We aren't that Different (July 2003)pt 1

Renee Gunn & Ginna Wilcoxen

Nyssa couldn't stay in her room anymore. The conversation with Sean had upset her more than she had thought. Chasing a dream, what did he mean by that? What dream had she chased Damien she had refused Sean's advances because of Damien Alderson. Yet didn't Sean agree when he realized his feelings for Amalie that there could be nothing between them? So why was he so disturbed by her spending time with Michael and Saul?

Again Nyssa wondered about her course for the future. Should she stay on Telos? Remain Lord Alderson's aide, or should she petition the Queen to remove her and just let her resign and disappear from everyone? Taking a seat by a small group of flowers she realized this was the spot she always came to when it was open. Maybe it was due to the scent of the flowers.

Cerelina walked around the corner Luna peacefully on her shoulder when she saw Nyssa sitting alone "Hello Nyssa."

Nyssa looked over and rose. "Hello Cerelina, I was thinking of coming to find you later."

"Oh? How are you doing? Recovered from our adventure."

"I'm doing quite well. I have nothing to recover from Cerelina, I was not in danger."

"True, though it was a bit exhausting. Or well I found it to be on some levels." She walked over and sat down.

"I ... want to apologize for my actions while on that planet. I shouldn't have walked off."

"I accept though I don't see the need for it. I almost thought about leaving myself at one point."

Nyssa smiled. "Thank you, as for the need of it I am here as a representative of Telos and Shardakour. I had higher standards in which I need to conduct myself and I didn't."

Cerelina nodded. "I see. So what is it like on Telos? I hear stories about Telos, but what is it like from your point of view?"

"Telos is a very busy but wonderful place. The merchants are full of life and the food. The rules are strict but they are in place to protect everyone and no one is above them. Not even Lord Du'Cruet himself." Nyssa looked at her. "Why did you think of leaving? if I may ask."

"It sounds like an interesting life. My own frustrations mainly."

"It is. I would like to show you the dances we have they go on all night almost." she looked at her. "You had frustrations on the trip?" Nyssa asked curious.

"I felt there was a great deal of indecision among us when we were on Dagobah and I found myself tested in new ways that I'd not really thought about before. I've not been to many dances, I think I would enjoy that."

"You would. I hope to be able to show you one day." Nyssa smiled. "As for Dagobah, I should not have walked off, it showed you and the other a great disrespect."

"Well I don't know about disrespect, but I think I understand. I think the only thing that kept me from leaving were the little ones and well, Teagan once he took ill."

"I was watching all of you I wouldn't have let any harm happen if I could prevent it, but it wasn't the same as being there." Nyssa looked down. "On Telos I would be taken to task for such a show of disregard yet here, the worse I face is your understanding and probably more meditation time."

"Taken to task?" Cerelina watches her.

Nyssa nodded. "Yes, as I stated the rules are strict for all. We are to be responsible for our actions." she gave her a sideway look. "Taken to task ... the lash Cerelina."

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