Dream a Dangerous Dream

By: Ginna Wilcoxen, Debbie Casselbury, Season Irwin

Here it is again.... This takes place after the rescue of the gladitorial games

Octavia sat on the transport wondering what the academy would be
like.  Considering what she had just been through, she was looking
for some peace and quiet.  So much had happened.  She felt like she
had aged three years.

How much her life had changed!  She watched as members of the
Alliance talked to Luke and ask questions on what had happened.
Couldn't they see he was tired, both physically and mentally? Why
didn't they let him rest?  Octavia closed her eyes and then opened
them quickly, not wanting to remember the arena, yet she could still
feel the sand, the heat, smell the blood.  It had been a welcome
relief to feel the transport land.  She followed one of the students
who said they would show her to where she would be staying.

Octavia nodded thanks as she entered what would be her room.  It was
small, but big enough for her.  Removing her saber and placing it on
a chair Octavia laid down on the bed, not taking time to change.

  Octavia found herself tossing in her sleep.  Visions of the arena,
of people she met, seemed to melt into one picture.  Captain Roc of
the Electra, other members of the crew, then the battle in the
desert.  She tossed and turned as the image of the one man who had to
be Qui-Gon Jinn died again at the hands of a tattooed man.  Luke and
Jerella seem to appear and say something to her, but she couldn't
make out what they were trying to tell her.  More images seemed to
rush at her and to change.  Finally one changed into that of her
father.  His compelling eyes seem to soften as he looked at her.

"Father?" Octavia called out in her dream state.

"I'm here."

"Where did you go? Why did you leave with mother?"  Octavia questioned.

"It had to be done, you needed to learn."  Octavia's father answered.

"I liked it when you taught me.  You made it seem so easy, so simple."

"I am watching you, young one.  I am watching you very carefully."

"Father why didn't you come back?" Octavia asked.

"I tried. It wasn't safe for you."

"You left me, left me on My'kr.  You promised to take me back to see
your mother, my grandmother.  Instead you left me alone with a woman
who hated me, who hated you.  I had to survive on my own.  I was
almost a slave.  I need you!"

"I wasn't able to return; things prevented my returning.  You've done
well," the image of her father answered.

"You never fully explained things to me.  You didn't explain that
this would happen to me!"  Octavia watched her father's face.  "What
is this Force and why am I so different?"

"You ARE different....you have a power you will need to polish and
recharge.  You saw what you did in the arena...you can do much more
once you've attained your potential.  You need to come out of the
Light a little, child, and touch the Darkness.  It, too, will answer
your needs."

"Father,  you always told me to avoid dark feelings."

"If I did, I was wrong.  I was wrong about a great, many things...."

Octavia shook her head. "But, even Master Skywalker says to avoid the
Dark Side.  That is what kept me alive in the arena ... I killed
someone ...that was horrible." Her voice cracked at the memory.

"Maybe he was" Her father's tone was soft and benevolent, caring,
"meant to die, my child.  You used your skills well.  You survived.
He did not."

"I heard a voice in the arena.  That is what helped me survived that
death trap." Octavia closed her eyes. "When are you coming home?"

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