Containing a Blaze Part 2

Alidar was focused on where Imari was and headed that way. He was
intercepted by Kay. "Excuse me, have you seen a small child?" she
asked him, stopping him.

"I have seen several. What does the child look like?" *Imari, have
you seen a child?*

Kay let out a sigh. "She's about this tall, big blue eyes and gets
into trouble." Kay smiled nervously. "Well, not so much as in trouble
as she's very curious."

*There is a small one with Blaze.*

Alidar tilted his head the slightest bit. He looked down on the
ground, knelt and touched it. "I believe she went in this direction."

"You know that by touching the ground?" Kay asked.

"There are many ways to track someone." He started walking in the
direction he indicated. "What brings you and the child here?"

"Work." Kay let out a sigh. "We're dropping off supplies as well as
restocking ours. I didn't expect her to run off."


Blaze stood at the doorway gazing in at the top of the ramp. "I'm
here.  Come on now."

Drysi was still 'trying to reach' and sniffing. "I can't get it!"

Blaze watched, "Can you pick another?"

"They're all too high," she says. "Please, help me?"

Blaze looked up at Imari and, against her better judgment and her
comfort, moved inside carefully and slowly taking one step inside.
"Can't we play something outside that doesn't need one of your

"But this one's the funnest."

Blaze sighed, taking another step inside. "Isn't there something you
can stand on?"

"I can't get it. It's too heavy."


Kay smiled as she saw their target enter the ship. She turned to
Alidar, "When I get my hands on her... Sorry... are you one of the
Jedi that live here?"

"Yes I am. Forgive me for not introducing myself. I wish to find your
child as much as you do. I am Master Alidar D'med."


Blaze sighed, taking another step in, studying the ship. It was a
typical cargo ship. Practical and clean, there was no signs of

Blaze could hear Drysi in the back. She listened around her, her
senses tuned into everything. She moved slowly toward the room where
Drysi was, not hearing anything out of the ordinary.


*Not too much longer,* Drysi said. * I almost have her and we're
going to have to fly.*

As Blaze moved to the room and hesitantly looked in, Drysi activated
a switch on her belt. It sent a pre-recorded message to Kay's
comlink:  "Mom! How come you're not on the ship?" as Drysi stood in
the corner of the room on her tiptoes, reaching up.

Blaze watched. "What is this game?"

"That one!" She pointed to the box on the top of the pile on the top

Blaze looked around the room before moving to where she was.

Drysi hopped from the stool she was on. "I can't reach it."


Kay looked at her comlink and jumped. "She's on the ship!"

Kay turned to Alidar, "I hope you don't this much trouble with your

*About to close now, Kay,* Kay heard from Drysi. * Move it!*

Kay reached to take hold of Alidar's hand as he answered, "Not
generally." They continued walking toward the ship.

"Blaze?" Alidar called as they walked.


Blaze moved closer and Drysi pointed up. "Could you get it?"

Blaze reached up.

"Not that one -- that one!" Drysi said.

Blaze reached for the other game..

"Drop it, Drysi.*

"That's the one," Drysi said, hearing Kay's message . "Grab it?"

Blaze looked, putting her hand on it as she turned, hearing Alidar.

"No, not that one. That's not it. I was wrong. It's the next one
under it."

Blaze looked at the child. "Are you sure, I shouldn't be in here."

"Please?" Drysi begged and Blaze reached for it.


Outside of the ship, Kay stumbled, knowing that something like this
could happen. As she stumbled, she pressed a dart with a sleeping
drug in Alidar. She was shooting for the neck area but got the

Alidar turned and tried to hold Kay off but already ill from the
virus running rampant among the Jedi, he stumbled into some of the
traps that had been laid around the ship.

*Imari! Danger! Help Blaze!* Alidar called.

*Alida...Blaze...ship....unh,* Alidar managed to send to Alida as
consciousness faded.


Drysi darted out of the room while Blaze reached for the box. The
door slammed closed as Force dampeners kicked and the room flooded
with gas.

Blaze turned and screeched as her wings opened and she reached to try
and claw anything she could, trying desperately to get out as the gas
started to overtake her.


Kay ran into the ship, moving toward the pilot area "Drysi^get that
bird out of here or I'll have it for dinner.

Drysi grabbed her stungun and took aim with a wide beam while Imari
veered off, screaming her head off, looking for a way into the ship.
Drysi continued to fire, keeping Imari at bay.

Imari veered away from the ship and Kay raised the ship off the

"Go, Kay!" Drysi called. "The bird's gone for now."

"It might get bumpy!"


Once she made the jump into hyper space, Kay went looking for Drysi.
"How's the cargo?"

"Out for now, but. . ." She shook her head. "She could have me for a
snack if she wanted to."


Lightsaber in hand, Alida reached where Alidar was sprawled on the
ground. She quickly called for support, calling for a general
shutdown of the landing area. She reached Alidar just after the ship
nearby left the ground. She searched the area, not finding any
immediate threat, then she dropped next to the unconscious Alidar,
where Imari was perched over him protectively.

Alida called for medical help for him.

Medical teams came and loaded Alidar onto an antigrav stretcher, to
take him back to the medical wing.

*Master D'med? Why the lock down* Lon questioned.

*It seems that Blaze may have been taken. I won't know for certain
until Alidar awakens.*

*Open up the grid. I'll see if I can track the ship.*


* On my way!* he said before calling to his fellow Padawan. *Danna!*

*What happened?*

* Get to the Shadow Phoenix stat! I'm outta here in 2 minutes or
less.  Finishing up my preflight.*

*On my way!*

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