Dark Musings

By Dora Furlong

Darana stared at the screen. She was getting too old for these long
nights. Or at least she felt she was. Only 10 years had passed since she
formally joined the Empire, but to her it was an eternity ago. So much
had happened to her and to those around her and life since Port
Lansing suddenly became more and more interesting; not in a good
way. Rook had almost cost her everything she had worked for with the
house. She had been too stunned and shocked when he spoke up. It was
all she could do to keep calm when asking the Emperor if he had
intended to disband her house. It was his prerogative and she would of
course obey. That did not mean, however, she had to be happy about
it. It only meant that she must obey. Fortunately he did not disband
it. She wondered though if someday it may still be coming.

Her thoughts turned to NikVie...He was the real cause of her
dourness. Somehow an argument between them was about to fuel a war
that would rage further than the pair of them. If only there was a
prevent it. Darana recalled their mental struggle. 'all Sith must be
taken down.' He had told her, then he went on to condemn the Jedi of
today as well. Stating that they were as bad as the Sith. She shook her
head, if only Melora really had killed him, but no a letter from him to
another in the Empire proved he had lived. 

Darana sighed and shoved the flat panel screen away from her. Suddenly
the urge to destroy something welled up inside of her. She hated this
feeling, it always threatened to engulf her being. Consumed by the
intensity and single-mindedness that can be called the fanaticism of the
darkside. The same single-mindedness that NikVie had shown her. He was no

She rose brusquely, sending her chair careening into the wall. Darana
didn't notice, nor did she care at the moment. She strode easily through
the halls of the house and out into the courtyard. Without pausing she
transformed into a wolf, scented the air, and began the hunt. 'Too bad',
she thought to herself, 'this wasn't the lost Jedi.' For now she would
make due with the hunt for her dinner, but later, yes later the blood
protein she scented for a hunt would be those dripping from Nik himself

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