Containing a Blaze

by: Armand Banooni, Ginna Wilcoxen, Renee Gunn and Dana Terry

Kay sat back in the seat, wondering if this was the right thing to
do, she didn't like being around so many Jedi. "Drysi," she called

"What?" The other woman hopped up onto the seat next to Kay. Kay had
to look down at her.

"You are going to go out like that? You look like a child."

Drysi nodded, swinging her feet. "That's the idea."

She hooked her blaster belt around her hips. "You have the strangest
sense of humor. I don't know if I'll ever get used to it."

"Think about it, Kay." Drysi grinned. "We want to get in there,

Kay nodded. "And we have the supply issue as well as passes.... Your

"Passes and supplies are all well and good, but. . . think about it a
minute. How are we going to get to actually see this Blaze up close
and personal?"

"A net?" Kay muttered, thinking of the description they had obtained
about their target

Drysi laughed. "That might be a little obvious."

Kay let out a sigh, "So use the Jedi's trust of children to get close
to them?" Kay nodded as if thinking of something. "Might work."

"Uh huh. I'll go skipping through there and no one will question me."
Drysi grinned broadly.

"It will make sense, especially if I have to come looking for you."

Drysi grinned as if she was quite proud of herself. "See? It'll

Kay nodded. "Then we will try it."

"Good. Let's get this on the ground and get going." Kay retook her
seat and asked for the proper clearances to land.

They received clearance with a cheerful, "Welcome to Yavin."

Kay let out a smirk as the Tempest settled into its holding pattern.
"Well, that is part is done."

"The easy part." Drysi looked down at the planet below them. "Now, we
just have to catch a flying Jedi -- thing."

Kay chuckled. "All Jedi are ... things the only difference is this
this one happens to fly." She took in a breath, clearing her mind, of
their purpose here. "Now I'm ready."

"That has *got* to be annoying."

Kay looked at her friend. "What?"

She motioned toward the planet below them. "All those trees."

"They have their place Drysi, though I agree it's too much."

"Where are we setting down?"

Kay laughed. "Well, it makes sure your pilot is a good one."

"You're not going to go under those, are you?"

"Of course I am, what are you scared of?"

"Nothing," she shot back. "It's just -- I'm beginning to have second
thoughts about this."

"You're scared?" Kay taunted as she moved the tempest down and
through the trees

Drysi stuck out her tongue. "Watch it, Kay."

Kay laughed as she cut it a bit too close for Drysi's comfort,

"You're not your father, you know."

"What is that supposed to mean?"

"He was able to scare me with moves like that."

"You don't trust my piloting skills?"

"You've got it backwards," she said with a smile. "I trust yours more
than I trusted his."

Kay laughed as the tempest settled into the arrange spot. "Okay,
we're here, if anything goes wrong, we ... we could have problems
taking off."

"I didn't need to hear that."

"I'm only telling you what you know yourself." Kay stood gathering
the identification they would need."

"We'll worry about that if it happens. At the worst, I can create a
squall to keep them from us for a little while." Drysi reminded her
friend of her small ability.

"Well, then I would say we're ready, be on guard with your thoughts.
I've heard they like to scan minds."

"I'm just curious. That's what little ones are supposed to be,
right?" Drysi asked.

"Yes, but you are that regardless of your size."

Drysi smiled and held out her hand for her identification chips.

"Yes, I will proceed to... give the appearance we need to. YOU take
care of the Jedi."

A wide grin spread across her face. "You bet."

Kay lowered the landing ramp. "Humid, be prepared for it."

Drysi rolled her eyes. "Of course." She pulled her hair back into a
pony tail, deftly securing it. "Let's go."

Kay walked down the ramp and headed off to check in with whoever she
needed to .

Drysi kicked at the rocks in the area around the ship, then skipped
off as Kay began to oversee the unloading and loading of supplies.
She used her charm, being very friendly with the beings assisting

Drysi acted the unconcerned and very curious little girl as she
bounced around the area. She stopped to watch some of the classes
from a distance. She climbed onto a rock and sat there, kicking her
heels against it.

Blaze noticed her, not having seen her before. Drysi gave her a big

Blaze tilted her head giving a questioning look, but Drysi giggled
and slipped off the rock, scampering away.

Blaze watched. She was curious, but not sure about following. She
looked for Alidar since it was the normal time that they walked and
discussed the day's events.

Blaze looked to where Alidar was, questioningly. He nodded at her and
she looked back towards where the girl went and headed for that
general direction, slowly.

Blaze could hear giggles now and then, underbrush rustling. Blaze
followed the sounds cautiously. Drysi, however, was careful to keep
out of sight.

Kayleigh slowly moves toward the area where the Jedi live. "Dys!" she
called out.

Blaze studied the area, looking around as she follows the sounds. In
the distance, she could hear someone calling.

Drysi popped up from behind a rock. "Boo!"

Blaze would move back and look at her cautiously, keeping slight
distance, not quite sure what to make of her.

"Hi. I'm Drysi. Who're you?" Drysi climbed onto the rock and sits
cross-legged, leaning forward to look at Blaze.

Blaze watched, studying her. "Blaze. What are you doing here?"

"I'm here with my mom." She smiled. "I got bored."

Kay noticed Drysi talking with Blaze. She smiled and went back to
walking through the trees

"And where is she?" Blaze asked.

"She was at the ship. We live on the ship." She tilted her head at
Blaze.  "Do you live on a ship?"

"No. I live here."

"That's neat. I've never lived on a planet before." She plucked a
leaf from a nearby bush and played with it. "But I have a nice room
on our ship."

