We Aren't That Diffenet (july 2003)pt 3

Renee Gunn and Ginna Wilcoxen

"And what will you think of when you encounter a Telosian or one from Shardakour?"

"Well I'll remember our talks and that we aren't so different and hopefully be open and respectful of their ways."

Nyssa smiled. "I guess, we aren't so different are we?"

"No, I don't think we are. Oddly enough coming from 2 different worlds."

"We just look at things differently and that is true in any culture." Nyssa commented.

"Definitely. It's fun to learn though."

"I think I can see where it could be fun." Nyssa agreed. "We do agree on one thing, one should not intrude on another's mind."

"No. I don't think we should ever intrude on another's thoughts, particularly without permission."

"Let me ask you if you are gone for a while from Yavin, are you mind scanned when you return?"

"No. We aren't."

"Why?" Nyssa asked. "Couldn't you be compromised or controlled from an outside force and be a danger to all ?"

"I suppose so, but unless there's a reason and someone is not acting themselves, we trust that there was no alteration. That's how it was in the past."

"I will be mind scanned when I return home, we all will. It's procedure." Nyssa turned to face Cerelina. "Do you view us as evil or dark because of that?"

"No. I don't."

Nyssa looked at her in surprise. "I ... I am glad to hear that. I still don't see the big thing between light and dark, though I ... know what the dark feels like."

"I think its a matter of cruelty vs necessity almost. The dark side is cruel and invasive because they wish to be, because they enjoy it. There are times where we need to fight and be invasive."

"I have yet to see a Jedi be either, arrogant maybe and not understanding of other peoples choices like with Alida Reineach and Octavia Kyrsk."

"I think some of us were just sore losers with that one. Disbelief that another path would be chosen over this one." Cerelina says with a grin, "But that's just my opinion. I respect them for sticking to their choice."

"They are strong people, their children will be the same way."

Cerelina nodded. "Definitely. That was a large issue from what I heard with Master Caudell."

"He wanted the children sent to the Jedi?" Nyssa asked.

"I think that is partially why he wanted to retrieve both of the women in question."

Nyssa nodded. "I'm glad he decided not to retrieve them ... We would not let them go if they did not wish to."

"I didn't agree with his opinion on that matter. I've not agreed with him on a lot."

"Should you be admitting that to me?" Nyssa asked. "After all to some I'm considered the enemy."

"Are you the enemy really? I don't consider you as such."

"I don't feel like one, yet many view as such. I think Knight Maruko doesn't in fact she seems to be concerned how I view things."

"Ignorance tends to do that. I hope that we will never consider each other the enemy."

"Unless you attack those I've sworn to protect I don't think we will ever be enemies."

"I'll try not to be put in that situation."

"As I will try not to be." Nyssa agreed.

"So do you have any other questions for me? About the Jedi?"

"Why become a Jedi?" she asked.

"It differs for each person. I was brought her by Alidar D'med when I was an infant. So it's been really, all I've known."

"Have you ever thought of being anything else?"

"No, but the Force hasn't directed me in another direction. If it did, I would listen."

"I don't fully understand this listen to the Force and do what it tells you

"I don't completely, but I do know that when I think of doing anything else, I'm always guided back here."

"As long as you are happy with your decision." Nyssa looked at her. "Cerelina, do Jedi talk to the dead?"

"That is the important thing for us all. My path may change in the future, but for now, this is right for me."

Nyssa nodded.

"How much time here do you have left? "

"5 weeks."

"We'll have to have a sparring match for fun sometime."

"I would like that, I promise to go easy."

Cerelina looked at her with a raised brow, "I'll do the same."

Nyssa laughed. "Shall we then?" she winked. "I mean why wait?"


Nyssa rose. "We won't get into any trouble for this will we?"

"I don't see why we would." She looks. "It's common practice for the padawans to spar with each other."

Nyssa grinned. "Alright then, I just don't wish to cause anymore trouble."

"Shouldn't be any trouble. Shall we spar here, or in one of the workout rooms?"

"Work out rooms?"

"They're in the temple. In the lower levels."

Nyssa nodded. "Lead the way."

Cerelina will stand and move in the direction of the temple.

Nyssa followed in silence.

Cerelina paced her steps so they were walking along side each other. She'll led Nyssa into the temple and down into the basement areas and into a room that was a basica workout room. Fairly bare with mats in various places.

