Ginna Wilcoxen (July 2002)

Aella sat behind her makeshift equipment. How long she was gong to stay on Yavin was still unclear. So until the Jedi asked for her assistance she decided to make herself useful.

Aella shook her head, as she read the open message from the Governor of Telos. Did he really expect the Alliance to just turn their prisoners over?

There was something else that caught her attention, narrowing the band Aella watched the transmission come through, what puzzled her was the fact it wasn't encrypted. As she read it she began her transmission to her superior.

Begin Encrypted Transmission:

Lt. Colonel O'lea Sari'jek:

Attached you will find a transmission that I came across. What bothers me is that it was so easy to pick up. As much as I would like to say it's a fake to lead us away, something in my gut tells me otherwise.

Also enclosed in a transmission from the Governor of Telos, as well as a transmission from his Majesty, the Emperor himself. I leave it up to you and others to verify the truth of these transmissions.

All evidence points to the fact that the Empire is sending ships to Hoth to help the Sith Lord hiding there.

Captain Aella Skott.

attached transmissions from Sith Lord on Hoth, Governor Brimmer Telos, The Emperor, the Governor's reply, Lord Vaders' transmission.

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