Blaze watched, stepping slightly closer. "Why do you live on a ship?
Why not a planet?"

"Dys!" A voice could be heard calling.

"Because that's what we do." She smiled. "Mommy makes deliveries,"
she said in a singsong voice. "And I help."

Blaze turned in the direction of the voice. "Is that your mother?"

Drysi held a finger to her lips. "Shh. I'm hiding."

Blaze recalled the game she'd been seeing the Jedi children playing
and she nodded.

"Wanna play?"

Blaze watched. "Play what?"

Drysi shrugged. "Anything. Hide and seek is fun. So's tag. Do you
know any games?"

Blaze shakes her head. "I've not played many games."

"Everybody plays games."

"I have not."

Drysi frowned. "But I wanna play. We have to play something."

"I... will play."

"I've got some games in my room we can play."

"I would prefer to stay outside."

Kay moved toward them slowly, looking around at her surroundings.

Blaze would step back and motion to where theyd' come from. "There
are other children for you to play with back there."

"But you're kinda neat," Drysi said. "We don't have to play them
inside, but I have to get them. Wanna help me pick?"

Blaze looked. "You may pick what you like and meet me where you saw
me first."

Drysi's face fell into a pout.

Blaze watched and turned, looking. "I should head back."

You're no fun." The 'girl' sniffed and wiped at her face.

Blaze frowned. "I will play with you back there."

Tears sprang into Drysi's eyes. "You just don't like me."

Blaze sighed, not quite sure what to do, not having encountered this
type of situation before. Blaze shifted uncomfortably, her wings
stretching uncomfortably out of her desire to leave the uncomfortable
situation but knowing she shouldn't.

"Please? Please come with me?" Drysi begged.

"I will wait here."

Tears spilled onto Drysi's cheeks. "I knew it. No one likes me."

Blaze sighed and looked. "I will walk with you, but wait for you

Drysi held out her hand. Blaze looked at her questioningly.

"Dys!" Kay called again, a bit further off than before.

"Come on!" the girl/woman said.

Blaze looked at her. "Your mother?"

"It's a game we play."

Blaze watched. "Perhaps you should finish your game with her before
we play."

"No, we play it all the time."

"Perhaps she's not playing anymore?"

"She is. I know my mom." Drysi opened and closed her hand. "Come on."

Blaze stepped closer but keeps her hands down. Drysi looked dejected,
but turned to go back to the ship, Blaze following.

Drysi stopped at the ship. "Come inside with me? Please?"

There was short cry from a bird of prey circling above. Blaze looked
up and shook her head. "I'll wait here."

"But it's kinda scary in there when I'm alone." Drysi's big blue eyes
blinked up at her.

"Then perhaps there is something to play out here?"

"But the game I want is inside."

"I will be right here."

"But what if something big and creepy is in my room?"

Blaze watched. "Then you can wait for your mother."

She stomped her foot. "You're mean!"

The bird climbed a bit higher in the sky and made wider circles as
Drysi began to cry.

Blaze shifted uncomfortably. "The children at the Temple may have a
game like yours, you could borrow theirs."

"Please?" Drysi asked through her tears. "Just for a minute to help
me look?"

*There's a bird circling, Drysi. Be careful, don't push,* Kay said
through her bond to Drysi as she moved through the trees, back toward
the ship.

Blaze looked up at the sky. "I should wait here."

*I'm supposed to be a kid. Kids push.* Drysi wiped her nose on the
back of her hand. "It's cause I'm not a Jedi, isn't it?" She turned
and started to trudge up the ramp to the ship.

Blaze watched, frowning, "I'm not a Jedi."

"Then why don't you like me?"

*And some kids need to be slapped,* Kay sent with a chuckle.

Drysi sent back the mental equivalent of a stuck-out tongue.

Blaze watched. "I just prefer to stay out here."

"Liar," Drysi whispered tearfully as she neared the door, making
Blaze flinch a bit as she watched.

Drysi looked back. "I just wanted a friend."

"We can be friends, out here."

"Why not inside?"

"I do not like being inside."

"It would only be for a minute."

"Yes, but I am more comfortable here."

She huffed. "Fine. If the monsters inside eat me, it's your fault."
Drysi went into the ship.

Blaze moved away from the ship and watched Imari, stretching her
wings.  More than a few minutes went by and Drysi did not come out.
Blaze watched the door waiting, standing up and pacing. She moved
closer to the ship, but Drysi still did not come out.

Blaze looked up the ramp listening, looking around and listening for
the voice that was calling the little girl earlier, but it was no
longer heard.

Instead, Kay was moving back toward the ship making sure she had the
most upset look possible on her face.

Blaze stood at the ramp, listening in the ship. "Are you coming back
out?" There was no answer, so she stepped further up onto the ramp.

There was still no answer, but she could hear slight noises from
further inside. Blaze listened. "I can hear you. Come out so we can
play. I don't have much more time that I can stay."

There was no response. Blaze sighed. "Hurry up. It's getting late."
She took another step on the ramp.

She could hear nothing more than some sniffles.

Kay was moving toward the ship. *Drysi, are you alright*

*I'm fine. By the nine moons, I've never had one this stubborn.*

Blaze listened. "I said I would play with you." She was still on the
ramp, looking into the ship.

*I'm beginning to wonder if this is really worth the pay*

*Everything is worth the pay,* Kay snapped.

*You're not the one 'crying' and hiding on the ship to lure her in here!*

Blaze stood at the door of the ship at the top of the ramp. "Come on
out now." Drysi did not answer. Blaze sighed. "I've come this far.
Meet me halfway."

"Come in the back of the ship," called a small voice. "I can't reach
my game."

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