We Aren't That Different (2003)pt 2

Renee Gunn & Ginna Wilcoxen

"They whip you for disobeying orders. That seems so harsh. And I thought passive meditation was bad."

Nyssa grinned slightly. "In some ways, but we are to be aware of our duty as well as what effect our actions will have on others. In my case, while I'm here I'm suppose to try to understand your ways, and by leaving and hiding in solitude how can I?"

"That's a good question. A lot of our society here is based on meditation and looking within oneself. Though I must admit I'm not the best, what I call, passive mediator."

"Passive mediator?" Nyssa asked confused. "What is a passive mediator?"

"Well its kind of my own term, but its sitting and meditating within. I find that you can meditate in many ways, and I prefer to meditate while pushing myself physically to new limits."

"That I can understand, I'm use to tracking terrain and pushing myself. In fact it is encouraged at home ... to push oneself I mean."

"Do they encourage you to meditate quietly as well?"

"Not like it's done here no. Though I've learned much by listening to Ms. D'med ... Lady Reineach as well as Lady Kyrsk."

"You have a number of good teachers it sounds like. I only knew Alida D'med but not extremely well."

"I knew very little of her as a Jedi Master. Though I've come to know her quite well as a woman and now aide to Lord Du'Cruet."

"I'm glad to hear she is well and content."

Nyssa nodded. "She's interesting to spar with as well, she's quite talented. Lady Kyrsk is too though she doesn't know it."

"So you and your friends are here to learn more about us, is that why you always have a companion of some kind with you, to explain things?" She nodded to the guide sitting nearby.

"No, the escort is to make sure we do not go where we are not allowed. Master Caudell doesn't trust that much, and I'm sure he views us ... me as stubborn and a danger."

"Oh. Doesn't seem the right way to promote good will, but I suppose he has his reasons all the same. He's very different from the previous heads we've had."

"He seems different and like me not very open minded to change."

"So why aren't you open to change?"

"Because I'm stubborn and ... well my life has been changing quite a bit lately."

"So would it make it easier to be more accepting to the changes?"

"I need to stop being so narrow minded as Mr. Rutile helped me realize. In doing so I know who I am and open to the ideas around me. I guess I need to grow up."

"A lot of us need to." Cerelina smiled and watched as Luna finally woke to realize there Nyssa was there and leaned over curiously.

Nyssa stretched out her hand. "I thought I had but I realize growing up is more than the age you are. It's how you adapt and how you handle yourself." Nyssa blushed, "Sorry I didn't mean to ramble."

"No, you're not rambling, I find it interesting. I'd not looked at it that way before." Luna chirped a bit then hopped over onto Nyssa's shoulder.

"Hello Luna." Nyssa grinned as she looked back at Cerelina. "How can I help understand the Jedi more?"

Luna chattered and Cerelina grinned. "I think the bet way to learn is what you're doing. Being here, and just asking questions. As long as we have open minds anything is possible."

"I am trying to have an open mind. Your ways here are so different from Telos. I feel at times two months is not enough time."

"Perhaps you won't understand us completely or agree with our ways, but with your two monthes here, the knowledge you walk away with may assist you in the future when you encounter us."

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