalah. "So... now
what's really bothering you?" she asked.

	Midalah sipped the drink, wincing as it burned down her throat.
"What makes you think it's something other than this?" she asked.

	"Just knowing you. You're concerned on how this will turn out?
And what do you plan to do with your aunt and cousin? Exile them or
eliminated... ... " S'Lara sipped her drink again. "I'm sure Colin could
handle that."

	Midalah sighed, toying with her drink. "I can't completely blame
my cousin though. She was just another puppet in Reesha's cruel game,"
she said. She looked at S'Lara. "I'm worried also about the kind of queen
I will be."

	"Treat the people like you care. Don't rule them. Be one of them.
And if they are already not happy with the present rulers... Your
returning is the best they could hope for. It's all in the timing. I'm
sure you'll be just fine," S'Lara said.

	Midalah smiled softly. "No wonder mother made you a Lady," she
said. "You are far more noble then any of the so-called blue bloods on

	S'Lara sighed shaking her head. "That was many years ago. Lon was
so young and you for that matter. I haven't thought about that in all
these years. Noble has nothing to do with blood." She finished her drink
pouring more, she offered more to Midalah.

	Midalah held her glass out. "You are still considered nobility,
and you always will. You know you are welcome there. The people in the
palace in particular looked to you as much as they looked to my mother,"
she said.

	S'Lara smiled. "I was young and very stupid then," she mumbled

	Midalah raised her eyebrow. "Mother didn't think so, neither do
I," she said. "S'Lara if not for you I'd probably be dead."

	"I only did what was right," S'Lara said.

	Midalah sipped her drink. "I wish..." she started. She bit her
lip. "I wish I didn't have to do all this. I hate my aunt."

	"It's your place, and your right. But only you can decide if you
want it," S'Lara said.

	"I want it, I've always wanted it. I just wish it happened under
different circumstances. I wish it stemmed from my mother dying of old
age, or her stepping down because of her age. Not this... war," Midalah
said. "This is my destiny, I know that. I was meant to be the queen.
Just... it's the circumstances. No person wants to become the ruler of
their planet rightfully that way."

	"War is a way of life... no matter where you are. And you are not
the first to have to fight for your rightful place. Nor will you be the
last," S'Lara said.

	Midalah nodded slowly. "I know. I know all of this. But why can't
I tell my heart that? Or why won't it listen when I do?" she asked.

	"Because child, your heart rules you. And if you let it right now
you'll not survive this. Think with your mind, use your heart after you
retain your throne," S'Lara said.

	"It's so hard, but I am trying. It's been so hard to shut my
heart off in so many things," Midalah looked down, mumbling a bit.

	"You'll learn, as time goes on you'll learn when to guard your
heart and when not," S'Lara said softly.

	Midalah quickly wiped a tear away that fell from her eyes. "I
know. I still have so much to learn," she said.

	"It will come with time," S'Lara said. She leaned on her desk.
"Why not stay for dinner and relax? We can visit and later you can tell
me of your plans with Colin."

	Midalah nodded. "All right," she said.

	S'Lara smiled. "Good, I don't like eating alone that much," she
said. Midalah nodded, understanding all too well.

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