"Reminds me of the gym at home."

"I come here a lot in the evenings."

"We usually use the gardens or open space out side." She removed the long robe. "What do you wish to start with."


Nyssa nodded. "Alright, I'm better with those than lightsabers."

"Lightsabers are tricky." Cerelina will move to a wall and pull down two staffs.

Nyssa nodded. "I prefer blasters."

"I've not done a lot with blasters."

"I've used them since I was 14."

"Maybe you can give me some pointers sometime." Cerelina will give her one of the staffs and then back up.

Nyssa took the staff and tests it balance and became aquatinted with it. She looks at Cerelina. "Ready."

Cerelina bowed taking a ready stance. Nyssa followed moving off to Cerelina's right.

Holding her staff defensively, Cerelina let her eyes follow Nyssa, prepared for an attack. Nyssa moved quickly bringing the staff down toward Cerelina's ankles. She jumped to the side dodging the blow while bringing her own staff around towards Nyssa's shoulders. Twisting her body Nyssa avoided bringing her own staff up to block.

They each moved in a circle paring and looking for openings. Nyssa moved as she had been taught, keeping the staff close and not over extending her reach. Cerelina turned away from one of the attacks and brought her staff up toward Nyssa's midsection only to be met with another block. Moving quickly Nyssa brought her staff down toward Cerelina's shoulders and when Cerelina moved to block Nyssa dropped to the floor kicking out her legs to knock the other woman off balance. Cerelina flipped back to avoid the blow.

The two women separated from their latest encounter, Cerelina standing and Nyssa crouching, With fluid motion Cerelina swung her staff around towards Nyssa's feet causing the woman to leap backward. Slowly Nyssa rose to a standing stance. Cerelina circled and brought her staff up towards Nyssa's side making contact. Not giving Nyssa a chance to recover Cerelina pressed, knocking Nyssa off her feet and blocking her movements to roll away to rise. Nyssa found herself looking up at the staff that laid posed above her head.

Nyssa will look up and smile. "I concede."

Cerelina took a step back and bowed holding her staff down in a non threatening position.

Nyssa rose to her feet. "I should have been prepared for the feet attack. Thank you for the lesson." She said in good humor.

"Your welcome. You're good."

"You are as well and thank you, Captain Fer'rer would be pleased to hear that all his hours of training did not go to waste."

Cerelina smiled, "I hope so. I would imagine they'd be pleased with your work and progress here."

"One can hope." Nyssa grinned. "You're good as well, you kept me thinking."

"Thanks. I think my Master will be pleased."

"You're better trained than I thought."

"What were you expecting?

Nyssa blushed from embarrassment. "I didn't think you knew anything but the lightsaber and a few mind tricks."

"Well I'm glad you see that we do learn more."

"It only approves that ones perceptions can be wrong."

"Always a good thing to remember."

Nyssa nodded. "You've taught me something today."

Cerelina blushed slightly, "I'm glad I could. I believe I've learned some things from you as well."

Nyssa looked at her curious. "From me?"

"Some of it was a reminder of things I knew and forgot, but I've learned a lot about you and some about where you are coming from."

"Then it's a step in the right direction yes?"

"I think so."

Nyssa nodded. "One can hope, maybe that is where understanding begins, with one from each side?"

"Perhaps so. I think in some ways we may have made strides that those older and wiser than us have yet to make."

Nyssa chuckled. "I can think of one." she shook her head. "Two if you count the Lt. that was sent with me."

Cerelina laughed, "I can take a guess."

"I'm glad those that I serve aren't that way. They try to be very open minded and to see things from every angle and situation."

"That's good to know."

Nyssa nodded. "We are very fortunate and Telos has grown so much from the joint views."

"Hopefully we can pull together and resolve the issues it seems we're having amongst ourselves here on Yavin."

"I hope so, a divided people are weak and open for attack."

"I think that is Master Caudell's ultimate goal. I hope he reaches it."

"So do I." she was surprised that in some way she meant it.

"Well, we'll have to do this again before you leave Yavin. Maybe I can get some blaster points and I can give you some light saber points."

"I would like that, I think I'm going to go back to the gardens for a while then my rooms. Thank you Cerelina."

"Thank you Nyssa, it was an enjoyable afternoon."

"Yes, it was wasn't it?" she asked surprised.

Cerelina smiled feeling the beginnings of friendship and nodded. "Yes, it was."

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