Rebecca Miller


John Medkeff

Mikala was bored to death. She was supposed to be resting, but she just wasn't tired enough to sleep. She had just finished physical therapy and was supposed to rest until evening meal, but she was going stir crazy. Getting up wasn't an option, Goldie blinked at her sleepily from the other side of the sleep couch. She sighed. She had gone through all the Force exercises her Father had given her, twice. She really wanted to talk to Alidar again, but they had been keeping a close eye on her to make sure she didn't go Astral again and the last time had been more than enough for now.

She sighed again and reached out with her mind to see if she could locate where the others were. Before she realized exactly what she was doing, she thoughts drifted toward the garden and brush up against the thoughts of another. She drew back only feel the mind reaching back. She smiled a little when she sudden realized it was Darien.

She had felt something kind of like this only a couple other times before, with her Grandmother and with DuCruet. Mental bonds, links to other minds. She sighed both of those bonds had come to very abrupt, very painful ends. She could feel something like that forming with her Father, but that was because he was training her. But Darien? That was ridiculous! Men like that went for nice girls and if anything, she was not a "nice girl". But that kiss. She still felt warm inside at the memory of it. She shook her head. He had just done that to distract her from getting them all killed, but that kiss... She shook herself. She was being silly. He was a "nice man". "Nice" men like didn't give women like her a second glance.

She could still feel his mind reaching out to her. He was probably just wondering what she wanted. Tentatively, she reached back.

*Hi,* she attempted to send. She hadn't talked to anyone mentally like this since her Grandmother died. She had tried to with DuCruet. She had been able to hear him, but he couldn't ever hear her.

*Hello, Mikala?*

*Are you all right?*

*You can hear me?* she came back a little startled.

*Yes, I can hear you. You're a little fuzzy, but I can hear you.* he replied.

She struggled to tighten her focus. *Is this any better?*

*Yes. I find it helps if you think about the right direction.*

*How can you hear me? My Grandmother is the only other person who could hear me like this. Xan--DuCruet could talk to me, but he could never hear me answer.*

*I think you're stronger now, and* He hesitated. *We seem to be connecting with each other. Odd that you had a one way channel with Xanatoes.*

She struggled to keep herself calm. *We weren't much for sharing with each other on a lot of levels.*

*He sounds like the type who always has to do the talking. But never listens.*

She caught herself nodding and then added. *He's fairly enamored with himself.*

*I thought that was likely. His loss.*

She smiled a little. *I wasn't much better.*

*But you could hear him.*

She flinched a bit. *I was stupid. I trusted him.*

*And now you're wiser.*

*I'll never make that mistake again.*

*I hope not. But you mustn't make its opposite either.*

*How so?*

*Don't close yourself off to other people just because Xanatoes burned you.*

She paused. *Thank you for coming to help me on the Astral Plane.*

*Your welcome. Glad I could help. I wouldn't like to lose you..*

Mikala felt flutterbugs starting to settle into her stomach. It was a feeling she hadn't felt in a very long time. * kissed me. I guess that was just to distract me so I didn't get us killed.*

He took a moment to answer. *It did serve that purpose.*

She sighed. *Yeah, I guess,* she said a bit disappointed.

*But it was a nice kiss, wasn't it.*

*It was,* she said a bit shyly. She could feel her cheeks warming. *You could always come up and check and see if it's just as nice in real life.*

*I may do that.*

*I'll be here. Goldie here making sure I do.*

*I'm sure she is.*

*Are you surviving therapy?*

*Barely. I'm getting some of my strength back finally. Force, I didn't realize how helpless this would leave me.*

*Well, you have had your whole back rebuilt.*

*I never realized how bad it was.* She sighed and then brightened a bit. *I can finally sit up without that stupid brace on. Not for long, but I can.*

*That's good.*

*Hopefully, I can get rid of it soon.*


*What are you up to?*

*Helping Keiren trim the hedge.*


*On the other side of the landing pad.*

Mikala moved to get up to go to the window to see if she could see them. She walked over to the window, but she couldn't see them. She sighed and leaned against the frame. She glanced at the chrono. It was time for dinner. No time for a visit. She looked out the window again and leaned her head against the frame. She felt…she shook her head and then pause. Maybe. Just maybe.

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