Luke looked at her with a little excitement. "Yes!  Yes, that's

 Luke paused briefly. "What does the Light feel like to you?"

"Confusing at times, then peaceful.  Mainly it's a good feeling, like
you know what you're doing is right and correct."

"What else?"  Luke probed gently.

Octavia thought about what she remembered with her father, on the
Electra, thenright before the battles in the arena.  "Life, you can
sense life around you a balance."

"Yes anything more?"

Again Octavia remained quiet for a few moments.  "No is there
supposed to be more?"

Luke smiled enigmatically. "I wanted to be certain that you explored
all that you sensed."

Octavia gave him a half smile. "So far yes.  That's all I can
remember of the past and present. But I feel there is more."

Luke rose. "Let's go outdoors again to start your training of the
mind protection, there is always more, Octavia."

"Then I want to learn and to remember what my father taught me before he

Luke smiled again and nudged his head in the direction of the door.
Octavia rose, "I get the hint:  outside."  She followed him back to a
spot in the cool grass.  The air seemed different than the first time
she left her room; there was no lurking fear, no unrest.  She sat
across from him, feeling the air around them.

"Now, sense that there is a sphere around your mind and body, one
that is personal and one that no one may cross into.  Prevent me from
entering past it." Luke waited until he felt her defenses, then
slowly edged his mind toward hers.

Octavia felt Luke's mind and resisted him, pushing him away; she
began to feel anxious about this exercise.

"Now keep me out by remaining at peace, that you are alone and safe.
Do not push or resist me."

Octavia let out a sigh of exasperation.  "If I don't resist, how do I
keep you out?"

"Know that you are at peace and safe.  Know it!  Be at peace that you
simply are safe and relax."  He once more drifted towards her mind,
after giving her time to prepare.

Octavia's eyes narrowed then closed, trusting in Luke's words.  She
allowed herself to feel safe, relaxed in that knowledge.  It was hard
to keep that as she felt Luke's mind once again.  Octavia fought to
clear the breath from her body trying not to tense ^ to let the
sphere keep Luke out.  Luke encountered moderate resistance that was
strong in the Light.  He allowed himself to smile,  his eyes
twinkling.  He then pushed a little harder Again he was met with

"Sense the attempt I am making rolling over the domed top of your
sphere and down off a bottomless edge."  Octavia nodded, keeping her
focus calm and on the sphere.

Luke started sending thoughts at her mind, half-finished phrases that
made no real sense. Octavia opened her eyes and gave him a quizzical

She ignored the phrases.  They made no sense.

"Let me in!"  Luke sent the demand in his mind forcibly at hers.
Octavia faltered and hesitated at Luke's request.  The sphere
weakened slightly, as she was undecided.

"You are doing well, keep on going," Luke encouraged just as he sent a
strong insistence almost yelling in her mind. "Let me IN!"  He could feel

Octavia start to think about what she was doing.  "Don't  think just
let your sphere keep me out."

Octavia found it difficult keeping her thoughts from interfering, and
many times she felt that the sphere would fall, yet she remembered
the arena and how her instincts had taken over.  Allowing herself to
relax she allowed that to happen letting the sphere withhold Luke's
increasing insistence.

Luke smiled as Octavia gained control and was successful at keeping
him out. "Now take this stone in your hand, this small one, and
gently toss it up and down into your hand.  Just one hand, but you
still have to keep me out, too."  Luke waited for her to get the
knack of it, feeling her frustration when she lost track.

Octavia took the stone wondering about Luke's sanity, what would
tossing a stone teach her?  She watched as it went up in the air and
then hit her hand, but she also felt the sphere falter and at one
time almost collapse.  Resisting the urge to give into her
frustration, Octavia pushed doubts away from her and felt the sphere
once again become strong.

After Luke felt she had a handle on it he spoke. "Close your eyes,
but keep tossing and catching the stone, and don't let me enter."  He
knew he was pushing her very hard, but he also knew that she
possessed a very strong link to in the Light power. "You can do this,
I sense you have it in you to do this." Octavia closed her eyes
wondering how she was going to be able to catch the stone if she
couldn't see it.  Yet she found she could still sense the stone just
as she felt the grass under her.  A strange calm settled over her as
she listened to Luke's instruction.

Luke felt her balance and calm and sighed, glad that she was a quick
study in this.  He wanted her to be capable of protecting herself.
He pressed much harder into her sphere.  He sent thoughts and didn't
speak.  "YOU will let me in NOW! ^. You're not as strong as you think
you are!"

 Luke smiled as Octavia ignored his pushing, at the sphere kept him
out. "How can you hope to succeed, you're too old, too inexperienced
in this." Luke didn't like to hit her on one of her weak points, but
from what she had told him, the Emperor had already used that avenue
of attack. "You are doing well." Luke added after a while, out loud.

Octavia ignored the words that were sent to her, it was as if she
didn't hear them, ignoring them even Luke's last compliment was
somewhat distant but closer than the demands of being let into her

Luke studied her then snatched the stone as it was in the air.  He
waited for her to do whatever she needed to, waited to see what she
would do.

Octavia felt the stone's absence and instinctively reached for it
using the Force to draw it back into her hand.  She realized that is
how she found the sabers back at the arena.

Laughter erupted from Luke's lips.  He couldn't help it.  Octavia was
as quick at picking up things as he remembered Kiri Solo had been.
He knew she would be able to protect herself, and even others once
she had this mastered.  "You may now drop the stone.  Breathe until
you have let down your sphere," Luke instructed. "Do you feel at
peace still?"

Octavia opened her eyes and looked at Luke as she felt the sphere go
down.  She thought about what Luke was asking her and was surprised
that she still felt safe and secure here, even after everything Luke
had tried to get through her defenses. "Yes." She let out a small
chuckle. "I do still feel at peace."

"Excellent, now for the easy part.  Are you ready?"

"I think I'm ready for almost anything."  Octavia replied.

"Lie down and make yourself comfortable.  I'm sure you are tired by
now.  You have missed a lot of sleep.  After you are comfortable,
place your sphere around your mind and find a lock.  Bring this lock
into being with your mind.  Then relax and take a little nap.  I will
watch over you and remain quiet.  Please feel free to sleep even
though I am here."  Luke settled himself down to begin meditation.

Octavia studied him. "Sleep?  I don't think I could sleep.  Make a
lock?" Luke opened his eyes and answered calmly, "Yes, sleep.  With
your lock on your sphere.  Create the lock with your mind, then
relax," he answered calmly.

Octavia lay on the cool grass and then closed her eyes; once again
she imagined the sphere then a lock. It felt strange at first and she
doubted if she would be able to keep it in place, but she pushed the
doubts away and relaxed, then slowly drifted off to sleep.  Luke
drifted his meditating mind toward Octavia after awhile and gently
peeked into her sphere.  It appeared to be in place.  He nudged it
gently and found it secure.  He knew she was secure in the first part
of her training.


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